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the staff is unhelpful in getting financial aid. i was accepted into the program two weeks before it began and they would not give me any option for paying the tuition, they expected me to pay it in full within a two week notification.
This is a great institute of Architecture that provides a great quality of immersion into the new ideas of architecture and design. In order to provide a well rounded education for the future designers in this school, the curriculum includes an intensive education in liberal arts. The bond between students and professors is inspiring to create new and better ideas. From freshman to Graduate students, the student body works together to motivate and teach themselves new techniques and concepts constantly.
Amazing Design school that will push you to your limits. Its not like any other school. It has a dynamic atmosphere which keeps you engaged. Its a unique school with great faculty. The curriculum makes the school intense but then again it pushes you to work hard. It has a competitive environment that prepares you to face anything that comes your way. Not only do you learn from the teachers, a lot of learning happens in studios with and from your peers.
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Not only is SCI-Arc among the top schools in the world, it's network is so vast that I know I'll have a secure career once I graduate, both in the USA and internationally! And previously being an art major, SCI-Arc has the perfect unison of artistic design married with architectural design. They also have the top software and tools to fabricate and build whatever you can think of. The teachers and staff are the top of their field and help guide students through the program.
This place will get you somewhere
Just keep your things locked
One of the world's best
You gotta do what you gotta do.
Atmosphere is awesome but school is so intense it's hard to find time to enjoy LA.
Don't walk home alone at night. Walk with a group or find a ride home.
It's LA. People are going to do what they want and what they have to to get through school
Some food is really good, but most of the really good stuff is expensive. Since you're at school all the time you're kind of stuck with all the same choices which can get boring.
We don't have athletics. But nobody has time for them anyway.
I was able to receive financial aid but did not have any type of scholarship to SCI-Arc. From what I hear, SCI-Arc scholarships are rare. It's stressful because the tuition is so high and our supplies for midterms and finals are incredibly costly.
The P.C. lab expanding was great but at midterms and finals it's impossible to find a computer that hasn't been reserved for rendering. Your best bet is to build your own. It's hard when mandatory classes are in the P.C. lab and all the necessary software is only on half the computers and some students have to bring their own laptop because there aren't enough computers available for everyone. I think these issues could be fixed considering how expensive our tuition is.
Off-campus housing is your only choice. It's hard to find affordable housing unless you have roommates. And it's even harder to find affordable housing when you don't have a vehicle and have to live within walking distance of the school.
The woodshop is awesome. The staff are willing to help you especially if you're unsure of how to actually build something your professor wants you to make. It sucks that we don't have colored 3D powder printers though and it's stressful during finals when everything is signed out and you can't get a time slot to use the facilities. But that proves everyone uses it.
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I've never worked so hard in my life but I've also never learned so much before. The environment of SCI-Arc is intense and encourages you to put your best effort forward. You're surrounded by talented students and faculty every day and no matter how difficult school gets, there is not a single day I haven't felt inspired.
LA has great weather but sometimes that makes it difficult to have to go to school every day and miss out on any sun.
quite a few toxic chemicals being used, but ventialation is good
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