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The job placement is a huge positive
Classroom sizes are great. Not too many students forced into one class so there's much one on one time with the instructor to really get the tools needed for our career.
Great practice on the general public with clinic study and feedback is great too.
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Hands on almost everyday has been the bigger help at this school. Step by step instructions with the instructor right by your side.
In a short amount of time I have learned valuable knowledge of my future career.
There are a lot of jobs in personal fitness available and the school helps you to find them.
There is a very diverse group of students, people that are wanting to change career fields or people that are just starting out.
The counselor did say it was a flat fee of 15,000 and it turned out to be more then that, which made a big difference because I will have to pay money out of pocket. They filled out your fafsa right there with you and were very helpful as far as financial aid but they don't have any scholarships.
For personal trainers they have a gym that has classrooms for us to work at and get real life experience.
The class registration process is very easy, they have two schedules you can do, either night or day classes. They have free tutoring if your ever in need of some help.
The entire entry process to get into SOCHI has been awesome. The counselors really care and are trying to help you succeed in life. I feel the courses will be in depth and I will learn a lot.
I have had no problems with anything here thus far.
Tuition and financial aid is comparable across the board for private tech schools.
I need a pc and printer and the computer network WORKS smooth! I haven"t had any negative experience.
Resources readily available & ALL staff helpful!
mostly, my school consists of working class part time students, young.
the director of the financial aid office was very helpful she helped me through the application process of my loan and explained to me everything i needed to know in regards to that loan.
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One of the reasons why I chose this school was because their class schedules were flexible enough that I was still able to work in the afternoon after my morning classes.
i think the schools diversity is great. There is a great number of different races.
Overall i think this is a great school. They have a lot of different things to help you with schoo. In example they offer discounted public transporation passes for students, they know how expensive it is to get to school so they offer this to help us students get to school in affordable way. They also have a career placement department that helps you get a job once you are done with the program which i think is wonderful.
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