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Southern California College of Optometry Reviews

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With Cal State Fullerton across the street, it's pretty easy to find housing nearby.
Security is great; security guards are always patrolling and are very friendly.
Cheating is taken very seriously; for exams seating is randomized, only specific calculators are allowed, and lecture capture cameras may be turned on to record the exams to ensure no one is cheating.
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There are a bunch of options fairly close to campus so it's easy to grab lunch between classes.
All the doors to the buildings are secured. You need a student ID to enter the building. There are also security guards on campus at all times.
The parking lot is never filled. The permit is $36 a quarter. You have to have a permit to be allowed in the parking garage except on special event days. The parking lot is directly connected to the library so if you study late you can walk straight to your car. The gym is also connected to the parking lot.
It is really easy to find housing. Cal State Fullerton is across the streets so there are tons of apartments near by. There are decently priced housing just across the street from SCCO. I wouldn't worry too much about finding a place to live!
It's Southern California! The weather is amazing. It is always sunny. It does get pretty hot, but I enjoy it!
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