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Southern Arkansas University is an awesome school with lots of very understanding professors as far as I've experienced as a freshman. The band directors are great and most people here are very kind and down to earth.
when I need help to ask about financial aid or something dealing with the university I always get answer fast
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I have liked it so far since they are willing to talk to you so you can make the peaceful transition into college
I have been at SAU for one year so far. All the staff and faculty have been more than amazing! Super helpful in helping me pass classes. The open door policy really makes a big difference.
Southern Arkansas is a college with many social and academic opportunities for students. The teachers are helpful and interactive. They truly care about their students. The vast number of Greek Sororities and Fraternities give students an opportunity to mingle with people with the same interests. All throughout the semesters there are fun activities that gather all the students to create a fun social atmosphere. It a great school with many programs.
I enjoyed my time at SAU. The courses are challenging and the instructors are very good at what they do. There is an expectation of excellence from the student body that kind of motivates you to do your best. The only thing I would change would be that there is no offer of a masters degree in nursing although there are offers in other schools of study at the university.
Love sau! It's a small down to earth college that makes me feel at home 100 percent of the time! Best decision of my life.
SAU is beautiful. The campus is small and all the buildings and activities are within walking distance. The people are friendly and welcoming. If you are interested in a major that involves animals, then SAU is where you want to be.
They are renovating and adding new buildings each year so the campus is very updated, dorms, classrooms, athletics.
Southern Arkansas University is a great school to attend and receive a great education from. It is located inside of a small town and it the local seems to be pretty boring. Beside partying, there is really nothing else to do around the city as far for fun or extracurricular activities. It is really hard to be distracted from your academics unless you party way to much!!
I have mainly dealt with the College of Business. The professors there are absolutely fantastic! They are committed to helping their students learn and are very helpful. They work with you and even try their hardest to get you internships and jobs when you get close to graduating! The town is small and gets a little boring. SAU's College of Business gives you a great business education and is even nationally accredited!
Through my 3.5 years at SAU, I would have to say I recommend going there. The classes are not overly large. Most have 30 students at most. The campus itself tries to simplify the experience for students. Offices are arranged the way that makes the most sense. The library has personal rooms that can be rented out to study in. The learning center is easy to manage. Also there are even tudors for classes that take the course with you. Not to mention if you like to exercise, there's a gym, pool, tennis court, and even walking trail. Overall SAU is a great place to go. It's cheap, offers a great experience, and plenty of degrees.
I love the atmosphere at SAU. It is like everyone knows everyone and it is a huge family all coming together. One thing I would like to see changed is more food options. The cafe is always so packed with students.
This school was never my first pick, but the generous scholarship they offered me convinced me to move far away from home and pursue a degree here. Thus far my college experience has been amazing. Professors here do care about individual students. It is a small campus, so you make friends quickly and can find things easily. The classes are all different, as some are ridiculously easy and some are ridiculously hard. The biggest pitfall is the small town of Magnolia. There isn't much to do, but Shreveport and Texarkana aren't too far.
Southern Arkansas University is a fast-growing public University in Arkansas, but she is far from perfect. The student-faculty ratio is good, our professors are great! but there's no transportation system around, one needs a personal car to live well here. Campus food is nice but can be crappy sometimes, oh, athletics ! I like all sports activities going on here!
I love my school. Some of my professors become like friends. They genuinely care about our success. But very few could care less. Our school is very interested in getting a high passing rate.
I love the school! Sometimes the departments can get your papers mixed up, but it gets sorted out in the end!
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im not entirely sure. everyone that has this degree has gone on to go to higher education.
I think that each professor ive had cares about their students except that a lot of them believe that only their class work is important. ive had meetings with professors where they have made it clear that they believe that their work is the most important.
campus police is there for us and the housing people are great.
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