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I had a good experience, but the only thing wrong was the financial department. They are just extremely stingy with scholarship money...
This university has quality professors and a lovely campus. It is a mission-minded school. The cafeteria is one of my biggest concerns simply because the quality is rather a disappointment although it serving an all-vegetarian menu is quite different and refreshing.
I love this university so much. Great friends, great spiritual attitudes, and a LOT to do on campus!
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Southern Adventist University is a fantastic college. If you are looking for a christian-family-like atmosphere, I highly recommend it. However, for many, the college may feel restricting. No shorts to class, No jewelry, and Mandatory Worship credits are just a few examples. If you are also looking for a killer party scene, don't come here. Most of us come from religious backgrounds in our education, like private schooling or home schooling. That being said, I have never met so many nice and caring staff and students at SAU. Though this college may not be for everyone, it suites my needs, and I am very happy here.
I like the spiritual atmosphere at southern.
i think southern should change there food services it needs a lot of improvement.
i love southern, its a great place. It is a place i can feel safe and know i am getting a great education. I would recommend this college to everyone i know.
I took dual credit courses through SAU my senior year, and at the end when it came to transferring the credits to the school I was going to attend it was the biggest pain. I did not have a my access account to request a transcript so I called about 5 different departments looking for help, but when I finally spoke to someone they were helpful. however, many friends who will be attending Southern say that it takes forever to get information back from them.
Well they're definitely close minded. Trying to transfer out of there is becoming beyond ridiculous getting my transcripts. Maybe I'll see some service from them in the next ten years. Also good luck getting them to deal with your disabilities. There's barely any student life here and there was multiple cases of assault my second semester reported?
Overall I really like the campus of Southern Adventist University. There is a great spiritual atmosphere for those looking to further their connection with God. The things that I would change would have to be the lack of communication between departments. It sometimes seems as though some department heads are out of the loop as to what is happening with others or even on campus.
I love this school. You can see just how Christ centered everything is, from the events to the professors. The only other thing I would change would probably be the food.
I visited this college and I loved the close knit feeling of the community. All the students were very friendly and warm, providing a comfortable atmosphere. I would, however, like to see the dorm rooms improved.
Love this place! The mountians and the outdoor feel to eveything is wonderful. I never want to go back to Jersey unless God sends me there, but not my own choice! The people are wonderful and very nice and would even give you a ride to your house if they see you struggle with a package from the post office. Overall I do not regret coming to SAU it has definitely been an experience!
I have really enjoyed my time being at this university, but I do not feel as welcome as people put it. Though the education is really good and environment as well. I would recommend others to attend too.
Southern offers a great experience, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Professors are superb, down earth and very helpful. Academically Southern provides a strong foundation in most majors, and also provides numerous services to ensure each student's success.
Southern Adventist University is the great college to learn about not only God but also the life. This school gives a lot of opportunities to get closer to God.
The teachers help us make portfolios so then we can succeed in getting jobs and internships.
There is always things to do on campus and so living off campus you might be missing those fun times!
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We don't have any professional teams but we do have inter-murals and most people participate in it or support it. Plus we have a wonderful fitness center and a lot of great fitness classes to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Southern has done a really great job in making each student feel important but also the small class sizes with great professors make this school really impeccable
Most students who graduate get hired
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