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My experience at Southeastern University has been great so far! I would like to see more opportunities here on campus that would help me grow in the field of my study. Which is biology premed. Otherwise, the professors here are great and very knowledgeable. I also love the fact that it is a faith integrated institution, therefore we get a bible perspective in most classes no matter the subject being taught!
There are countless departments to get involved in in any passion that you have, all of the professors are kind and knowledgable, close to beach but also close to major cities, lots of cool places to go and see and shops to explore! Great jesus loving atmosphere and supportive community when you put yourself out there.
I loved the campus, it is very beautiful. The people there are so friendly, and the education program is outstanding. The one thing I would change is the denomination to Presbyterian. I want to go into Biblical studies and don't desire being taught from an Assembly of God perspective..but other than that, it is a really great place!!
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Excellent environment! Very spiritual and Community oriented. It taught students about diversity and accepting/Loving other cultures. The staff are very helpful and friendly! They are willing to do everything in their power to see you succeed.
Such a great school! Wonderful place to grow and learn so much! Beautiful Campus and great teachers.
SEU is a BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN and FRIENDLY campus. I fell instantly in love as soon as I step foot on it. Everyone is so welcoming and nice.
Southeastern University has this environment that no other school has. The programs are amazing and I would totally recommend this school to anyone.
I enrolled in an extension site for southeastern and I ended up deciding not to attend a few days before class started. I had already made my first payment and contacted them about receiving it back they told me two weeks and it would be refunded. It had now been almost 2 months and they took out a SECOND payment for classes I am not even going to. They are not returning my calls and the keep promising new dates it will be in and I never receive it. I have never had such terrible customer service or greedy for money people to deal with. I will continue to keep contacting them until I receive my money back for classes ivhave never taken. This is absolutely ridiculous and this school needs to work it out. I would not recommend.
This is an amazing Christian university. I am being challenged and growing in many areas that God would have for me. By the end of my college experience, I will receive a certificate in Christian Ministries from Highlands College and an Associate of Christian Ministries from Southeastern University. The best is yet to come!
SEU is a great University to everyone. The community and professors are always willing to support your learning.
Southeastern is a small private university where being away from home is not an issue because Southeastern is Home. After applying and attending for two years it is a pleasure to say this university is a friendly environment with friendly faces and amazing professors.
Southeastern is a great school for Christian students that want to be focus on academics. It has a really good location between Tampa and Orlando by 45 min.
Southeastern is a vibrant and gorgeous University that does everything in its power to make you feel welcomed. It truly gives me a sense of belonging.
Awful School, lacks diversity, forces you to go to chapels but never has enough room for you to actually sit unless you get there way in advance and then if you don't have enough credits for chapel they charge you for not going. Also maybe if they don't just let students basically work for financial aid and admission and all other departments, things wouldn't get messed up and I wouldn't have had to rush to find loans for 2 different semesters because they messed up my financial aid.
I am looking forward to attend SEU. Im so excited to see what God has to offer me and others at the school. It is a beautifully campus with great opportunities.
Southeastern is overall a great educational environment. The faculty and student body are very tightly knit and everyone is so willing to help you out with any problem you might have. If you are not Christian, though, I would not recommend it because there are requirements, such as chapel and religion classes, that come along with attending school here.
I am personally an online student, but I absolutely love being a part of this amazing program! I do wish all the professors were on the same page when it comes to assignments, but I understand every teacher is different!
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Southeastern University provides a quality education for a great price! The staff is very helpful and the students are academically inclined and clearly invested in their future.
Southeastern University is wonderful because everyone is so inviting and kind. When I went in as a freshman, I was nervous and anxious but I met people and my RA and RD were super nice and amazing and really wanted to get to know me. The university has such a welcoming feeling and an open community.
Southeastern University is a school for those who are passionate about serving God and the purpose they are called to. SEU students are a prime example of what hard work and dedication looks like. The atmosphere of the school is very welcoming; it's home away from home. I am encouraged daily by my peers and professors to be excellent in all that I do, giving glory to God. I came to this school with low expectations and this school has went above what I expected it to be. SEU is the college our generation needs; a school to push us to our full potential.