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the southeastern campus is beyond beautiful, with gorgeous oak trees everywhere you look. On this campus everyone knows everyone even just a little bit. Sports is like a mandatory thing, if your not going than your all alone because everyone is at the game.
My overall experience has been great. I have excelled more under this program than ever before in college or high school.
Southeastern University is a great school if you are majoring in psychology, education, or business. If you are looking to be a music or theology major this is a great school option for you. Southeastern has a lot of scholarships available for these majors. However if you are planning to be a Pre-med/Biology major it is a lot harder to find support. The professors are pretty good at explaining things, however there are no academic support for course classes in this major such as chemistry, physics or biochemistry.
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What a joke. I went here for a semester and was stunned that a university can lie so well. It’s all about connections, and knowing people. Also they want your money so they can say that their the fastest growing private school. The only good thing is the weather.
Southeastern University is an excellent school. I love the fact it is a Christ-based university. This factor gives you the opportunity to focus on Christ while completing your studies.
I really love the atmosphere at Southeastern University! They do a great job at creating an environment for students to put themselves out there and be who they want, while still maintaining an excellent range of academic with teachers who know your name and care.
It is advertised very well, but once you get here, you realize a lot of what they don't tell you. They especially false advertise the spiritual development on campus. You see these big events, well that is all they are, hype. The sermon will be 20 minutes the pastor talking about himself, and 5 minutes actually about the bible. You will hear "Can I get an Amen?!" more than you will God's name. If you want fun, come to SEU! But if you actually want to grow deeper in your faith, go anywhere else.
Southeastern is really a great school. If you are looking for a college where you have your faith integrated into your studies this is the place to be. This school is worth it’s price tag there is definitely no other college like this.
Southeastern University has been a school that I have felt the most at home outside of my house. They’re extremely supportive of my dreams and they always have put things in place to help me be successful. I have never been to a school that cared so much. I’ve made some of my closest friends and I think that this year is going to be great because I’m starting nursing school. I think it’s the perfect place for success and becoming the best nurse I can be. The school is small so with that you build good relationships that are for life. I just think all of that is important in a school not just being successful in the classes.
The professors and staff are definitely my favorite part of the university, other than the fact that it’s gorgeous. I would say the chapel services need work, you’re required to go but it’s always so packed.
It is a Christian institution. The professor truly value their students and want the best for their lives.
Depending on your department of choice depends on your experience. I’m a double major, and my professors range from incredibly caring to mildly present. A the same goes for the opportunities you’re presented with—I’m studying digital journalism and was lucky enough to earn the position of being the lead writer on the student development magazine, but I have other friends who have not had such luck. Overall, I enjoy the campus and it’s location: the school isn’t incredible but it’s good, and even with the things I don’t love about it, I’m always excited to get back after every break.
The people there are so friendly! I think the only thing that I would like to change is maybe hire more people in the financial aid and advising office so that they can get back to you in a reasonable amount of time without getting flustered.
Southeastern University is a small school but with a lot of opportunities. When I went on a tour at Southeastern I felt like as if I was at home.
I love how the professor interrogate a Christian Worldviews, and openly allow students to discuss God.
The university is Christ-centered, which is important. The teaching aligns with Christianity. The professors are willing to help in any way. The campus is beautiful. I am only giving a four star rating due to the cost of tuition.
Southeastern University is truly a college like no other. The atmosphere, the culture, the students, the staff, everything about it is so full of joy and genuine hearts. It is a welcoming place to call home. Not only is it growing me academically, but also individually as a person. There are so many opportunities to build relationships with people and truly see who you want to become. In every way Southeastern is the place you should strongly consider to call your new home for four years.
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The atmosphere is diverse. The professors care about your aspirations and stand in your corner while you reach for your goals. The staff is very friendly and no matter where you go on campus, you are treated with hospitality. I would not trade my experience at this school for anything.
Southeastern has played a vital role in not only my secondary education, but also in my relationship with Christ. I have met so many amazing people here and made so many memories. Definitely recommended for a safe yet fun college experience.
I really enjoy being a student at Southeastern University! The school defiantly has it's pros and cons as would any, but my overall experience has been great! I would recommend Southeastern to any student who whats to pursue and education doing what they love. The culture and community is very diverse yet inviting. There is a place for everyone to get involved.