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The campus is beautiful, you feel like you are at a resort every time you walk to class. The professors are so open and willing to help their students succeed. All are knowledgeable in their degrees and are always there if you need to talk or receive extra help.
I am a second semester sophomore at Southeastern University's extension site in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This school may be a large campus, but it has several extension sites that allow you to work hands on in a ministry setting if you are looking to go into church ministry. However, there are some cons to that, although the off-sites are still very powerful and impacting, you can lose that university feel, which some people may not enjoy, for myself, I love the smaller setting. Overall, I believe that SEU is constantly growing and working on how to be a better university, I've enjoyed my first two years here and I look forward to my last 2
As a freshman, the school does everything it can to help you make friends by throwing parties, events, and get togethers. It's a small campus so it does give a family atmosphere. The only thing is that leadership and the worship team is a big thing around campus and be sometimes be cliquey.
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The staff are so patient and so helpful and willing to help all they can with new students and current students! Absolutely positive people and amazing choices for courses, the registrar is very helpful when you are deciding what courses you want to take and also offer help finding jobs for your degrees! The campus is clean and beautiful they take pride in their school academics are great there is such diversity in this school.
I've been an online student at Southeastern University for the past year. It has been a good experience! I wasn't always satisfied with the limited time to complete assignments, nor was I always satisfied with the content of the courses offered. However, I've enjoyed the interaction, though limited, with professors and students. I've learned a lot and grown a lot!
Southeastern provides the experience of a gorgeous campus and a small school feel, but still with all the benefits of a city life. The class sizes are perfect size and provides a student with the tools ti be prepared for life after college both professionally and spiritually.
I love the community built at Southeastern University. This campus is more than a location for studies, it's a group of people that aspire to grow in their education and faith. The positivity and welcoming feeling is found throughout every aspect of the university. The staff members motivate each student to better themselves, as well as their studies. I strongly recommend Southeastern University for communal growth.
This college/university is very helpful in regards to registration assistance, financial aid assistance, calls to the potential student to see if there is anything they can help with in the process of applying. I have so far, had a really good experience in every aspect.
Southeastern University has been extremely helpful with everything that I have encountered. Everything from tuition, financial aid, to registering for classes has been relatively smooth from my experience there.
Southeastern University provides an amazing spirit filled experience, helping students find their divine design.
Southeastern university is a great way for students to develop and grow with a Christian background. Diversity at Southeastern University is exallent everyone is friendly and it’s easy to adapt to. Student life at Southeastern University is amazing there are so many up lifting motivational students and professors. If you looking for guidance and a proper education Southeastern university i is the perfect fit for you
I came here because it was the cheapest option for me, after a semester here, the only friends I have made are the ones I already had because I'm from Lakeland. Parking is horrendous. They have taken out half of a dirt lot this week and if you don't want to park a mile from class you need to be here at 8. But they won't address it, they've just began building a welcome building, if there was any building that was never needed, it's that. My only challenging class is philosophy, and that's because I don't pay attention or read the required books. The only reason I'm still here is because I feel stuck.
Religion isn't really taught in chapel. It's just about abiding by the seu rules. It's not very religious.
the southeastern campus is beyond beautiful, with gorgeous oak trees everywhere you look. On this campus everyone knows everyone even just a little bit. Sports is like a mandatory thing, if your not going than your all alone because everyone is at the game.
My overall experience has been great. I have excelled more under this program than ever before in college or high school.
Southeastern University is a great school if you are majoring in psychology, education, or business. If you are looking to be a music or theology major this is a great school option for you. Southeastern has a lot of scholarships available for these majors. However if you are planning to be a Pre-med/Biology major it is a lot harder to find support. The professors are pretty good at explaining things, however there are no academic support for course classes in this major such as chemistry, physics or biochemistry.
What a joke. I went here for a semester and was stunned that a university can lie so well. It’s all about connections, and knowing people. Also they want your money so they can say that their the fastest growing private school. The only good thing is the weather.
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Southeastern University is an excellent school. I love the fact it is a Christ-based university. This factor gives you the opportunity to focus on Christ while completing your studies.
I really love the atmosphere at Southeastern University! They do a great job at creating an environment for students to put themselves out there and be who they want, while still maintaining an excellent range of academic with teachers who know your name and care.
It is advertised very well, but once you get here, you realize a lot of what they don't tell you. They especially false advertise the spiritual development on campus. You see these big events, well that is all they are, hype. The sermon will be 20 minutes the pastor talking about himself, and 5 minutes actually about the bible. You will hear "Can I get an Amen?!" more than you will God's name. If you want fun, come to SEU! But if you actually want to grow deeper in your faith, go anywhere else.