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I am looking forward to attend SEU. Im so excited to see what God has to offer me and others at the school. It is a beautifully campus with great opportunities.
Southeastern is overall a great educational environment. The faculty and student body are very tightly knit and everyone is so willing to help you out with any problem you might have. If you are not Christian, though, I would not recommend it because there are requirements, such as chapel and religion classes, that come along with attending school here.
I am personally an online student, but I absolutely love being a part of this amazing program! I do wish all the professors were on the same page when it comes to assignments, but I understand every teacher is different!
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Southeastern University provides a quality education for a great price! The staff is very helpful and the students are academically inclined and clearly invested in their future.
Southeastern University is wonderful because everyone is so inviting and kind. When I went in as a freshman, I was nervous and anxious but I met people and my RA and RD were super nice and amazing and really wanted to get to know me. The university has such a welcoming feeling and an open community.
Southeastern University is a school for those who are passionate about serving God and the purpose they are called to. SEU students are a prime example of what hard work and dedication looks like. The atmosphere of the school is very welcoming; it's home away from home. I am encouraged daily by my peers and professors to be excellent in all that I do, giving glory to God. I came to this school with low expectations and this school has went above what I expected it to be. SEU is the college our generation needs; a school to push us to our full potential.
Southeastern University is a Christ-centered institution with a great educational program which lends the opportunity of online classes for graduate students like myself who are in the working field to attend. I know that in order to achieve greatness between its student body and school you must demonstrate trust, honesty, and educational diversity to create an environment for these standards. That is what Southeastern University is about. When looking for a school to further my education, this university, has more of the qualities I am looking for the other colleges
I like the small setting in college. This school looks like it would be a great school. It is pretty hard to rate accurately until fully established there.
The energy of the school is so great! Everyone makes you feel so welcome, like you belong. It's a really great and challenging school, I wouldn't change anything.
Southeastern is a great place for students who like smaller universities and intimate settings. The staff is kind and helpful. The academics and athletics are competitive.
The campus is beautiful, you feel like you are at a resort every time you walk to class. The professors are so open and willing to help their students succeed. All are knowledgeable in their degrees and are always there if you need to talk or receive extra help.
I am a second semester sophomore at Southeastern University's extension site in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This school may be a large campus, but it has several extension sites that allow you to work hands on in a ministry setting if you are looking to go into church ministry. However, there are some cons to that, although the off-sites are still very powerful and impacting, you can lose that university feel, which some people may not enjoy, for myself, I love the smaller setting. Overall, I believe that SEU is constantly growing and working on how to be a better university, I've enjoyed my first two years here and I look forward to my last 2
As a freshman, the school does everything it can to help you make friends by throwing parties, events, and get togethers. It's a small campus so it does give a family atmosphere. The only thing is that leadership and the worship team is a big thing around campus and be sometimes be cliquey.
The staff are so patient and so helpful and willing to help all they can with new students and current students! Absolutely positive people and amazing choices for courses, the registrar is very helpful when you are deciding what courses you want to take and also offer help finding jobs for your degrees! The campus is clean and beautiful they take pride in their school academics are great there is such diversity in this school.
I've been an online student at Southeastern University for the past year. It has been a good experience! I wasn't always satisfied with the limited time to complete assignments, nor was I always satisfied with the content of the courses offered. However, I've enjoyed the interaction, though limited, with professors and students. I've learned a lot and grown a lot!
Southeastern provides the experience of a gorgeous campus and a small school feel, but still with all the benefits of a city life. The class sizes are perfect size and provides a student with the tools ti be prepared for life after college both professionally and spiritually.
I love the community built at Southeastern University. This campus is more than a location for studies, it's a group of people that aspire to grow in their education and faith. The positivity and welcoming feeling is found throughout every aspect of the university. The staff members motivate each student to better themselves, as well as their studies. I strongly recommend Southeastern University for communal growth.
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This college/university is very helpful in regards to registration assistance, financial aid assistance, calls to the potential student to see if there is anything they can help with in the process of applying. I have so far, had a really good experience in every aspect.
Southeastern University has been extremely helpful with everything that I have encountered. Everything from tuition, financial aid, to registering for classes has been relatively smooth from my experience there.
Southeastern University provides an amazing spirit filled experience, helping students find their divine design.