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Southeastern University is a wonderful and beautiful college! I toured SEU earlier this year and fell in love! They provide an amazing atmosphere of students and great programs to choose from that students would be looking for to further their career.
I really enjoyed Southeastern University. I was a Pre-Med major and all of my professors were excellent. They went above and beyond to show compassion for the students. The community of Southeastern was one of the most attractive parts when I was first touring the school. As I became a senior I noticed a change in the community for the worse. With the new football team I feel that Southeastern has shifted away from the community it once was.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. Everyone there is friendly and the atmosphere is like a home. The opportunities to grow in your faith is amazing. I believe that Southeastern leads people on the path God has given to them.
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Southeastern University is an awesome school to be at. The environment here is super friendly, and it is easy to get a long with the students and faculty members.
My experience at Southeastern for the past two years has been filled with challenges, but also a lot of growth. The challenges have come from simply being a freshman and trying to see where you fit in and going through the ups and downs of those experiences. But without those challenges I couldn't have grown, and Southeastern is such a great place for that. You can find people and staff that genuinely care about you and will help you. The professors here are also great. They are relate able, and overall care for you.
I currently enrolled in the Catalyst Online program and i absolutely love the program! The freedom to complete assignments and.the knowledge i am learning on leadership. The University proves to be very helpful with making sure you are obtaining and progressing along. Great networking!
There is a lot of positives but SEU has a lot of flaws. First would be the chap credit system. 30 may not seem like a lot,
But just you try balancing out that, plus work, plus school, plus whatever else a d the fee is 25$ per missed chapel. That's not a good Christian message.
Southeastern University is a world where God is endlessly moving. He is present in all of your moments. The professors are out of this world knowledgable and not just about what they teach, but about God Himself. The campus is gorgeous and not far from the beach (living in warm weather is a blessing all in itself)!!! God is Good and Good is God and you wholeheartedly grow in Him here.
Southeastern is a small university that focuses on their students and surrounding community. However, as a commuter, I did not feel welcomed and cared about at the same level as their residential students. Commuters have to park in dirt parking lots, receive very little help and accommodation for class schedules for the registrar, and there is extremely limited space for commuters to hang out and study on campus that don't include dorm spaces.
Southeastern has been an incredible way for me to grow in my faith and in my academics. The campus is beautiful and the professors are intelligent and invested in their students. I have made so many friends here and the surrounding area is full of unique places that you could only find here in Lakeland! The school is not far from beautiful beaches and Disney World. Tampa is one way, and Orlando is the other, so I enjoy being able to be in the middle of it all. The RA's and RD's will make you feel like family and invite you to many things. You will not have a problem finding things to get involve in either. Overall, this university is amazing and I love it here!
Lovely people but the campus was quite small. I visited and had a lovely tour guide but did not like the old Floridian style of the campus as I am from Massachusetts. Some of the dorms were quite old.
So far, I love being at Southeastern University and would recommend it to anyone. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is so welcoming and kind. If there were one thing I would change it would be that the faculty doesn't seem to be on the same page or have all of the information they need to successfully answer questions student may have.
I love Southeastern it's a great Christ centered school. I love the culture the most at SEU, we are a very tight nite university. The University lets us express ourselves and our opinions. I love the fact that at SEU we can all worship god freely with no judgement.
Love the campus! The campus is resort style and you don't even realize you're at college! Love the church and the worship services! The people all have beautiful souls and are very helpful!!
SEU is amazing! The Christian atmosphere and student body community is one of the best things about the school. The Christian atmosphere is contagious and growth stimulating. They are very welcoming to first time or transfer students. They have a plethora of degree options, but still having that small campus feel. You walk around campus daily seeing familiar faces. At the same time, there are plenty of things to get involved in on campus.
I am an extension site student for Southeastern University (main campus located in Lakeland, FL) and it has been great! I have been able to learn what it means to be involved in ministry at a high-capacity church. In addition, I have consistently been taught on leadership as well as spiritual principles. The professors as well as the site staff are focused on the students' spiritual growth and their fulfilling their specific life callings. If not for this school program, I may not have had as much experience in ministry as I have had up to this point.
Southeastern University is a great place to be challenged in theological studies. The professors are fantastic and it is obvious that they care about the success of their students. People are always friendly and the campus is beautiful. Sporting events are generally exciting, and the food is better than many other places. Southeastern is not a party school by any means. The environment feels extremely safe, but Southeastern also kind of exists in its own bubble, separate from the real world. I would like to see more engagement in the different cultures both on and off campus as a major improvement.
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Southeastern University is not just a school. It is an experience. You experience life with people, the campus is beautiful, the professors are great and very motivating. Best school ever, Glad I decided to come.
It Is A Great Atmosphere Overall. Parking situation is not so great. People are kind and loving. You gain valuable friends and relationships with people. Diversity is growing year after year which is great. Very family oriented campus, roommates/suitemates become your family, as well as faculty and staff.
I like it, it's great. The academics are great. I definitely feel like I'm learning valuable things.
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