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My overall experience at Southeastern is been somewhat average if it wasn't for the business office people that are rude, impudent, and unhelpful. All they care is about money, they don't care if they slam you with useless fees. Worst; where all the funding goes? The school architect is old and needs an update, student service is no good, food sucks. overall, the only good are some proff. care about their student well being, and other could careless.
In October I began the online Masters of Education Administration program. This is my first experience with online classes and I have been pleased with the class. I appreciate the flexibility of the online program. The content is relevant and rigorous, yet manageable for someone teaching full time. The professor was available for questions. For the most part the university employees are helpful and responsive although at times there is a lag in communication between various offices. I would recommend this program.
Excellent atmosphere. The professors work with you and respond quickly. The campus is pretty and they keep students updated on weather and any cancellations.
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I am a High school senior who takes concurrent classes at this University and I love it there. The professors are very down to earth and care about you. The size of the University make me feel very comfortable while navigating to my next class.
Southeastern is a great school. Most of the instructors are friendly and they are always willing to help. Its easy to make friends and living on campus is pleasant.
Though I have not begun school, I have visited more than once and the scenery at Southeastern is very beautiful and the people and staff are super friendly. Southeastern is a very good school in my opinion and I do not regret choosing Southeastern Oklahoma State University as my new home.
Although it isn't the most exciting area, you learn a lot and gain insights on your major. As a Psych major I am very happy with my experience and will be a little sad to leave so many great professors.
Very helpful professors! Students are a like minded and all usually get a long! Everybody is very friendly!
I enjoyed attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University at the Campus in Idabel, Oklahoma. I have had some good times and have enjoyed all of my classes and especially all the new friends that I have made. I have enjoyed all of the teaching staff, they have taught me a lot. I returned to College after being out of school for 35 years. It is a Great Experience.
My experience with the graduate program has been great so far. I am looking forward to graduating with my MBA in May 2019. The professors and instruction received is world class!
I like southeastern because it allows me to live at home and work but also be a full time student without going every single day! The only thing I would change is the food. It’s not bad but after a while it gets old and it is just the same food all the time.
SOSU has been an overall comfortable college for me so far, the professors i’ve had have been willing to help me when i lack in an area. finding a tutor isn’t a problem and the rescources are always there when needed.
Very good programs and overall great staff who are ready and willing to help. Systems are fairly easy to use and campus is nice and open to even online only students for a quiet place to study.
The people here are very judgmental. Some of the professors enjoy teaching while there are some that act like they do not want to be there. The staff here has no clue what they are talking about. The nurse misdiagnoses people all the time. I was misdiagnosed twice. The food here makes you sick, I lost 20 pounds my freshman year here.
I like SE because everyone is very nice. The people who work there are very helpful when you don't know something. The professors are well educated so they are able to teach young people what they need to know. The college allows options for all students. The classes are well organized and prepared too. This college is the best!
Great college! The instructors are nice and will work with you. The advisors are great with helping you find the classes you'll need for your major. If you apply late they will still try to get you in the school and in classes. Any office is happy to help anyone that is lost and well help tell where you need to go. It is a nice campus and its not too big. The buildings are mostly close together. Its not difficulty to find your classes.
The campus is a very beautiful campus. The professors are great people The party scene could use some work. I think it will be a perfect fit for so many people .
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I have taken concurrent classes through this school and have completed them successfully. The professors are helpful and very knowledgeable in their feilds.
Overall, SE has been a good place to be. It is overall affordable and with this you get personal time with professors and have a small community to work with. They have lots of different degree options and provide many opportunities for students to get involved.
This University is very friendly, they welcome you with open arms and care about your true well being. Its a fun campus to live on, they always have activities going on and always try to involve the students in them. The education is spot on and I promise you, you will learn something new everyday.
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