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Southeastern Illinois College Reviews

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I do dual credits at the college and I am having an amazing time over there. The work environment is very useful and keeps wanting to come back!
Amazing online programs with friendly faculty that are easy to use. All staff are very welcoming and helpful.
I haven't registered for classes yet, but so far I've been very impressed with the quick response and friendliness of the Admissions Specialists.
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S.I.C is okay to me. Its not much you can do here but the school is great it self. It may be in the middle of nowhere but the staff makes you feel like family. So when ever you are down or need something to do they are always there when you need them. Its nothing what im use to but it does help you become an independent person just by going to this school.
The classes have been flexibly scheduled to work with my already busy schedule.
The online classes are easy to register for. The class size is manageable for peer to peer interactions.
I haven't used SICs post grad services.
I love the class sizes. It makes learning fun and the instructors approachable. The teachers go above and beyond to help us succeed.
There are Associate degree programs, technical degree programs, and a great nursing program. There are also career fairs provided for the students.
I did not choose a specific major, but graduated with an AA degree. The classes I took all transferred and was accepted to my next phase at an university.
I had a great time at SIC. I was involved in athletics, made new friendships, and graduated with honors.
Online courses are better because if you are in a classroom you don't get as much done as you can with online
The quality of post grad service is ok but it is really up to what you are looking for.
Some professors care about their students than others.
there are some internship prospects but not a lot. There really isn't any career center
It is really challenging when you have so many business classes that cover some things over and over and you don't know which class you are at right know because it is the same things. The workload is a lot but you get the hang of it.
It is really easy. There is all kinds of things to do.
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This is a small community college with teachers that truly care if you succeed or not. The staff strive to help you achieve your goals and move up into a better position in the world we live in.
I had a very flexible class, where I could come to any section.
I have a very good Anatomy and Physiology teacher.
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