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I have enjoyed being able to go somewhere close to home which in the long run saved me money because I have been able to live at home. I also enjoy that I have been able to get an in depth learning experience where our teacher student ratio is typically 40 or less to 1 and not 150+ to 1. I believe that this has given me a better opportunity to understand things I have been taught and create a good student teacher relationship by being able to take time to ask questions and meet with my professors. All in all I have really enjoyed attending SCC and look forward to completing my ADN this spring.
I like that SCC is always evolving. The staff really want everyone to succeed. I wouldn't change anything about SCC.
The agriculture department is not taken very seriously. I feel that I have not learned anything out of the ordinary or anything that really sticks out. Most of the tests are open book.
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I've been attending SCC for almost a year now and I love my experiences there! I like that the school is small and local. I'm able to live at home for free and drive 20 minutes to my classes 2 days a week. I am able to build relationships with my classmates and professors. A small college makes it easier for me and my professors to have one on one time when I need help with assignments, extra credit, etc. I plan on continuing furthering my education at SCC next year to earn my AS and major in Criminal Justice.
I have already received my associates degree from this institution and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to obtain a 2 year degree. They offer traditional courses, night courses, and online courses to meet almost anyone's educational needs. They also have a brand new science and medical building that is amazing.
I was able to take classes online, on campus, and at night. The tuition was considerably less that a university/4-year college. The instructors were personable, compassionate, and helpful. I received encouragement and guidance about classes and my future. The president has the interest of the students as his focus - "It's all about the students."
I loved the classroom setting and the teachers commitment for you to accomplish your goals. I also loved the classroom setting environment. The medium size classes helped with the teacher having more time to talk to the students individually.
The teachers and facilities are great for a two year school. You will get a quality education on par with other more expensive four year institutions. It also provides an excellent career oriented programs for adult learners who do not have as much time to go to a four year institution but want to improve their skills with a degree. It is a lot more flexible than many four year universities.
This is a great community college with many helpful staff and small class sizes. I was able to get my degree while living at home, cost was reasonable, academic options are wonderful, staff was always helpful and friendly. They are dedicated to every students success with academic support, unlimited amount of student resources and supportive staff.
The nursing program at southeastern community college is excellent! They prepare you well for the NCLEX, but the nursing program coordinator can be very hard to deal with at times.
They help you out a lot
Help out in the real world
It was a reasonable school
I am extremely impressed with the help I get in the Student Success Center. It is generally quiet and a great place to go to study or talk to my retention advisor if I have any questions or need any help with anything.
The flexibility of classes is pretty good however I wish there were more classes available during the summer and for flex classes because it would have been really nice to be able to get more credits in before I transfer.
I think I would choose to attend this school again if I could do it all over again because of it's affordability and close to home.
I have been extremely lucky with the group of professors I have had the privilege of working with. They have been extremely helpful and easy to talk to about anything.
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Depending on the course I am taking online, I feel like I get more out of traditional classroom experiences but with other classes I feel like I get more out of the online classes. Math classes are stressful anyways for me so I think that online math courses will be much more difficult for even excellent math students.
I feel like the athletic students should be in separate classes because they tend to talk and carry on more during class time and it is very difficult to focus and very difficult for the teachers to maintain class structure when they are constantly needing to stop lectures and correct these students behavior.
Tuition is stressful anyways but the financial aid process wasn't too bad this year for me because everyone was very helpful when I asked questions.
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