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Southeastern College - Miami Lakes Reviews

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Excellent institution. Professors truly care about the students. The campus provides career education which helps students prepare for and find jobs. I would highly recommend this college for their caring and academic rigor!
Great instructors who care about the students success! The schools helps you with the certification process and provides support and additional review.
You have access to computers and books at school. For example if you need to print out paperwork for a project all you have to do is go into the library area and use the computers and complete your assignments.
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Programs that are most associated with my school is health care.
Medical Assistant has amazing wide range of opportunities out in the real world. The program itself is amazing, you can tell that the teachers and staff care about their students and will try and help you succeed in any way possible you as the student just have to be willing to put forth an effort. Homework/Classwork isn't difficult because we have the text books and the teacher to help us of we have any questions. Externship oppurtunities are from what I hear great as well.
I feel that the pricing for the school is worth it, because everything is straight forward and hands on. My experience with the financial was good she explained everything step by step, made sure I got copies of everything so that I have proof of everything that I signed. Applying for the loan probably had to be the most difficult part but it got done.
Everyone is very friendly and outgoing. They take the time to get to know you and if you need help with anything there is always someone available to you.
I love my school. We learn so many different aspects of medical terminology, medical office management.
I don't take online courses, I am a full time student.
since this is my first online class i got no problem so far
since i m new i got no experience with the career service at this time maybe later
i took this grade because because i was no aware of some factor that were useful to succeed
There is no library, just a small collection of books in the computer lab.
The internet is fairly slow and the computers are very old.
I enjoy the campus and the staff. There classes is what makes studying easy. For example, the classes are small about 10-15 students per class. That means better one-on-one with your professor, and learning is easier and efficient.
Southeastern College – I thought my school was very good. My school is unique in the way the teachers teach with you one on one. I would choose my school again due to the fact that the staff is really helpful but the only downside is that its too expensive.
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