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The staff at Southeast Tech go above and beyond to help make sure each student is confident in their studies and leaves the school with a great education and is well prepared for the work force.
Small classes. Specialized fields you cannot find everywhere. Teachers really care and take the time to discuss your classes, your future.
I am currently enrolled in this school. The hands on experience is great for my way of learning. The teachers are very knowledgeable and have had a "lived" related occupation. The lived experience of the instructors adds to the educational experience for what to expect when I enter the job market.
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I love how friendly all of the staff are and how it’s a perfect mixture of a tech school and a university. I also love how reasonably priced the bookstore is. I’m really happy I chose STI for my college. I feel I have been very prepared for my field!
My experience thus far has been personalized and has applied to my life more than my previous 4 year university. STI is all hands-on, collaborative, and helpful when it comes to academics.
This is an alright school if you are looking to get in get your degree and get out. From my experience they do not willfully offer assistance whether it be information, directing, communicating, giving all information. This can set back getting enrolled or set up and ready for classes and for financing.
I am a sophomore at Southeast Technical Institute and couldn't be more pleased with the experiences I have had already! All professors are warm and welcoming and the facilities are nice and organized. Would definitely recommend going to for any program that is available!
Very few generals required with multiple options to take care of them. The instructors are all fantastic. However, there isn't much stuff to do on campus.
As a Sioux Falls SD student. I started taking dual credit back in the summer after Junior year. I was very fortunate to be appart of this program called Learners 2 Leaders. It gave me the oppurtunity to take 5 college credits at no cost to me. After graduating from my highschool Roosevelt. I decided to stay at Southeast tech. I am currently a double major, the first major is called 'Architectural Engineering Technician' and the other is called 'Construction Management'. Going to Southeast Tech is the best decision I've ever made. The cost is very afforable, you recieve hands on work for things that will pertain to your field of work, the staff is super nice, and the classes sizes are 1:30 at the most. Eventhough Southeast Tech is only a 2 year school there are many different programs and extra curricular activities you are able to do as well.
I really like the campus and the staff are there to help you be successful. The campus is easy to get around. They staff at Southeast are there to help with any questions and even with things not related to the school. I live on campus and the rooms are great. Nice living arrangement and they hooked me up with kids with similar interest. I came from out of state to come to school here and everyone I have met here at Southeast is willing to help me with anything I have questions on. This is a school I would definitely recommend to people.
I love how hands on STI is! I’m very happy with my choice of school. The instructors are very welcoming and so are many of the students.
I love Southeast Tech because I'm able to do both online and traditional classes that work perfectly with my work schedule. It's also an amazing experience when you have professors just as determined as you to make sure you're on the right track to success. I love this school I would definitely recommend it to others who want to attend more of an untraditional college.
I like the school and the curriculum and instructors are nice and helpful but some staff are rude and I feel like I'm getting ripped off when it comes to paying things out of pocket but still get charged on my financial aid.
Credits didn’t transfer to the school until I went in and asked them to open the email and transfer them after 3 months. Heads of the health programs aren’t even certified teachers. None of my instructors are certified teachers. I almost get hit by a car walking to class everyday and the campus life is lifeless. The housing is nice but the officer watches your every move and you can’t be too loud. The housing staff let their dogs poop wherever and even on the hallway carpet without cleaning in for months. Would suggest going somewhere else lol
STI is a great place to go to school. All the teachers are very helpful and are quick to answer questions that you have or to help you with any problems. I have never done so well in school before until I came here. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of things to do on campus. I feel like there should be more activities.
While I was only there for a short time everyone was greeted with a smile. The tech support services are some of the best that I have seen. The professors will recinize you even semesters after you had their class.
I had a great experience at Southeast Tech. I studied Graphic Communications, and the instructors there made sure we got real-world experience with our projects. We were able to be creative, while still learning the software and methodology behind design. If emergency circumstances arose, they were willing to work with the student to get assignments completed and stay on track to graduation. Without that component, I wouldn't have been able to finish school. I made great relationships with my classmates, and even took a work-study position my second year of school in the marketing department to gain more knowledge in my field of study.
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I am in the Phlebotomy program and taking 17 credits. It is hard but the teachers work with you and are flexible.
It is much better than the college I previously attended. The teachers care about you and will always make time for you. I am in the phlebotomy program and absolutely love it.
The business faculty at Southeast Tech. have real world experience that is applicable in the classroom.
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