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Southeast Missouri State University has a great curriculum with amazing professors. The dorms are very nice and kept clean. My only complaint would be the dining halls. There are not really dining halls that server the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining halls mainly consist of fast food and no one wants to eat that all the time.
Very clean campus, I enjoy the new buildings and updates being done to the campus. All the the dorm halls are updated and clean as well, nice dorm rooms and a lot of options.
I like that SEMO is highly affordable. The people are campus are more outgoing than I expected. The teachers for the most part very cooperative and care about your education.
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I like the small hometown feel and the campus life. The dorms are very nice and everything you need is within walking distance. If not, the university provides a shuttle. The professors and classes are top notch. Every class and professor I've had has been willing to go beyond the expected to make sure that you understand the material. There are many study groups also.
Southeast Missouri State University is one of the greatest college experiences that I have ever had. The campus is so diverse and the faculty and students are very friendly and helpful.
Southeast is a great place to learn. The instructors and all staff are very professional and courteous. The services, such as Learning Assistance Programs, including tutoring, College Success Seminar, Educational Access Programs, Management and Student success are so accomodating. All students are given every opportunity to take advantage of the programs available designed to foster a learning and earning a degree. I absolutely love it!
Although I have no attended this college yet, it is my first pick. Through all the help I have needed they were great. I picked this school because of the beautiful campuses and the location.
So far, SEMO has been an amazing college to be a part of. There are SO many different resources for any assistance that a student could ever need. The campus is so welcoming to diversity and has so man different programs to make everyone feel at home. Professors are always willing to help out, and will work with you to set up an appointment to help you if you are struggling in class. The campus is very clean, and all the students are very kind and respectful. Dorm life is a great way to make new friends at SEMO, and it has enhanced my experience more than I would have thought. Overall, SEMO is a great college.
Semo has been a wonderful experience so far. I look forward to next. Everyone is very friendly and they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Currently have been on campus a few times and it is really easy to get around! I am enrolled in some classes that get credit for this college and they are very good classes! Really enjoy it!
I have had a pretty great experience so far on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University! I love the classes, professors, and my classmates! I've made a lot of new friends and hope to make more! My classes have been pretty easygoing with the perfect amount of challenge! The professors here will take their time to help you if you need it! The food on campus is also pretty good with many different options to choose from! If I could change anything on campus I would make less smoking areas or a non smoking campus! I would like to see more campus police out and about more instead of parked in front of the DPS building! Overall the campus and everything around it has been pretty awesome!
I like all the resources the university has to prepare us for the real world. Tons of workshops, seminars, networking events, and more. I would like to see the parking situation change and for old dorms to be renovated.
For my own experience study at semo university help me to have an opportunity to achieve my dream because firstly the tuition is cheaper than other schools also the lifestyle and environment are so perfect to study .
I really enjoyed Southeast Missouri State University, even though I went to a regional campus in Malden, Missouri. The instructors were helpful and wanted all the students to succeed. Overall, I really loved SEMO.
The university is highly diverse with lots of international students. The tuition fee is affordable with very low living expenses. There is nothing much to do in weekend and the city is dead on holidays.
I liked the size of the campus and the willingness to help me from the surrounding people. I also liked the location and how open campus was. This is a college that I am very interested in and will do more research into it.
I don't participate in such activities.
Review Southeast Missouri State University
We could use better professors. Teach for America, maybe?
Good to meet people from different cultures
All the students do is become alcoholics.
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