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Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences Reviews

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This is my first semester and so far I love it! Smaller classrooms so feels more one on one which is how I learn best.
I like the college and wouldnt change anything. overall the college is very good because the staff is willing to work with you in every way to give you the best experience they can offer you.
The school could care less if you succeed, Jill Stroud will talk to you like you're a piece of garbage & Leon Book will do the same. The only instructor who's intelligent & cares is Dr. Brackett. The school also was paid by the government for all my schooling after they kicked me out for no legitimate reason, so they are defrauding the government & not a professional school whatsoever. I wouldn't recommend this school to a dead rat.
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The hands on training you get I the labs as well as at the hospitals is great!
Teachers really care a lot about your success. My only complaint would be the financial aid office and the fact you cannot take gen Ed courses elsewhere once you start taking classes there.
They don't guarantee helping you find work after graduation .
I was kicked out of the program for a non legitimate reason & I wouldn't recommend attending this school because you will regret it.
Not flexible at all, don't try to help all they are worried about is getting your money .
The website only works half the time & when u email the instructor for help they take days to reply with help & it's usually after the deadline for the assignment .
The only professor who acts professional & actually knows what she's teaching is Dr. Brockett. The classroom experience at SECNHS is very intimidating they have favorites & won't spend time to help. The only person there that wants you to succeed us Dr. Brockett.
All of the professors as well as employees do not behave in a professional manner. Jill Stroud, Rhonda Vandergriff, Debbie Howey, Mrs. Moses, & Leon Book treated me horribly & very disrespectful. Also, Jill Stroud pulled me into a room & talked to me like I was a dog. Margie Schwent claimed I Was never a student there & the college is paid up until next spring by my FAFSA , they are falsley getting my government loans when I haven't attended there since August.
If I had to do it all over again, I would choose this school. The teachers are great and the academics are top notch. My school is unique in the sense that it is a school completely devoted to my major, nursing. All classes center around applying the information we are learning to healthcare.
This school has the most helpful staff and caring instructors. They help you through the process of enrolling, and beginning classes and the instructors make sure you understand the curriculum and help you to succeed.
We have resources available to prepare for nursing boards.
I've had 3 instructors that really are not good teachers and are not good at organization.
Class schedules often change or initial schedul says one thing and then you are told another. It is not easy planning a work schedule.
Our school is healthcare geared.
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The financial aid officer has no clue what is going on, she is often wrong and confused about what is going on.
Very small school in dated building. They often don't have classroom space.
The program is fast paced and full so it is hard to make many adjustments but the do what they can.
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