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I am so grateful for the education and experience I received and also the friends I acquired both as a student and athlete. I am still currently enrolled at Southeast and I love the dorms, cafeteria, classrooms and professors. This school is very encouraging toward students. Teachers go out of their way to help students, they provide free tutor sessions and even other kids in your classes are always willing to help out. One thing I really enjoyed about the school was how the students to teacher ratio was 13:1. It really allowed college students to get the one on one extra help they needed. I have always felt very close to almost all of the faculty on campus. Something I would like to see change would be expanded the buildings so they can expand there resources. Overall Southeast Community College is a great two year school for kids uncomfortable with going to a big four year school.
I like how relaxing the atmosphere is here and that it's super easy to talk to people when you need help. Especially at the beginning of the quarter, when some new students are in the building and getting lost, the staff are 100% willing to lead them to the right direction.
Easy admission process. SCC offers a lot of majors at an affordable price. Textbooks aren't badly priced. Student jobs, online classes, dorms at certain campuses, etc.
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I found it easy to get the prereqs I needed, as well as take classes that helped me decide what major I would like to pursue at university. The teachers are very professional, it is a great learning environment, and the fellow students are all hard working. I highly recommend SCC if you are looking for an affordable place to take care of gen ed or get a 2-year degree.
My experience so far with SCC in Lincoln has been a positive one so far, as far as doing a campus visit and meeting the front desk people. My only sincere complaint is the fact that it is not as safe as I expect any other school to be. Considering anything can happen anytime, I expect the campus doors to be locked at all times.
I really enjoy going to southeast community college. I have been going to this college for about 3 years because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do when I first started here at SCC. I started off in the Early Childhood Education Program and decided it wasn't for me. Luckily SCC is really good about prices and making sure that you get a really good education for a cheap price. Starting at SCC was one of the best decisions I could have made because knowing I didn't spend a bunch of money while not knowing what I wanted to do was a huge relief. I'm in the Office Professional Program now and I will be graduating in Spring 2018. SCC is a great community college and has amazing professors who will learn your name and get to know you just like a small town high school.
Southeast Community College is a great two-year college with a wide variety of areas to study. A few of the facilities at the Beatrice campus could certainly use some upgrades, but overall it is a very nice college to attend.
Southeast Community College is a good option for a cheaper education. Their staff is very nice and attentive. They will do everything in their power to help someone out.
It is a great school for individuals that love smaller classes.Most of the professors that I had were able to teach the material in a fun and interactive way that allowed it to be easier to learn. The school is close and allowed for an easy commute.
Southeast Community College has so far been very good to me. The professor I've had are awesome they care about your education and willing to learn. They'll take the time to help you with anything. I've learned by having a good relationship with my professor makes me more willing to ask for help.
Everyone has been very friendly so far. I wish the financial aid process was easier. It is nice that I can do all of my classes online. I can do all of my studying in my home.
The college has updated their look, including the additional expansion and it is cool, minus the city road improvements that never end.
I took several courses through SCC in high school. Overall it was a positive experience. I did mostly online course, which were easy to follow, but also allowed one to one contact with course instructors who were both helpful and easily accessible to contact with any question on homework or tests.
Great looking school, great staff, smaller than UNL, but everyone is very strange or old and don't socialize.
It's been very nice living on campus because of the easy accessibility to teachers and study material.
There are many shops looking for good technicians from Milford.
The classes for automotive are very straightforward and covers the entire vehicle and all of its systems. Not to mention the small class sizes, there only about 8-10 students per class.
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The career services at Milford are easily accessible and definitely help you find a good paying job.
Because I'm going into Automotive Technology it will certify me to work at most any shop or dealership. Around 90 percent of students graduating with my diploma are guaranteed jobs straight out of school, that's another reason Milford is my college of choice.
I've enjoyed being on campus thus far because of the weekly planned activities on campus for anyone to join. Besides the fact that it gets boring because Milford is so small the people are great and it's my perfect place for secondary education.
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