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South University is a private institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of diverse students. Online, virtual and on campus, we provide a warm, welcoming learning environment with a friendly and supportive community of faculty, staff and students eager to help you achieve pursue your academic and career goals. Across our university’s 120-year story—past, present and future—South University has stood apart as a place for our community members to call home, a place where anyone can belong, believe and become.

South University, the right direction for a brighter future. Explore our programs and learn more at today!

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SouthVR - a virtual classroom experience

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South University, offers SouthVR a temporary learning format created to help our students continue their education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This format will differ from both campus and online classes by offering live scheduled instruction in a remote environment. SouthVR will be offered until authorities advise us that it is safe to return to our campus-based learning.

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