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I like how the classes are set up and that my advisor actually keeps in contact and makes me feel like I am welcome.
I like doing college courses on line. You can pick your own time to get the home work done as long as you meet the deadline.
South University is a very friendly environment with all the administrators and counselors. They provide everything with my online classes and they always reply to my email rather quickly.
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Since I am an online student, I do not have any experience on campus but as for education online it is great. When you are focus and have your work in on time, everything is okay. Professors are great in teaching and answering questions, and also financial advisors and academic counselors are always checking on your process while you are enrolled there.
I just applied yesterday, got accepted , and already had spoke with my admissions and financial aid rep.
The staff at South University are very professional and friendly. There are many programs to choose from. Also, there is a diverse population of students who go to this University.
South university school of pharmacy is a wonderful program with professors that truly take an interest in students and their ability to succeed.
Very expensive, with a very very very high turnover rate for the staff, including the academic counselors, financial aid, and even admissions department. The ones "teaching" are referred to faculty instead of professors, so not sure what thats about either.
My experience here has been great! Overall fantastic staff and good classes. I study online which has been very flexible for my job. There will be participation requirements of course, but very easy to achieve. I highly recommend the online learning program.
I must say that I really am enjoying South. The professors are very nice and down to earth and the campus is very small and quiet. The people here are laid back but focused on getting you the best education for the price tag here. The more effort you put in, the more you get out. They are completely digital with textbooks as well, so no book lines and outrageous fees for those. It makes for a great experience overall.
What i like about the school is that the counselors are alway there motivating ans encouraging you no matter what situation you go through. They are very supportive to their student. I would change anythi g about the school.
professors have been nothing short of awesome.
They have a job placement you can use up to 6 months after graduation
you have set deadline but not set login times.
100% online with tutors and all.
The academic flexibility is awesome. The online course is created to do classes at your own pace with no hassle or frustration. If these issue occur they is always someone to hold your hand and pull you through it.
It is very convenience and user friendly. You also evolve yourself with other classmate especially in discussion. This online courses are very easy to navigate. You have so much resources and faculty member that will stand right beside you to help you succeed.
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The post grad services at my school is great. We have services that actually help build your resume and also help you with job placement. This is great for those people that have finish their studies or majors.
My academic counselor is amazing. she is always on point and cares for me immensely. She is always there for me to address any concerns and always push me and encourage me even when things are not going good for me. All my professors are professionals and are very passionate about what they do and how they teach. They are always there to help you around the clock.
The value of a degree from this school is priceless. you have all the resources needed especially online to be successful. You don't feel lost at no moment. You always have a helping hand.
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