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The advisors are awesome at making college a great experience. They are very helpful in the beginning processes and throughout attendance of college. They are one of a kind.
South University really cares about their students. They supply all your needs and excel at helping their students achieve their goals. Instructors are there when you need them. We have a great network of providers for whatever our needs are whether it be for class, tutoring, counseling or most anything concerning the student. I have attended many colleges and South University is by far the best.
I am really enjoying my program- Physician Assistant. The faculty is great and they care about your success and are always willing to help. The curriculum is tough, but its what you sign up for. The one negative about the campus is that the library printer seems to always break down multiple times each quarter.
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Very caring professors and staff members. They make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. Would definitely refer to other students who are inquiring anout this school.
I was an online student. I graduated with an BSN. I enjoyed my online classes and never had any problems with South University. My advisors were excellent and helpful when I needed them. The nursing courses were not easy ,I had to study approx 20 hours per week and worked full time job in the hospital. I wish everyone the best.
Just started class, but so far its going ok just getting the hang of doing online class, but so good
South University is a school that really cares about your education. They make sure that each student stays on track with his/her studies. My overall experience at south has been phenomenal. I would not choose any other school. There is online tutoring for those that needs help in certain areas. The professors provide every student with plenty of information to help you with class, also you have the opportunity to catch up when you have gotten behind in your class. You also get a chance to meet alot of different people from every walks of life. The life stories that they tell are can be very motivating and educational. Again I cannot express how south has been to me.
Challenging online courses with wonderful format. Professors vary on helpfulness. Prompt grading. Again. Alot of the feed back is cookie cutter/ copy and paste
Small class size. Dedicated and knowledge teachers. Flexible schedule. Affordability. Good Program choices. No hassles with hidden fees and no expensive book fees. Parking doesn’t cost money. Allows blended learning environment (online and ground classes) convenient location.
I enrolled in South University March 2016 for the degree program in Allied Health Science. All of my instructors were helpful. Whenever I was hospitalized, they gave me an opportunity to catch up on all of my homework assignments. I would recommend anyone to apply and attend this college. There isn't anything that I would change about this university.
South Universities online courses are convient for someone like me who works full time. The staff is very helpful and supportive. Armando the Academic counselor constantly check in on you to make sure that I am staying on track. He is also there in case I have any questions. The professors are good at replying back within 24 hours when I email them with a question or concern. I would most definetly recommend South University to anyone. In fact I recommend the school to my sister, cousin, and aunt. We are all currently enrolled in South University.
Great leadership and such great advisors many choices to further my education they are really just above awesome...
I like how the classes are set up and that my advisor actually keeps in contact and makes me feel like I am welcome.
I like doing college courses on line. You can pick your own time to get the home work done as long as you meet the deadline.
South University is a very friendly environment with all the administrators and counselors. They provide everything with my online classes and they always reply to my email rather quickly.
Since I am an online student, I do not have any experience on campus but as for education online it is great. When you are focus and have your work in on time, everything is okay. Professors are great in teaching and answering questions, and also financial advisors and academic counselors are always checking on your process while you are enrolled there.
I just applied yesterday, got accepted , and already had spoke with my admissions and financial aid rep.
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The staff at South University are very professional and friendly. There are many programs to choose from. Also, there is a diverse population of students who go to this University.
South university school of pharmacy is a wonderful program with professors that truly take an interest in students and their ability to succeed.
Very expensive, with a very very very high turnover rate for the staff, including the academic counselors, financial aid, and even admissions department. The ones "teaching" are referred to faculty instead of professors, so not sure what thats about either.