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What I like about South Texas College is that most professors are very understanding and work with you if an complications come about. Since the student ratio to professor is a lot smaller than most universities and other colleges, the professor is able to dedicate more one on one time with their students.
The classes that have attended have been small enough that a student can get individual attention while in class which greatly increases the learning capacity for everyone. All the instructors I have taken are well informed in the areas they are teaching and give us students every opportunity to succeed.
I like the campus, and the professors are really good. However I would like to have more social and athletic activities.
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I'm gonna start school here in a few weeks, but my favorites from this school is the friendly environment, how the building itself looks, the organization of buildings, all the help you can get from students and professors.
This college is affordable and is right by home. This two year college will help you find a career or gain momentum for your dream goal. Staff here is friendly and is always willing to give a helping hand. Truly an at home feeling when studying here.
During my high school years, I was given the opportunity to take dual credit classes with South Texas College and it has been a challenging, yet wonderful experience. The school offers many academic programs and are expanding in several ways. It is truly an amazing place to begin your college education!
Overall the professors offer a high level of education at a manageable pace and are accessible anytime for assistance.
A great school to get your basics. I would not have picked another college to get them, especially because the professors care so much about you.
Stc is a very cool campus, a lot of walking, but besides that, it´s really awesome. The gift shop is cute, the cafeteria looks like HSM, A/C is good, school is very pretty.
very affordable. Teachers work with you and want you to succeed. It is a very welcoming environment. Online courses are offered.
South Texas College is a very good campus for many students. Many come here for the summer for summer classes which I find very cool. Not just that, but the professors are very nice and up to date with everything. This college has been like a second home to me because it is twenty minutes away from where I live and It is very easy for me to get an education. I would like to see more parking spots because it does get full right away and it is such a haste to be looking for a parking spot all the time.
Very informative and overall helpful. They do their best to provide all the help you may need, whether it is in signing up for classes or even tutoring. There is always available tutoring and professors tend to always be available for any concerns you may have.
I absolutely love attending South Texas College. It is very affordable and has amazing student resources. The only problem I have at this school is that some faculty members in student services can be very rude and they give you the run around when answering your questions. I once needed my official test scores for the TSI and I went to each campus because none of the faculty members knew where I could receive the scores; they kept sending my back and forth.
The personal is excellent, they have vocation to do they job. The profesors al fully capacitated to do their job, they are always at time help. The principal is involucrated with all the activities on campus and that talks pretty fine of him!.
The food is from the cactus restaurant, personally I try the fajita tacos and they are delicious. The instalations are confortable and looks so charming.
The professors there really look out for you, they do the best they can to help you out. With them always being there for you and showing their interest in what they do makes you feel confident in learning at this institute.
The opportunity and the flexible schedule that they offer to students that work and the staff is always really friendly.
Are you looking for quality education at an affordable rate? South Texas College may just be for you.
As someone who is frugal, and is constantly watching their pennies, I didn't think college was a good move due to the fact that the national average cost is not favorable.
In any case, the college boasts a ton of degree plans, and a nursing program that rivals any that the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. This means that every dollar that you put in, will be worth it in the end.
Professors and administration are very knowledgeable about their positions, and what is expected of them. I was treated fairly during my time there.
Tuition is undoubtedly the lowest of any accredited 4 year college in the Rio Grande Valley, possibly even in Texas.
Within their walls, I flourished, and in due time attained my associates, which I proudly admire.
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I absolutely love the professors I have had so far. I believe that the Icee's are the greatest part of the whole Barnes and Nobles experience that is within the campus at South Texas College. Having a good and comfortable learning environment is the best thing at this campus. As a high school student taking dual credit courses and reaching towards an Associates's Degree in Biology I can say so far my experience is well. I do not know about the housing, party scene, or much about the athletics.
South texas college is a great school to start of for your basics saves a lot of money if you finish basics here then move to a university when you need to do your degree.
South Texas College is a good college for anyone who wants to go to a small college. It feels like home but the quality of the education could be better.
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