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I absolutely love the professors I have had so far. I believe that the Icee's are the greatest part of the whole Barnes and Nobles experience that is within the campus at South Texas College. Having a good and comfortable learning environment is the best thing at this campus. As a high school student taking dual credit courses and reaching towards an Associates's Degree in Biology I can say so far my experience is well. I do not know about the housing, party scene, or much about the athletics.
South texas college is a great school to start of for your basics saves a lot of money if you finish basics here then move to a university when you need to do your degree.
South Texas College is a good college for anyone who wants to go to a small college. It feels like home but the quality of the education could be better.
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I am a dual enrollment students at this college. Academically it is a great school for those that are tight on money seeing as it is a community college. There are many events to get the students involved and the staff is pretty nice with the students when it comes to teaching.
STC has a lot of activities for it's students and its very economic. Most professors are pretty good but there is a lot of professors that even though they know what they are doing and are very passionate about their subject, they dont know how to teach.
South Texas Collage is the best collage you can attend. The professors are awesome. They help you a lot if you have trouble understanding the subject. Another thing that south texas collage as is that it’s really cheap. Also they help you with financial aid and they give you so many chances to apply. Every day they have different activies in the campus.
Classrooms are average size and professors take their time to get to know their student's by name and personally.
I would like for classrooms to have individuals locks in the Mid-Valley campus. Overall experience was good. Teachers were extremely helpful throughout the two years that I was enrolled. I felt that staff wanted students to succeed.
South Texas College has been an excellent experience, and a good faculty and learning environment. I seriously recommend to take classes at STC. and is a good college!!
It is a community college that gives great opportunities to each student who enrolls and continues to grow each year.
This college has grown immensely and has provided a high quality education that will benefit its students in the long run. The professors are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable and will help the student if they ask for help, they never make you feel inferior in any way. Campus is also pretty busy the halls are clean and the library is packed with students ready to learn and study for their classes. This creates a comfortable social atmosphere where you can grow as an individual, the cafeteria also provides tasty food where you can get replenish your energy in between classes.
The professors at South Texas College are amazing. They make sure you succeed in life and get what you deserve.
What I like about South Texas college are the processors and people roaming through the college everyone is friendly and kind and passionate.
Helpful environment, great people. I have taken classes from my freshmen year in high school and have been a part of the mechanical program. Professors are understanding. South texas college is a great transition school, from the high school to college environment. I think this is very important and encouraging to students who may be scared of going to a bigger university. the campus is small and good
the experience at south texas college has been a wonderful experience. i have learned a lot from my professors as well as students. i have never had a problem with any service. i love the atmosphere of the people as well as the teachers. the customer service is good. the library has been a good place for me to study.
Great college. Professors are helpful and local area has good food. It is surrounded by a safe community and people are nice.
So I've been attending South Texas college for about two years now and so far all I have to saw that i love it it here. The reason I love it here is that everybody is super nice with you and if you ever need help they will help. I like how they have tutoring for when ever you are having problems in what ever kind of class and it one on one with its a plus. Also they promote to be healthy what i mean by this is not that they shove it in your face no they have this little walking trail around the campus and they also bring this rock climbing which is cool.
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Attending South Texas College has been such a blessing. The Instructors teach in a way that grabs the students' attention. When the student needs help understanding their degree plan, the Advisers are always their to help. Not only that, but if a student is confused on a particular subject, the tutors at the College are quick to help the student understand the topic.
South Texas College has been crucial to my development and progression in my college career. As a dual enrollment student, I did not have the opportunity to experience too much of campus life. However, the classes that I have taken on campus have always been enjoyable and well worth the time.
The dual enrollment for this college is actually good when it comes to integration to high school district, which prepares high school students into the working atmosphere of a university/college. With good professors able to fully teach college and high school students.
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