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South Texas College is a unique community college that impowers student knowledge and helps them grow in every field. Also, it helps them achieve their goal precisely. South Texas helps students interact more with the community.
It is a great student oriented campus and offers classes to get ahead such as taking them while still in high school.
as a freshman i have seen how all the students and staff are very helpful with each other. there are many activities on campus and clubs you can join. as the years will go by the college is slowly expanding and greatness is only ahead for all students
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I like a lot because is a place that is very clean and all its instalations are in well conditions, the people that works there make to feel confortable with any question or help that you need, also the instructors are very well preparer and i love all my clases here.
I like the flexiablity of my schedule the only problems I have with STC is parking. With the amount of students enrolled compared to how many parking spaces there are do not equal out. Students who pay for their education not only just that but books, supploes, labs, and ECT. But to be there on time and be there for their education there needs to be more parking.
South texas college has a great variety of options to further your education from majors to ubiversities you can transfer to. You are never alone, there's always someone there to help you.
It is in a small environment and everybody is so friendly. I recommend people to attend STC if they are interested in starting college. STC is fordable and you are able to take online course if you can not attend campus. The campus is comfortable and it is easy to find your classes.
South Texas College is at times challenging, though the kind of challenge it presents is one that really shows what one is worth.
Fun College, easy to obtain core credits. The classes were small which helped me get a better understanding due to the fact that the atmosphere in the classes weren't as tenseful as it would be in a large class. Another amazing thing about south Texas college is that since the classes are small you are able to get better connections with your professors.
South Texas College is an establish school with opportunity to enhance your education and life with reasonable, yet friendly tuition fees. This community college is not a downgrade in its academic standards. Professors truly embody students to work hard, through rigorous material, which has molded my work ethic to becoming a successful college student.
South Texas college is a great school, you get to connect with your professors and be able to communicate with them one on one, the campus is large and has many clubs and groups going on. So the campus is never boring always has people doing things, you also meet many new different people all striving for the same thing as you with similar things in common you are able to grow friendships and relationships with many individuals.
What I like about South Texas college, is that they offer a lot of online classes which is perfect for me because I work two jobs and have a child to care for so the online classes are a huge help.
It is a really great school to attend, especially if you have a busy work schedule, it is very easy to get classes to work around your schedule and it is also very affordable.
South Texas College is a great school to start into the college world. It helps setting up the first steps for higher education. STC provides all the necessary materials for success. I would highly recommend to start at least the first two years here. I have had a blast!
South Texas College is a great environment to further your educational studies. This campus is constantly growing and improving it's ways. The only change I would like to see is improvements to their website.
At first I was skeptical about South Texas College because it was a community college, but i was completely wrong; at South Texas College the professors are extremely kind and generous, plus South Texas College will work with to create the perfect schedule for your college life.
I would like better flexibility with class scheduling as it is hard to figure out a schedule that balances out life at home, work and then school. However, I did like that the professors were very understanding of each student's circumstances and if they had any problems arise. Transitioning from high school life to the college scene, I found that it was pretty easy as I had not only my friends to help but also counselors which were able to guide me. Yet some of this guidance was needed as the academic profile page was rather difficult to navigate, also the school email was seldom used.
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I really like South Texas College because it is easier to get my basics before I transfer to a university. The teachers are nice and very helpful.
South Texas college has been a very great experience, The professors are always there for you when you need them. They really care about you since it is a small school you can really interact with them and everybody in the class.
Its a great college with great teachers, academics, it has a good reference whenever you ask students and people who have graduated from there can easily find a job, and also graduate with great knowledge and skills related to their major.
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