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Teachers and staff make you feel really comfortable. Studying at STC gives you so many chances to do work. It is a big advantage.
Classes aren't huge which makes learning much better and gives easier access to professors. Plenty of caring professors that make class exciting. Not a whole lot to do on campus but in a fairly eventful city.
While attending STC, I found the environment to be quite festive and aspiring for me. I loved how the teachers that work at the college were very good at their job, and how they offered plenty of good tips when it came to getting around the campus. I also found that the help that is offered at their Centers for Learning Excellence is very helpful because they offer plenty of options for any type of help that you may need, as well as how they notify you on new changes to the schedule, and send reminders when you are one on one with a tutor. I also appreciate how at STC they also have help available online with tutors that are in other states 24/7 so that you can get help at any time or day when you aren't able to come in person.
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The South Texas college campus is very safe and secure for students who want to focus on studying. Professors are willing to help their students understand the concept.
The personnel was very respectful and knowledgeable. The professors were actually interested in the students success.
In the past attendance the teachers were very informative and accessible to students. I would like for the school to offer other student loans besides the only two available now.
Stc is a great campus and honetsly is a great stepping stone for anybody who needs help transitioning to a university. Despite the countless resources offered here such as tutoring and essay centers, I would love to see the dean listen to the class evaluations more and talk to the professors who have bad reviews instead of letting it happen.
It was my first time goint to collage and i was lost i didn’t no where to go or are you asking people where are my classes now is my second semester and. And I know know my classes where they are what time I’m starting to like college I’m thinking to study other careers
The opportunities that the online course allow high school seniors and other students all over the states is incredible.
I used to be a student at south texas college and I will say it was a great experience. It offers alot of good academic programs along with extra curricular activities. The environment was very relaxing which helped me alot in focusing on my academics or studying before exams. Getting together for study sessions or to simply complete assignments was no hassle since we could comfortably meet anywhere on campus. Furthermore, I had some of the best teachers. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. The teachers really cared about students passing their class. There was communication between students and teachers, it wasn’t like an ordinary class where the teacher comes in and lectures then just leaves. They would actually offer help after class ended and answer all questions we had. Overall, South Texas College was a pleasant school that offered a pleasant experience. I wouldn’t change anything from South Texas College. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
I love the opportunities that STC offer at very affordable prices. The people at the CLE are wonderful and always offer help and improve my understanding on the subjects. The clubs there are also amazing.
It was alright. Some of the professors should be avoided though, overall pretty easy to pass. No dorms. you must find housing in Mcallen apartments, or live there. Most of the students are local, so they have no problem.
After high school I didn't think I was cut out for the college life, It was one thing to take college courses in school, but to actually go to the college itself was scary for me. I honestly didnt think i was going to make it. However, things took a turn for the better and I ended up making great life long friends on my first day! I am absolutely great-full for the college community at STC, I always felt welcome and people were very friendly!
I'm currently taking a accounting dual class in high school and my fall semester has been going amazing thanks to STC!
The teachers were amazing and so helpful! Getting to explore college life around STC was very fun with my piers.
I like the college how it is. The staff and students are friendly. I love the environment. It is very affordable and has great degrees to go into.
Very friendly environment and whenever you need help, you can ask anyone on campus. The only thing that I would complain is that the parking is horrible. Sometimes you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to find a parking space. Something should be done about that.
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The cost of tuition is really the only plus in my opinion it is very afforadable compared to surrouding institutions. I would like the college to build a multi-story parking structure to deal with surge of students.
South Texas College was an enjoyable experience. Everyone at South Texas College made me feel very comfortable. All students are very friendly and the staff is very easy to talk to. I really loved taking classes here. They were super enjoyable.
South Texas College used to be a community college that has grown so much to be officially a college of the south, it keeps improving in technology and diversity and culture. The careers, majors and extra curricular activities keep growing and students can choose from any of them finishing their studies with 0 loans and stress free. The culture is healthy and diverse as well as activities and sports. It is overall a healthy College that is affordable and diverse.
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