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South Texas College is amazing! All the staff is great, none of my previous professors have disappointed me. They all want you to succeed. STC offers so much help there is no reason why anyone should be failing a class. I Love STC!!
My experience at South Texas College has been great, everyone is so friendly and willing to help all the time. I would really like to see STC expand a lot more to offer their amazing education.
I really like the fact that the classes are small and the professor's get to work more one on one with you
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A school to get into other schools. That is the type of what I would define this school as. Sure it is definitely not the lap of luxury you can see in others but besides that it is a very good school. Professors are mostly nice and all.
I like the affordable price. Even though I do plan to transfer later on, graduating from South Texas College with my associate degree was an amazing decision I took. It saved me an unimaginable amount of money. Those savings you cannot get anywhere else. The professionals are truly that, professionals. Put one from Harvard and South Texas College next to each other, you won’t tell the difference. The campus is great because it breaks up into specific buildings which makes it fool-proof to get lost. I 100% recommend this school for anyone trying to save money but still get a degree of their and start their career.
All of my teachers have offered extra help, been friendly toward everyone in our class, and have atempted at getting to know everyone and making us comfortable and not embarassed to ask for help
Friends attend South Texas College and they can only say nice things about it. Affordable and the professors are really good.
Everyone is so friendly, calm, and generous. Being at South Texas College is a very calming, quiet, extraordinary, and super cool experience. Talking and communicating with people you may not know is always fun. Engaging in you classes and getting to know your professors is as well, very pleasing. You really get to know people and where they come from, the differences in their ways of learning and living. It is always a good place to study, ask for help, and giving a helping hand.
Im glad I had the opportunity to be enrolled at STC, the environment is great and the teachers are as well. There are a lot of opportunities and activities going on there that can be of great help educationally or socially.
The price for South Texas College is excellent. I believe that you get is what you pay for and at South Texas College you are getting way more than what you are paying for.
It provides you with necessary necessities for your academic field. If you want to go to a cheap school and still get a good education this is the one to go to.
I am an STC Alumni and I am also a returning student and the staff has been nothing but supportive and very helpful with everything that i have going on. I love how everyone gets along with everyone and the environment is very friendly. After being away for a couple of years it feels good to come back to my roots and continue my education with a new major and with the excitement to learn new things and hopefully be successful in my journey. I can't wait to see what's in store for me but I know that with STC my future will be bright and I will excell with the help of the staff, my peers and most importantly my family.
I enjoy how the college offers many opportunities for the students. Both the students and faculty are very welcoming and helping.
This school has so many opportunities as well as resources to help you with every course you are taking. The professors are willing to go out of their way to help you if in need. The campus and atmosphere is honestly amazing. everyone is friendly including the staff.
I really enjoyed the involvement of many instructors in aiding students toward their future career or life descosimos. The learning experience was simple and consistent which really gave me a schedule to work and study and be prepared for upcoming exams.
I am currently a high school student enrolled at STC and I've honestly had a good experience. I've taken most of my classes online and the completed the rest here at my high school.
South Texas college is a good hands on college. The teacher really does work with you and help you understand it more.
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My experience with South Texas College is incredable with their way of education and safety of the college.
Teaches and event are amazing here, their is a variety of things to do as well. their is people from all over the place and a lot of students love interacting with each other. the professors are great and try to help with anything they can, very understanding and adaptive towards their students. excellent school.
Very great environment created by the instructors! Being here really enhances my learning in all subjects like English, Anatomy & Physiology, and Psychology. Faculty is always willing to help because they want all students to succeed.
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