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We've recently had issues with people breaking into cars in our student lot. However, the school has contacted and partnered with the local police department, as well as increasing our security. In fact, the local police department has placed undercover agents to monitor.
The school provides a website linked with internship opportunities all over the nation. It is easy to navigate and easy to apply through. Additionally, there are resources and people at school willing to help you, as well as a strong networking system.
The professors are knowledgeable and supportive outside of class. Our school is unique because we have a reputation for providing practice ready attorneys right after passing the bar. I would choose my school again because of the networking support, staff, and student body maintenance of a competitive atmosphere along with support.
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We are located downtown so that is helpful.
Students at my school are your typical law students.
My school has a pretty arduous curriculum, however, I feel I will be well prepared for the Bar Exam when my time comes.
In addition to my comment above, the professors at South Texas are outstanding. Registration process was smooth, as the Registrar is great to work with.
It is typically of the demographics in Houston.
The financial aid office does not really provide any information regarding scholarships. The financial aid I've received are through loans.
My school has a garden overlooking the city on the 6th floor, it is really great to be able relax up there after a long class or intense study session.
South Texas's campus is located in the heart of downtown Houston. If you are into the fast pace lifestyle of downtown, you will love the campus and its surrounding activities.
I begin law school in the fall so I do not have a GPA yet. The weather is usually hot and humid
Downtown has bars and cafe's for relaxation- however as law students may know, time may not allow to enjoy outings as often.
Classes are design to prepare you for the bar with the choice of electives.
Most of the professors have extended background in the subject they teach.
parking is expensive in downtown houston but the school has managed to negotiate reasonable student rates in nearby lots.
Student Looks – everyone is very motivated most people dress to go to school no more tshirts and pijama bottoms.
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Grisbys or Vending Machines – The only options to dine inside the school is Grisby's the school cafeteria which actually haas pretty good food at a reasonble price but they only take cash. The other option inside the school is hitting up the vending machine
Computer labs are avaialble for students and tuition allows for a "free" printing allowance.
Not much to say. Its a stand alone law school in downtown houston. You will come to feel like its home and at the same time hate the building as you spend the 3 hardest years of your life in it. But you wil make awesome friends. Its nice that 20oz drinks are a $1. Rose the cafe owner is awesome as she always remembers you. The libray is awsome and big. The school has lots of classrooms and tech service is awesome.
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