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So far I love this school. It offers classes that are rare to find and my instructors are so understanding .
My Experience at South suburban College located in South Holland Illinois has been one of the most easiest experience that I have ever had they cater and Taylor 💕👷🏾😍 experience at South suburban College located in South Holland Illinois has been one of the most easiest experience that I have ever had they cater and Taylor to your every need! They help you achieve your goals one step at a time , there’s a individual there to help you pursue our higher education and they won’t give up on you No matter how difficult you may be , i truly love south Suburban College because it is convenient, Reliable , and anyone that lives in the community south Suburban is a First choice school for me !
I attended here to recieve my associates in Business. I am not in my last semester before I transfer to my University. The teachers were excellent and I enjoy my experiece here. It is a really great place if your’s looking for a community college with a great transfer program.
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I'm currently a student that is still attending south suburban. Over all is enjoying my stay and simply prepping to further my education in a four year college.
SouthSuburban College is the type off college you can attend where the staff really get behind their students to push them Towards Success!!!
I like that incoming freshman receive a free class at South Suburban College, definitely something to take advantage of over the summer.
Overall, South Suburban is a great school. It's really diverse and the students are nice. when it comes to the teachers and learning, it's great. the teachers knows your weaknesses and try to help with anything you're struggling with. the faculty is understanding with everything and tries to work with you.
one thing that i like about south suburban college is that teachers are very helpful. When a student needs help, attention is given. The counselors are very helpful as well, give good advice to students. one thing however that i would like to change is the campus. this college has a big student body and the campus is awful.
I enjoyed my time at South Suburban College. A majority of my professors were highly skilled in their crafts which made it a joy to sit in on their classes. In addition, they encouraged their students to seek help from the services available to them like the Writing Center and Academic Assistance Center. As for the counselors some were helpful, others not so much. I saw a variety of counselors and by rotating through them I was able to determine who was the most comfortable and helpful.
It has been a really nice experience in south suburban college. I modern facilities just south suburban college has help me understand thing I didn't know, and the professors are willing to teach
SSC has an AMAZING art department. I know each faculty member in the department personally and each has helped me grow to become the great artist I am and the greater one that I aspire to be.
The college gives a quality education for the buck. The teachers and staff in the science and nursing department are so passionate about learning. They care and want students to excel academically and professionally. I am pleased to be alumni and a returning student. Great job! Start here before going to a 4 year college.
South Suburban College is a good college located in the South Holland, IL. This is a two year college that helps one in learning, not only the theoretical part, but also the is located in a a clean, healthy, and smoke free environment. it is also a gun free citadel of learning.
i have had no problems so far
From what i have experienced in the past it should go pretty smooth
i have yet to experience this first day of school begins tomorrow
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its a hands on experience,you get out of it what you put into it
i like the overall atmosphere of the school
It has been nothing but great as far as flexibility of my schedule
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