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I have only attended this school for a quarter and a half so far but I have to say, I am highly impressed. Their resources are over the top which is very helpful. They always have someone to help for every problem you may have and most of the resources are free. The one thing I feel spscc lacks is their parking. Parking is difficult and takes about 25 minutes on average due to lack of spots and overpopulation.
SPS is your typical community college. The campus is pretty and located in a not-so-busy part of Olympia, Washington. It is close to restaurants and the mall and theater. I have loved almost all of the professors that I have had classes with. The online classes I have taken have been great and pretty easy to keep up with. It is an extremely liberal college. Most of Olympia is so that is not a surprise. If that is something that works for you, then this is the place to be!
The campus is big, with a ton of majors. It's a good way to get started if you aren't sure on what you want to do for a major.
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All the teachers were amazing. Everyone is kind and treated equally. I love the atmosphere and the various art sculptures outside the campus. The only thing I would change is parking, mostly parking in the morning.
I love the school. It locates in a small pretty town called Olympia, WA. The professors are super friendly and willing to help their students. It's an old school if you look at it from the outside, but the school provides all the modern and new learning equipment for students.
There are not many degree options for students who need night and online classes. Every teacher I've had is either an excellent teacher or a terrible one. I am completing the accounting degree and I'm glad there is something close by that I can accomplish while keeping my full-time day job. I have received financial aid and scholarships to help fund my education and they have been very helpful with that. The student advisers are not very helpful. They only help when you meet in person. They do not usually answer questions or concerns through email.
I feel overall this is a very good school. Teachers are great, and willing to work with you to help you succeed. I really enjoy the school and all it has to offer.
Really committed to helping students succeed! Lots of free support services for the students to become involved in. There are virtual online tutor support staff as well as free face-to-face tutorship on campus. I find the campus to be quite lovely and nicely nestled in flora and fauna and beautiful evergreen trees. The teachers can be very rigorous as they take their field of study seriously. I definitely recommend this school especially if you're thinking about making a switch to the 4 year university right next door to SPSCC called Evergreen College as they have a sort of buddy system with the 2 year SPSCC.
I loved my first semester at SPSCC. My professor for the 2 classes I took was really dedicated, helpful, and became a good friend.
I have had an amazing experience at SPSCC thus far. I am a returning student. I changed my majors after I had a family emergency which caused me to withdraw a few years back. They have helped me return my focus to myself which is great considering I will need this education in order to get to where I want to be in my professional career.
I attended South Puget Sound Community College as a running start student in High School. It was a great experience for me knowing that I could get my degree in high school. The teachers are good with communicating with you. If online is a good way to get your degree they have a lot of those available to you also. I would like to see the college have a better solutions for parking. It can be a bit crazy to get a spot and make it to class on time.
Good sense of community but be sure to research professors before taking their classes. Some professors are great some seem incredibly unqualified. classes fill up quickly but there is a wide variety.
There are so many unique and diverse people here, you're definitely learning something new everyday. The campus is very professional ans is beautiful as you walk around.
I think South Puget Sound Community College is a wonderful community college. I work and go to school here. I surprised how quickly you get through classes
I absolutely love SPSCC all the staff are friendly and the professors really care about each student and are willing to help. The school provides support to Veterans and minorities allowing safe spaces for both groups as well as fun on campus activities to create and foster community. All this support plus a beautiful lush green campus.
The academic advisers never told me the same thing. The teachers did not connect very well with the students and were not very good with staying on top of grading.
I liked the convenience of South Puget Sound Community College and he cost was reasonable. I will graduate from SPSCC with no debt and transfer to a 4 year University in he fall. I was a little frustrated with the push of hybrid and online classes. I learn better from instructor led classes and often times my only option for a class was either a hybrid class or an online class. I struggled with my Calculus class only being twice a week. I would have benefited from daily instruction. I felt I had to learn a lot on my own vs. from the instructor. It was nice that the college has two campuses - one in Lacey and the other in Olympia. I have attended both campuses. The staff was always helpful and I was able to get my questions answered quickly. I would recommend SPSCC to students who want to keep college expenses down and transfer to a 4 year college or university. Overall, my experience has been good. The college has tutoring help available and encourages study groups.
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This college is very beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful community colleges in the US. I have had a great experience so far with them but they are lacking in the Math department. The math teachers just simply aren't good here, they put more focus on science and english teachers I think. So be wise while choosing a math professor.
I've been going to SPSCC for almost 3 years now and I've enjoyed my time there. I enjoy the professors, people, and classes. I take the bus most of the time and I like how that works. Id also like to win scholarship after applying for so many. There should be an automatic win after applying for (x) amount of scholarships. I think it's pretty ridiculous I haven't won one yet. Anyways, I hope this is at least 100 characters and qualifies me.
Overall, I enjoyed my two years at SPSCC. Apart from the occasional inept educators, the professors are great. I would recommend this school to everyone. Especially considering I attended through the running start program and didn’t have to pay any tuition. If you research your professors and classes beforehand, you can make sure you get the best ones for your learning style and get a great (and affordable!) education.
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