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When I first started out in running start, my parents wanted me to go to South Puget Sound Community College. But before that, I hadn't even heard of the school. But after taking my first quarter there (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and now 5th), I'm really glad I went to this school. The professors and faculty are involved in their students academic, making sure that we have all of the things we need to be successful when completing our courses. The coursework isn't overwhelming; I just needed to stay on top of it and make sure I turned in my work on time. If I couldn't turn it in on time, then I just had to email my teacher and they would talk to me about future actions. As for the campus, it's the right size for me. Once I got accustomed, it was easy to navigate. Overall, I love SPSCC and definitely recommend to any incoming person going into college, wanting to save money but have an awesome experience.
From the beginning of my running start experience, I initially took some online classes. The professors made sure that you knew where and when all your assignments were and the online platform was pretty easy to navigate around. As for when Covid hit, it pretty is much the same, but more so on check-ing up on the students and seeing if we had everything we need for success.
I've taken 4 online courses so far at SPSCC. The instructors are very nice and adapted to the online setting very well. They used YouTube, Zoom and Canvas as platforms to communicate on. The tutoring centers switched to zoom calls as well.
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I enjoy the staff and their way of connecting with students. The help desk also replies right away as well. Online courses have been fantastic. Something that could change would be the time frame to return library books.
This depends on what you are studying, but if you can remain disciplined in completing the course work then you will have a great experience!
The school is excellent for the value, but you have to ask questions and seek answers for your goals to draw-out the value offered.
I started doing online Running Start this year with Covid messing up my Senior year, and I've had a wonderful experience with my two classes at SPSCC. My professors assign meaningful work and provide helpful feedback. I feel that I am learning a lot, without it being horribly overwhelming. Also, no expensive books!
They offer a plethora of classes- you'll find something that fits without problem. I was a bit late to signing up and I had no problems finding classes with good professors. I have enjoyed my experience and definitely would recommend it to other, be it Running Start or getting your Associate's degree!
Online has been great! I don't have any calls, but I honestly find those to be a bit of a waste of time so it works well for me. I really enjoy the prerecorded video lectures and slideshows my Intro to Sociology professor uploads weekly.
Be prepared for lots of discussion posts!
Incredible school that fostered an inclusive community and culture. Amazing staff and resources on a beautiful campus that continues to grow. I wish there were more sports options.
I have taken may online classes with South Puget Sound Community College, and they have all been beneficial to my learning. When COVID-19 hit, South Puget Sound Community College was quick to switch to online school to protect their staff and students. While it was an abrupt change, administration and staff handled it swiftly and responsibly.
For Running Start, this is a great place because classes are easy and professors are largely willing to work with you and help you!
I do part online part on campus and professors do a great job of communicating with students and helping when needed.
The forums were easy to navigate. I had no problems. It was pretty straightforward. The teacher was very engaging as well as the students.
Great school. Was easy to take classes and navigate. The lacey campus is small but offers a good variety of classes. It is somewhat difficult to find parking, but what college isn't. The professors are very knowledgeable and understanding.
The academics are overall interesting and I've had almost no issues with professors so far. The library and librarians are excellent, but the resources within the library are a bit out dated. Student life is very active and involved and creates a welcoming environment!
SPSCC uses Canvas as an online learning platform which I, personally, have no issue with however the system often has issues and may go down randomly. Overall, learning online has been pretty easy and relatively stress-free.
I enjoyed the online SPSCC classes just as much as the in-person ones. They're a great idea for people who don't want to leave the house or want a more flexible schedule. Though the first, time I ever took online classes there was because of the coronavirus, I enjoyed the flexibility and freedom they gave me.
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I attend SPSCC as a high school student through Running Start, and I like the environment there. The staff and advisors are very helpful when it comes to navigating your degree, your classes, the campus, and all the other processes involved in going to college there. Of course, the biggest advantage is offering a certain number of free credits for six quarters to high school students, which is Running Start. SPSCC offers a variety of classes and degrees that work perfectly for high school students, a great advising program, and many tutoring and other help centers that can answer any questions you have or do things for you. They also have many food options and many different areas where you can go between classes as well as a series of student-use computers if technology is an issue. I have enjoyed my time at SPSCC, and I look forward to my second and final year there.
I love this college, I love the program I am currently enrolled in the Culinary arts program, I love it I have learned so much, I can't wait to graduate in 2021 to become a chef. This has been an amazing experience.
The online experience is awesome gives me more time with my family. Canvas is easy to access, and I can do my assignments on my own time, as long as it's by the due date.
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