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This college is very beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful community colleges in the US. I have had a great experience so far with them but they are lacking in the Math department. The math teachers just simply aren't good here, they put more focus on science and english teachers I think. So be wise while choosing a math professor.
I've been going to SPSCC for almost 3 years now and I've enjoyed my time there. I enjoy the professors, people, and classes. I take the bus most of the time and I like how that works. Id also like to win scholarship after applying for so many. There should be an automatic win after applying for (x) amount of scholarships. I think it's pretty ridiculous I haven't won one yet. Anyways, I hope this is at least 100 characters and qualifies me.
Overall, I enjoyed my two years at SPSCC. Apart from the occasional inept educators, the professors are great. I would recommend this school to everyone. Especially considering I attended through the running start program and didn’t have to pay any tuition. If you research your professors and classes beforehand, you can make sure you get the best ones for your learning style and get a great (and affordable!) education.
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I completed my pre-requisite courses for nursing here. The science teachers were all very knowledgeable, dedicated and had a mastery of their source material. I wasn't overly impressed with the online classes as some seemed very disorganized but the in person classes were great. I recommend Haft for microbiology.
Financial aid was hard to get here but once I was in and was using mostly grants to get through the year I found my fellow students friendly and helpful. During my pre-recs my teachers/professors were all very helpful in assisting me with assignments that I did not fully understand. Overall, it was a good experience with the school itself, the staff, and my fellow students.
Amazing college. Great diversity and teachers I've had so far are dedicated in helping their students succeed.
SPSCC is a good college to go to if you are looking to transfer. It has two campus locations, the main one being in Olympia Washington only a few minutes from I5. The second a little north in Lacey Washington.
So far it's been good. I haven't had a hard time with registration or finding classes that I was interested in. Wish they had more options for students with an interest in teaching.
Most of the professors are adamant about teaching their respective study. The college offers many amenities to aid students in their success, including free tutoring, organizations and clubs, and therapists. It is more local and there isn't pressure to overcompete against students, which is relieving. I am able to focus on my work and make sure I am getting the best education for me.
It can be hard to get the classes you want. For the most part it's just your average community college.
For a community College, this college is very focused on getting the students to be involved with community and school activities. There are a lot of clubs and events that are fun and the facility is nice. The staff is friendly and the professors are diverse. Overall this is a good school.
For anyone who is searching for an outstanding school in Olympia Washington, I suggest you go to South Puget Sound Community College. Not only is it rated one of the top 50 community colleges in the nation but it is also has fantastic professors, dynamic learning environments, and a wonderful scenic campus. The classes are well organized and the campus is friendly to all people from every walk of life. It is easily accessible from the highway and is near West-Olympia which has a fantastic food selection and shopping options. The Campus is very accessible for wheel-chair disabled people, and is a clean and very safe campus for anyone who is looking to have a safe and dynamic learning environment.
I think South Puget Sound Community College is a great school. The professors really care about you and your education. The classes are top quality. The area is great. The campus is easy to get around. There is so much plant life around and a creek in the middle of campus. I loved just walking around between classes. They are constantly updating campus to make it better.
Classes are very structured with a wide variety of subjects. There are many places to access help. check in system to solve issues is typically very quick and useful. Almost every instructor will ask you what your pronoun is.
Unfortunately there is little direction given to students and those working some of the check in spots tend to act rather unprofessionally as do a few of the counselors.
As a community college transfer from El Camino College in Torrance, I had an amazing welcoming experience. Advisors were friendly, helped me figure out what last classes to take to transfer to a university, and even guided me throughout the school!
It has been a fun experience learning and pursuing my degree. The staff are very helpful and the resources are numerous. I have learned and accomplished so much in my first year of being here and I look forward to many more.
South Puget sound staff helps me with my million questions I have. I planned a whole school schedule and my advisor is great b
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The tour I gave myself there in South Puget Sound College was spectacular. The scenery of the large buildings and the natural Tacoma landscape makes the look of the college looks naturally built. The staff was nothing short of amazing, very cooperative and willing to answer any questions you throw at them. Not to mention the school counselor was as willing as the rest of the staff, especially recommending clubs and programs best suited for my major and minor pursuits. For naturalists out there, there are trails in the college to tread in case you need any live pictures. A fair warning though some, if not all, paths may be weakened by erosion and time. I highly recommend this college for those who are willing to venture into the wilderness and explore to their curiosity takes them.
Teachers seem to be hit or miss. The feel of the school is nice and there is a lot of support there. The only thing I'd like to see change would be teachers listening to the students and changing things accordingly. There's no better teacher than the one who can balance their rules and curriculum with the concerns of students who they are applying it all to.
In high school I took a medical class at a trade school my senior year. During this time I gained a lot of medical credits which were transferred over to my college. The process was very simple. I brought them paperwork from the company I took the classes from and they input it into the system. This allowed me to receive credit for a very expensive medical terminology class that I needed to take to fulfill prerequisites for a radiology program I am currently pursuing.
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