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Good small community college. Dorms were nice and clean, toning fancy. Food is a bit hit or miss. Professors were all very knowledgeable. Available for office hours. Resources were ok. Is in a small remote ish town that’s a decent commute from the nearest city.
I love that it is an easy and affordable college to attend. This school has several different locations which makes it also very convenient. The professors and advisors are usually very helpful and kind when working with the students.
I came to South Plains College right when I got out of high school mainly because of the affordability. My mind set was to get in and get out as quick as possible then move to a bigger campus like Texas Tech to get my bachelors. Little did I know how much I would appreciate South Plans College and what it had to offer. The class sizes we’re very small which is what I was used to because of where I went to high school. The class sizes make it very easy and nice to communicate with your teachers and with classmates. You are never overwhelmed by the size of the class and the classes in general feel one on one. I wish I could list off many ways why I loved SPC but I can’t. The biggest thing about SPC is everybody there wants you to succeed in life
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South Plains College of Levelland, Texas is a very stress-free and hands-on school. Professors, coaches, and staff all strive to do their best of making sure you are well-informed and on-track for the course you are wanting to pursue. Though the campus isn’t astoundingly beautiful, it offers many great opportunities small-town kids are used to and build off of.
Affordable tuition, small class sizes, and the professors really care about student's success. The only downside is all of the sciences classes are in Levelland.
South Plains College is a great campus. the professors and staff are great help and are there for any of your needs. a absolute love south plains college.
I have been attending South Plains through their dual credit at my school and all of the teachers that I have had are very nice and helpful and I have loved all the classes that I took here
They work really well with you and actually teach you the basic skills you need to know! They also are very affordable, especially if you're just going to get your basics out of the way.
I like that the campus is small and you can’t get lost super easily. The campuses nursing program is very good. And you will have a lot of hands on experience with the virtual labs that they have that are free for the students to use.
It is a small college and allows for all students to get the attention needed to succeed. All of the professors that I have had have been more than willing to help with anything that I need and extremely nice and welcoming.
South Plains is a great way to enjoy the small school feeling but also enjoy the real college experience.
Every single teacher I have had has been so amazing, you can tell they are passionate about what they do and are always there to help. Not only that but you save so much money while getting a good education. There are many places to eat here and it’s easy to find your way around campus.
South Plains college is an excellent academic school. They professors are thorough and the classes make sense. The staff is kind and the air so nice and calm. The students are all there for the same thing you are. So that makes a healthy learning environment. They are flexible with schedules and they help their students not to feel overwhelmed. I'm extremely ecstatic to be going to college here!
The fine art department were all great except for the painting instructor, which is a bloody shame because I want to specialize in painting. Environment was warm, welcoming, and informative every day, except when with the painting instructor. Things were fair most days, but she didnt promote artistic drive quite like the other professors.
Great school! I’ve taken several courses through SPC, and all of my professors have taken my success seriously. When I've had concerns about the material, many of them have done their best to work with me. The courses are very affordable; they are much cheaper than the same courses at 4-year institutions, so it is easier on the wallet. Their dorms were nice, and there were security measures in place to keep residents safe. The campus also has their own police force.
SPC also has several student activities, like movie night in the Student Center or game night in the dorms. For those who work out, the Fitness Complex is a nice facility with equipment for all workouts, and there are often free weekly fitness classes. The town of Levelland is not a very pretty town, which may bother some students considering attending SPC. It has everything a college student might need off-campus - fast-food, Walmart, etc. - and the campus itself is nice, but the town around it doesn’t look as nice.
South Plains College has some of the best math and economic teachers I ever had. They truly make you learn the material. College is very diverse with people from all over the country and world. Also sports teams win most of the time
It’s an amazing school and an amazing atmosphere! Professors are really helpful and the staff is excellent
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The professors are excelent at making sure we grasp the subject we are being taught. They take the time to make sure that the ones that are putting in the effort are going to succeed. Its a great school and I feel like I will be very prepaired and sucessful upon graduation.
The professors are very helpful. The teaching is excellent. I felt like I really learned a lot, but wasn't stressed all the time. I feel like I am ready to move forward with a bachelor's degree.
I have not yet attended South Plains College but the experience I have had with them in terms of preparing for college have been phenomenal. They have been so courteous in helping me apply for local scholarships, update me on information and activities at the college, and prepare me for my journey at SPC. I have toured the campus, and it is beautiful with an easy access to almost every class. I have met and talked with several professors at the college and they were super helpful as well giving me tips and bits of knowledge to help me succeed at SPC.
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