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Every professor I had was an excellent teacher. They were all very helpful, wanted to make sure you truly understood what you were learning, and cared about your education and future.
I like the small classes and most professors are willing to help you if you need extra help.
They are also very good with tutoring if you need it as well I have contacted serval of my professors over a weekend and the respond time is extremely fast to get back with me.
This school has everything from a vibrant music program to a well rounded biology department, and fantastic teachers!
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I take Dual Credit classes through South Plains! I’ve taken 3 over the past few years- psychology, professional communication, and U.S. government. Even though I take the online version of the classes, the professors are great and easy to access!
Once I got into the program for my major, South Plains has been great. Beforehand, I was not too happy with attending. Mostly because the out of district fees and internet support fees, but now, overall I really enjoy it.
South Plains College feels homey to me, it is not to big or small. It is in my hometown where i am able to be close to my family. I have so far had good experience with professors, good communication, and the school provides many great resources to help you achieve.
Great school! Great teachers that really care about their student's success. They have a lot of different outside activities for students to attend. They have a bunch of opportunities for students to have fun and relax outside of the classroom. Really feels like a home away from home!
My experience at South Plains College has been great so far. I do not really do much, but to just show up for class or study in the labs at school. Everyone who works at the school have been very helpful to me. If I'm ever curious about something then they are totally up for helping me out. There is really nothing that I would change about going to school at South Plains.
South Plains College is such a great school, it is easy to talk to your professors and get the one on one help you need, I love my school because of the class sizes and the community!
There is a great staff and the educational experience was great. I wish the food was better though. The dorms aren't anything flashy but they are comfortable.
South Plains College is an excellent learning institutions that provides the students with multiple ways to excel. My time at this school has proven to be a learning experience with a ton of obstacles to overcome. I have learned so much with the help of the over-the-top instructors here at South Plains College. I plan to learn both about myself and my future in my time left at this institution.
They are really easy to get applied and accepted too! And everyone is super nice! My future instructor personally came to my class and talked to all of us that had already applied and been accepted into his major and he was really welcoming. Everyone is willing to help you out and make sure you get everything you need throughout the application process.
South plains is a really good school I've been there for about 3 semesters and the students are friendly. The professors vary just depending on who you get. It is very well organized everything is easy to find. The staff is friendly
South Plains College is a very good college. The instructors are very caring and understanding. I like the closeness of the classes and that each of my teachers would help whenever I needed them to. As with all community colleges, they can be short staffed. But that's the only down side I have experienced at this school.
I absolutely loved the last two years spent at SPC! The campus and teachers have been amazing and I love the size of the school!
This is the best afforable college to get an associates degree to transfer on to get a bachelors degree.
A wonderful place to get your basics as well as a place to meet wonderful people. I am going into nursing and the people have been helpful. My only complaint is that they seem to not get information from the main campus. I have had to go and get an official transcript and hand deliever it the block to the nursing school. Other than that I am enjoying it very much.
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Love the small town atmosphere! I like the dorms. People are really friendly. I enjoy tutoring math at south plains. I wish the had a football team.
I absolutely love this college. I was scared that it would be like high school, but it's noting like it. The people and professors are all very nice.
I love my experience here at South Plains College. The student to teacher ratio is low, which I'm grateful for because you get that one on one with your professors.
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