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My experience at South Mountain Community College has been remarkable over the past couple of months I have attended. During the pandemic I thought it was going to be difficult learning online but SMCC made it easy to access and the instructors work with you if you are unable to understand a subject. Not only do you communicate to your instructor but you are also given the access to communicate with your peers and share opinions and feed each other advice. Overall, SMCC has done an excellent job of keeping students safe, healthy, and make sure students feel comfortable in whichever way they decide to take their courses.
I am a freshman at South Mountain Community College and I take all of my courses online. SMCC has made online learning easily accessible and have done a remarkable job with lesson videos and practice assignments. Instructors were always very communicative and made quick responses to any questions the students have. I will be taking more of my courses online again.
Currently, the online experience I have had at South Mountain Community College has been positive. The website is easy to navigate and there is always assistance available whenever I need it.
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The staff at South Mountain Community College have been very helpful and resourceful whenever I have reached out for assistance. I look forward to earning my degree at the college.
The online learning is very simple and straightforward with a lot of wiggle room for the technologically disabled.
South is a great community college and its connection and dedication to it's students shows a level of comfort that many people, myself included really do appreciate.
I am currently taking online classes during the pandemic and my professor do provide me with help that I reply to. They are patient and understanding to there students.
I am a register student for this year at South Mountain Community College. This year, have been a great year since the school provide helpful resources services for anyone that is having trouble with utensils.
What I like the most about South Mountain Community College is that since the classes are a lot smaller than those of a University it give the professors more time to work with their students one on one. A thing that I'd change about South Mountain is stronger wifi service to get all of my assignments done without any lagging internet.
I did take some online classes last semester from South Mountain Community College and it was very convenient to have my classes only a foot away from me all the time for easier access. Also the online class isn't much different from actually going on to campus, you still gain access to talk to your professors about your assignments and follow along the syllabus.
i have taken a couple of classes inline and they were a lot easier then in person if you are an online person they you would probably finish it a lot faster then in person.
south mountain community college is the perfect college for me it is in a reasonable place, they can work with you and it is very affordable. best decision I have made in my life.
I took classes online during the summer, and I had a great experience. The teachers respond in a timely manner and are more than helpful if you have any questions on the online material. I also found the coursework to be easier than when I was attending classes in the spring and the fall.
The small class sizes allowed you to connect with your teachers. The teachers were very helpful and respected your needs.
My experience in South mountain community College was a great one because you are able to communicate with the professors with ease. Also, the companies is every easy to find classes and you can find the main buildings. In the future I would like to see that the main subjects that are required to graduate are in the same building or area.
In my experience, online class is a way to communicate with your professors to ask questions you have with the lesson and to let them know that you are coming to class late or you can't make it to class and ask to give you that assignment that need to be done so, you don't fall behind.
I love their ACE Program I'm going to be an ACE Alumni and it's amazing. They help you prepare for the real world of college and reality.
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Great atmosphere, lots of readily available resources, like tutoring and computer labs. The classroom sizes are nice, at least no more than 30 students per class, that way you can really have some face-to-face with the professor throughout and after class. The professors are very attentive, they truly care about their students' futures, even after completing a class they are readily available to help you succeed!
I personally have not explored SMCC campus since I've been only taking online course at the college. From what I've seen are many students are comfortable on campus and the instructors online are very dependable.
Great teachers, always willing to help, students center is always nice and very friendly!! I had moved from another college where I just felt like another number to teachers and to counselors ,here at SMCC is a completely different experience.
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