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Easy to apply. The location is convenient. Staff is very helpful. My instructors have been great very understanding and understanding of working adults
As a college freshman, I can say that I am happy with the academic level I am taking. It is a peaceful college where I can focus and do my homework on my free time. It had great programs! I got accepted to the Bilingual Nursing Fellowship Program for Spring 2018, and I am very excited to put all of my effort for the upcoming years.
Hello everyone, I'm currently a freshman in South Mountain Community College and overall my experience there is excellent! The professor are great and since the classes are small you'll be able to talk one on one with the professors if you ever have an extra question or need help after class. South Mountain is really great and if you are going for your associates degree then I suggests going to South Mountain! It's better to South Mountain first than going to a university first and pay a lot of money just to get your associates degree, South Mountain is way Cheaper than a university. South Mountain helped me on what major/career path I want to go and I'm sure they will help you too.
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The faculty are so helpful. It is in a great location for me and they have some pretty amazing professors teaching at the college right now.
Im new to south mountain. Fall 2017 is when I started. I transferred from Phoenix college I also really loved it there, but I feel at south mountain teachers care a little more and the environment Is so inviting. Loving it so far !!!
I really like the experience so far, what i really like is that they make you feel very welcomed, almost like you're apart of the family.
As far as education SMCC is a great school. There is help and free things everywhere. Free library card, free food, free tutoring, and most teachers are very easy going and will work with you in class and out of class.
South Mountain Community College is an excellent school. The staff are very helpful and there is always convenient resources students are able to have easy access to. I met new friends, and awesome teachers. There is also activities for students to participate in. I love this school and the time I spent there.
My experience with south was great. They're so energetic and really care about your future. Even though I haven't started yet at this school I have a feelings that I'm going to have a great two years at south!
I went to my first semester to South Mountain and I really loved how the staff are outside helping you to get to your classes and give you tips and advice to pass your classes and are really fun since they always have activities for all students to participate in.
I really liked how helpful everyone was to me during orientation and assisted me on choosing the right courses that I have to take for the semester. I also liked how nicely organized the campus was and how it was super easy for me to get around.
They help you with your educational plan, classes and help for those who are undecided of their major. They also help you submit your FAFSA.
It is a small but mighty school. Classes are cozy and allow for a more personal experience with the instructors, allowing a better learning environment. Along with helpful staff, there are also tons of resources available to support you in your success.
I'm a student athlete and my expirence so far is great.! I love it because although is a small college it's easy to get around. It's so great because the people there help you for every little thing and will be there till you graduate.
What I liked about South Mountain Community College was that it was easy to commute compared to other places as I only needed to take one bus to a stop and then could walk the rest of the way. The cost of bus passes did eat into my finances however especially since the price of bus passes has slowly risen over the years. I also liked how the courses were cheaper than if I had just started at a University. The computer lab was a big help as the computers had the necessary programs for all of my classes and the library was in the next building over so I could easily gather information. What I didn't like was how easily crowded the classes would become as far as enrollment was concerned and I also didn't like how poorly implemented the summer courses for science were. I and many other students had to retake the class as a result.
So far south mountain community college has been a really great school. The people here are nice and the professors i've had so far are really great. I feel like the teachers here are really helpful and really care about students. I feel comfortable in all of my classes and i'm not afraid to ask questions. They have a lot of activites to do here so if you want to do extra stuff then they have it all here.
Overall my experience has been good, many teachers here are extremely helpful and kind. There''s people from all different backgrounds, it's a safe environment, haven'y seen any violence occurred or felt threaten. Offer may programs to be part of, and the school encourages its students to participate in activities. It's very good environmental experience to attain before heading to a university.
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I loved this campus when I was going there. It was always clean and they always had things to do during the days there. I would love getting up and being able to go into our game rooms and relax or catch up to someone so that we can go over what we did yesterday or what we are going to do today in our class.
So far school is helpful and I am happy to be in college and taking my classes and It's flexible with my family and if I am getting a job it's helpful because I can work part time. For transferring I have not gotten to that part yet and I will be doing that next year when I get ready to graduate.
For starting a online course I felt that it was a little difficult at first because I did not know what to do and I was new to the online course. Also it's different from a in class course because it can't see the students or the people and everything is on the computer. But going through those process I have gotten help by my professor and talk to my professor on what I need help and what I need to do with everything and I think it's fun to have a online course.
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