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My favorite professor ever is Elizabeth Andrews and I currently have her for intro to literature she makes each class go by so fast
The teachers at this institution are driven on the desire to educate the students to their fullest ability. The small class sizes in relation to other state colleges is relatively small, which is a benefit for students so that they have the ability to connect with their professors more personally. In addition, there is an over abundance of tutoring assistance to be found on campus. Also the Student government is very involved with doing activities with the students on campus.
My overall experience with South Florida State College is simply amazing! I am stunned by the diversity and the accomplishments of many there. Mostly, I am amazed with the professors there. They maintain an well thought out plan and execution for students like me.
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Thus far, I have enjoyed my experience at South Florida State College. I have found that most professors are always willing to do their best to help you succeed in their course. Out of the 50+ credit hours I have earned so far, I have only found one or two professors that I simply did not feel worked well with my learning experience. As far as a diverse learning program, it is evident that South Florida State College lacks the resources to supply every student with a wide variety of opportunities for his or her major/career choice. I am looking to transfer to a University in the Summer or Fall of 2018. As of right now, the college lacks some course recommendations which would help me excel in the Engineering programs at other Universities. That being said, I do feel that SFSC is a good local choice for many students who are looking to go right into the work force as soon as possible.
South Florida State College is a great campus for students who don't like to be in crowded areas. The classroom sizes are not too big or small for students to be able to be one on one with a professor if needed. The area around the school is quite small and country like. I would recommend this college to a student who is more interested in feeling at home rather than a big University style type of living.
There are many staff and teachers that are willing to work with you. They also have so many activities for students you will never get bored. Nothing should be changed because I enjoy everything
My overall experience with South Florida State College is that is a great local college to attend in a small town. The main campus is in Avon Park which is worth the drive. The campus is always clean, full of activities, and safe. When I go to that college I feel the real college experience especially at the main campus. There is so much offered there through academically, and socially.
As a transfer student I have needed a lot of help , guidance, and better understanding as I take on bigger responsibilities. Being that this is my first time living on campus, advisers, financial aid, and admissions office has been nothing but helpful, patient and kind to me.
I liked the fact that this college was close to home. It allowed me the opportunity to save money by providing affordable classes with an investing education. The town is small but it has the right people to become close with and create a foundation for your future.
It is a small college so you get to be very one-one-one with the teachers. It gives you the foundation for moving on to a higher level university.
The instructors take the time to listen and will meet with u after hours if needed. Their goal is to see you succeed
South Florida State College is a small college and the personal encounters make for a great experience.
The campus is very nice and everyone is nice and welcoming. The first time I walked into campus as a high school senior I was very reserved at first because I was so unsure of this big campus, but after roaming around and meeting people I felt right at home!
This school offers a large variety of courses. There is the main campus as well as three other branches.
Great school for the price. The professors have all been great and are always available to help. I would recommend this school to anyone just starting out and getting a two year degree.
South Florida State College is a great college. The staff is extremely helpful, and is willing to push with you to get things done. The counselors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Everyone is so helpful, kind, and nonjudgmental. The staff are so personable and invested in your future! Because classes are small, the student-professor relationship and the professors' ability to gauge understanding is superb!
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My experience has been very conivence, classes are easy to schedule around work
Online classes are great because you are able to work at your conivence, you just have to keep up on the she dates of things.
I'm not sure about the post grad services
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