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South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary Reviews

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2Nd Year Student1 – One would need to seek this out. School is not favorable to this.
2Nd Year Student – Student teaching As an Major complement & acts as an internship. Students are allowed to do Chapel and Preach and teach the Word. Also final year students are assigned preaching engagments at participating church ministries.
2Nd Year Student – South Florida is the sunny state-we experience great weather all the time
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2Nd Year Student – Apartment Expensive in Fort Lauderdale FL. However It's very easy to find an apartment, though, and they're close to campus. No one worries about finding one.
2Nd Year Student – Excellent, Professors are experts in field of study
2Nd Year Student – Software, programs, & internet accessibility A+
the weather doesnt mess with us at all it is great down here in florida i love it
i really dont stay on campus but from what i did see it is nice and have space
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