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It's like a community college- everyone gets in and some people shouldn't graduate that get a diploma.
The faculty and students were so welcoming and helpful. They helped me adjust to classes and graduate with a 4.0
I had a blast at South Dakota State University for my first year. I had the opportunity to live in a residence hall specifically for engineers my myself, which made is immensely easier to find help in whatever subject I need help in. A lot of my success in freshman year spurred from community I lived with. Apart from academics I engaged in many activities I never expected to take part in, including country swing dancing and throwing javelin for SDSU. Overall all I had an incredible first year and the only thing I would like to change is the way students a required to reapply for housing.
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I have loved my experience here. Kind faculty, beautiful campus, and challenging courses. The campus has an overall welcoming environment and the students here are genuinely caring. The on campus housing is comfortable and very nice compared to other university.
South Dakota State has such a beautiful campus that is super easy to learn! The staff and administrators are very friendly and are willing to go out of their way to meet with you if you have any questions or concern about grades, scheduling, or if you just need to ask questions! Many different majors are available and your advisors really help you along the way with picking out a list of classes for you to choose from that work best for you! Overall very friendly, safe, and helpful! Winters can get cold though, so bundle up!
The college curriculum is stuck in the past and the engineering career fairs are awful. It's almost like this college wants you to fail and could care less. Sure SDSU has new buildings with nice things in them but the curriculum sucks and most of the professors don't care. For example, I worked for corporations with some awesome tech and hated my job because the people are vicious. I also worked for companies with some of the worst equipment known to man but enjoyed it because the people are awesome.


Most of the professors I had are from Brooking's and never left South Dakota. College inbreeding anyone?

There's a 1-4 good professors and they're the only ones I learned anything from. Without them this college would be in trouble.

The Chemistry and Physics departments are awful and the professors don't present the material well.

Just remember: A few bad professors and a bad curriculum will prevent students becoming engineers, doctors, nurses ect.
This is a good school with a nice campus. However, if you aren't into the midwestern culture, this school isn't for you. Also, the campus is in a very small town with few places to go and few things to do.
I love the campus, lots of friendly and understanding professors. There's lot's of different dining choices that include healthy ones.
I enjoy the overall experience at South Dakota State University. Their environment creates a positive energy for the students to enjoy and live in. The housing can be tricky if there's construction, but the community is welcoming and warm enough to feel safe and secure. There could be better food options as far as choices go, but the restaurants that are available are top choice for many students.
Absolutely loved the small town feel of State. It was nice to have a community that loved the Jacks just as much as the students and would participate in the activities and traditions the school has to offer.
I love SDSU. I have been here for 2.5 years and I'm so glad I made the choice to come here. The professors are great and advisors really care about their students succeeding. Brookings is a quiet town, so it you're used to having a lot to do, I would keep your options open. SDSU faculty is also very understanding of the fact that I am a single mom. My professors work with me and so do my advisors so I can graduate on time, while leaving time to work and spend time with my son. The food is a little expensive on campus so I recommend packing a lunch if you live off-campus, but the university is clean and up to date, with updates going on constantly.
South Dakota State University can open a person's mind to the possibilities of a better future. The atmosphere is quite pleasant, but there can be weekends where all one can hear is loud music and vomiting. I guess that is everywhere, but at least I haven't been pressured or judged by choosing not to partake in that part of college life. Other than that, SDSU is a great institution for a very reasonable price, and I am glad to be a Jackrabbit.
Its a beautiful campus and they offer many great programs here. The students on campus are all very nice. We invented cookies and cream ice cream, so there is good ice cream all around campus.
So far I have loved my time here at SDSU. It is an amazing campus full of great people and resources. The only thing I think I would change would be adding a few more places to eat on campus.
I love SDSU because of the campus and the people. The campus is small and all the buildings are well placed. I like how you can walk anywhere in less than 15 minutes. This college also has a lot of agricultural related people, which I like. All the staff is very nice, and friendly.
The professors are generally helpful and insightful when it comes to the classes. The proximity of everything on campus makes for more personable atmosphere for learning.
Nothing beats HOBO week. There is a certain tinge in the air when hobo week comes around. School spirit is at an anual high. The school itself is wonderful, I like the staff because of their ability to communicate with me. Unlike many colleges and universities, SDSU feels like high school in the best ways possible. It feels like a small community and it is a wonderful thing to be a part of.
Review South Dakota State University
I feel as if the staff and administration are only their for the paycheck the get out of the students pocket. I am currently a student their, and the teachers will not seem to work with the students, but against them. I do not recommend going to SDSU, in fact I'm transferring to Lake Area Technical Institute next fall.
I absolutely love SDSU. My only problem is two of the teachers I had this past semester. One lady was never in class and expected us to know so much. The other lady I had doesn't teach very well. Other than these two specific teachers I've had great teachers and the students are so nice. I had a great first semester.
I really like South Dakota State University. It is a very safe college that give you a great education to get you ready for your future. While attending SDSU, I continue to learn more about my attended major and the teachers are people you can really relate to and are able to help with any problems. The only problem with SDSU I would say is the dorms and the food. The older dorms that people can actually afford are very run down and could be updated. Also the food could be changed as well. I wish they offered more healthy and nutritious food that is more homemade and good for you.
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