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They’re a great school academically and very helpful staff. Both online and campus courses are available. South college really is a good place to fulfill a degree
Online courses can be hard in some academics but the stuff if very helpful. They do anything they can to help you pass the courses
I have always taken online classes while also taking classes in a classroom. The professors are very helpful even in the online setting and are always available to help you.
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The staff is extremely helpful at making sure you always have assistance when needed. As a college student it can get overwhelming at times and being able to contact someone in order to have advice and assistance at all times.
I really enjoy taking classes at south college. The staff and instructors are there for student success. I requested information online, and the admissions office got in touch with me, and I was enrolled for classes before I knew it. I enjoy the quarter system, it’s a nice change from the standard two semester system.
I enjoyed the courses I’ve taken at south college online. The websites are super user friendly, and there’s good tech support, making student success a breeze. South college has this thing called “first day” and basically all of my books were already in my student portal, making access to materials much easier than normal.
Just go to Vol State - I would give more stars for the teachers who honestly cared while we were in the program (some were truly great) but if Kelly Nash is still the head of any department or working at this school at all it is a disgrace and only deserves one star. She will fail students just to keep her numbers looking good (making the program seem difficult) and is very inappropriate when teaching. You will end up teaching yourself. If she is still working here just save yourself the headache and go to Vol state. The price is more reasonable as well.
I took one online class while attending south and it went just fine. Had no issues though completing the final was a little strange
I am highly impressed with the admissions team. I have gotten all of my questions answered. I am thrilled to receive my education from this college.
We are in a pandemic at this time. Surrounding colleges are not doing clinical, but are doing simulations. South College does not care about the safety of students.
The worst school I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. South College Online's website and representatives just plain lied about their curriculum to scam people out of their money which mostly composed of graded discussion boards so that the students do the teachers job and was bloated with unneccessary classes such as what is in essence a "buy a computer class". As of now I have a loan of about $3,000 just because I enrolled there.

It got the job done but unfortunately they seemed to fight me at every turn and it was like pulling teeth to get information. The professors were generally pretty good, most had in field experience that was helpful when asking about career paths. The financial aid department left something to be desired, getting them to contact you was hard and then they never really seemed able to answer questions once you got them. It is an extremely small school which hurt me as a student because that shortened their faculties like library and space.
It’s a opportunity and with a great, spectacular atmosphere. Aesthetically pleasing, really helpful staff; kind, gentle, respectful, helpful.
The application and entrance exam were very easy especially if you have been out of school for awhile like I have. The faculty were very easy to talk to and extremely helpful in setting up financial aide and class schedule as well as getting transcripts. The tour of the campus was very helpful in finding my way around.
south college is great it have everything just like a real hospital will.have they have great saff and nice place to calum your mind
I transferred from Pellissippi State Community College because I found out South College has a Nursing program so why not transfer and get my prerequisites there. I have honesty made really good grades there. I have never made the grades I am making at South in my entire life. The teachers are very helpful with whatever you need.
I like south college because that really help their students succeed, Their always somebody their to help with support or another student to coach your though anything that you need. online Liberian is always helpful too.
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If you take online classes they will rely entirely on canvas for their material. Teachers don't even have to grade assignments in some classes because they just use this tool entirely. Trying to drop a class has been terrible, two weeks into a five week course and I'm still not dropped from a class and it takes DAYS to hear back from anyone. If you're going to take online classes, go for the cheaper option because these teachers DO NOT care.
I have been working with an Admissions Counselor and a Financial Advisor who have been the greatest help getting me started on my school journey.
I love this school, my experience so far is amazing, my classes are offered in many different ways, online, days and nights. I work full time and this gives me the chance to take my classes and work full time and not choose between school and working. I feel the diversity in this college is excellent, campus is nice, clean and small where it is easy to find the class rooms. Return on investment, while tuition is expensive, I think it is worth it in the long run, my advisers helped me find the best and cheapest route to get my degree.
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