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Since it is only online classes now because of COVID-19 I thought that it would be stressful to do my classes or even apply. The school helped me out as best as they could and I was able to successfully enroll, and my classes had a step by step instruction on everything o didn’t understand.
The online learning experience is great, as many professors in the school help you out. And if there’s ever a need for a tutor they provide free tutors on online services to help you out from math to many other subjects.
So far, my online experience has been good and I have had no trouble getting ahold of my professors and advisors!
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all my classes were online and were good. I think that it is very easy to navigate around the website and learn.
SCC is amazing! The class sizes are small and the instructors go out of their way to help students to be successful. The campus is small with a friendly atmosphere. SCC has state of the art facilities and is affordable.
I am not taking any online classes but SCC is prepared in the event COVID-19 spreads. SCC has an online platform that will continue to educate students regardless if they are in-person or online.
taking online classes were a breeze. i was able to work at my own pace and if needed professors were quick to respond when i needed help.
loved the atmosphere of this school! it made me feel very welcomed! i enjoyed the hybrid aspect of it and having to the opportunity to do my homework on campus
South Central may be a community/technical college but it definitely doesn't feel like one. There are two campuses in the South Central name and both are very updated.
I've taken classes online and in person and the professors truly care about their students. There are excellent resources available and everyone is helpful and willing to assist you.
South Central is a great college! Every faculty member is incredibly helpful and wants to see you succeed. The academics are great and the college is very affordable.
I have taken many classes online. They are easy to find/access and high quality. There are also many online classes offered, which is great so that you don't have to commute to campus every day.
My son went to this college, and recently he passed away. This college was not helpful and did not show any empathy when we were working on his medical with drawl. The school took months to settle his medical with drawl(due to wrong paperwork given more than once and not communicating). One week they said all is taken care of, just to get a threatening email, saying he owed money. The next week, they said all is taken care of, just to get more emails saying there was more paperwork to fill out. It was a horrible process due to the school never communicates with each other and no one knew what was going on. One month after he has passed, they are contacting us yet again. This school needs to take a look at some of their staff.(mainly admin)Please fix this South Central. I hope over and over this is not happening to other families going through an illness or death.
Good experience, professors are very helpful in getting a good education, lots of places to go for help. Also very affordable cost.
The professors are very nice and understanding. The college isn't very big so you will meet many different people while attending the college. They also hold many different kinds of events for everyone to attend.
Easy going campus with very helpful professors. There is one building and most classrooms are very easy to find. Professors know what they are doing and adjust well to teaching you in a way that makes the most sense for you. Student life is thriving. Lots of opportunities to get involved in campus. Honors societies are very welcoming and reach out to all students who meet the requirements. This college provides a PSEO option to high school students which allows them to get ahead in college credits.
I am in my freshman year at South Central College in North Mankato, MN. So far, I absolutely love it. There's always something going on for the students and faculty to keep things fun during the semester. I love the smaller class sizes which allow for more engagement and more time to talk to the professor about things in class. The professors are amazing and really try to help us succeed!
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South Central College has the advantage of small class sizes and professors engaged in what they do. If there is sufficient effort on your end, the education received is insightful and rigorous if you ask for more. Outside of academics, the counselor is the best resource on campus, and I encourage people who need guidance to schedule an appointment. I transferred to a top 20 US university after graduating with my associate degree, so there is nothing limiting anybody from enrolling here, despite any other connotation saying the opposite.
Up until I started college, I was a home-schooled student able to learn at my own pace. Because of this, I was very nervous. However, college was a rewarding and exciting experience. My major interested me and my instructors were knowledgeable, interactive, and friendly. This served as one source of encouragement to study hard and learn as much as I could.

One thing I would change about South Central College would be to have a more welcoming environment for people with Judeo-Christian values.
South Central College is an affordable option for those wanting to continue or further their education. The advisors and staff are very helpful and actually care if you succeed. The campus has many different student groups available to join and is very diverse.
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