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I like south central college because it is close to home and getting my generals is a great decision to do because you can transfer to a different college and it is less expensive than a four year college and I want more majors in that college more.
I enjoy the faculty and students at South Central College. Excellent class sizes and accommodations for students.
It is a fairly small campus so that means you have more one on one connections with your advisers/professors. You get as much help as they can give because they want you to succeed!
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South Central College is a decent school. It is not a party school, or a school you'd go to for sports. It is a good school to go to for a fair price. All my teachers I had we wonderful, and truly were passionate about the subjects they were teaching.
this is my first year of college, and for every freshman, college can be a little intimitating but for South Central College the staff and also the instructors are very welcoming and nice.
Attending South Central College has been a very positive experience for me. I like the smaller classroom size. The ability to spend 1:1 time with my Instructors, and meeting new friends.
The tour went well, everyone was nice and very informative. I like that I will be able to jump right into my field of choice without having to take any generals.
This college offered one more very important class that no other college I looked did.
What I like about this particular campus is there is a quiet place to get homework done. I don't feel scared or unsafe around south central. I've got a feeling from being around friends on the campus. The professors are great and friendly just how a student should like it. I would recommend South Central College as a place to begin work/study.
As an alumni of this college, I like that it is very friendly to students that are not "traditional college students" offers, off campus learning, on-line classes, low tuition rates, and small class sizes.
The Mechatronics program at South Central college is praised by factories and businesses around Minnesota for the type of curriculum the students are taught.
Attending South Central College is my best career choice so far in my life. Every one of my professors knows my name and takes time to make sure me and each of my classmates are all understanding and succeeding.
Had minimal experience, personally not a fan of online schooling but felt that this schools capabilities are above average
Massive job bank and career opportunities, extensive support staff for students.
The job/career market is screaming for employees with the training I am going for, job fairs every semester that showcase the talent and education of the institution.
Small, close knit groups and classes, but accepting of outsiders and welcoming to everyone, instructors helpful and genuinely care
Numerous internships available, multiple career opportunities, class workload small but challenging, lots of lab time that's fun and worthwhile., easy and well structured curriculum
Great instructors, supportive staff, close knit school, open and welcoming school and community
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The teachers are great and care about the success of their students. I was accepted to the TRIO program and they've helped me greatly with financial aid and choosing classes as a first year student. I believe this school was a great choice for me as cost-wise, it's a great price, and they really want you to succeed and graduate.
This is just a typical community college, nothing special about it.
I haven't had any frustrations from this school. I got accepted into a TRIO program to help me plan out my future classes and make sure i'm on track for graduation and I've also been accepted for a few small scholarships which has been such a stress reliever.
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