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My experience at SCSU for my freshman year has been an eye opener. I say that because as HBCU the connection between the students on campus is remarkable. It’s like one big family. We have multiple group chats to make sure each student is not left out and gets to know one another. Here at SCSU we have study groups and yes there are times we take a little break to have a celebration for a certain event on campus. Overall the students love to work together to come up with new ideas. There’s a bonus about this school too, SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AROUND FOR EACH MAJOR . That way each student has no excuse on not being able to apply for something that doesn’t qualify for them. Personally what needs to be changed about South Carolina State is the cafe employees. Certain ones have bad attitudes like they hate their job.
Based on my experiences at SCSU, i feel as if this is a great college and it is very welcoming to freshmen. I feel like they can change the way the space is on campus because it can seem very cluttered at times. Otherwise, it is a very good school and when i go to college i plan on enrolling into the ROTC Program. As i know, the college has one of the best ROTC Programs in SC. Therefore, SCSU is a great college.
While attending South Carolina State University I have had very little bad experiences. As far as academics, SCSU has proven they have one of the top Criminal Justice Programs. The staff here are always welcoming and willing to help with anything. SC State curriculum requires us to participate in internships (field experience) before graduating that often lead to good careers.
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My experience here at South Carolina State so far has been good, classes is good the professors is cool and good helpful teachers. Campus life and school spirit is good and energetic. I’ve met so many people that live in so many different places, I’ve even met people that live in Charleston, SC with me I just didn’t know them till now. I’ve built so many good relationships here. I like the fact that South Carolina State give you a chance to come an education even if you don’t meet some requirements like for example I didn’t have the act score that they asked for, but they saw my GPA and they let me in. They expect everybody for who they are they don’t judge people.
Great school for a small town. This school is a HBCU. I would consider this school as an open campus. What ever major they don't have is available for you to take that their neighboring school Claflin.
GREAT change food they service cann Tovar lenient at times needn’t need to get noce workers not be close be closeibg cafe so eaely I like how teachers give more access to grades and allow not make up work give multiples chance so we can Ben best abilities
This is a great campus and its very easy to meet new people and make friends. SCSU also has areas on campus where students can relax and have fun. However it is easy to become sidetracked on campus as there is always a party going on somewhere. It is best to come here with a mindset that you wont party until your work is done. Other than that i can say i really like it here. Its a beautiful HBCU with alot of historical value.
Yes i would like to see change at state dealing with our housing. I feel like if we are putting our money into school that our dorms should be better.
SC State University offers the perfect environment and atmosphere to learn and excell all while enjoying the fun student life.
This is my first year here and I've actually grown to like it here. Moving away from home and getting accustomed to your new life is always hard, but here at SC State the school will do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable. The food is good is adequate on good days; but of course if you don't want what's in campus you can go to any of the fast food joints outside of campus. If you are ever bored on campus get out and go meet new people. The people at school are what makes the place so enjoyable. I'm enjoying my time here and hope to graduate from this school.
South Carolina State University is a environment rich with scholastics, diversity, and community based morals. Before becoming a student, I encountered the excitement of a football game at this historically black college. Students, alumnus, and even parents were all there with the same positive energy and enthusiasm. After becoming a student, I was able to fully experience what the university has to offer. The staff and administration work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of all their students academically, professionally and even emotionally. The curriculum and field based experiences are all set to better aid students in beginning, continuing, or changing their career. Resources that are offered, such as the career center, help in this process as well. South Carolina State University is definitely a university I would recommend to any student no matter what background they come from.
The cultural experience you will have at South Carolina State University is phenomenal! It’s full of opportunities, diversity, & success, you just have to go out and seek it!
My experience here is great. This the th best schoolto be for anybody that wants to further their education. It’s a lot of opportunities that you can have just by coming here and meeting all types of good people.
Being involved on campus and making friends in school can make the transition from high school to college a lot smoother. One piece of advice is to use your free time wisely.
Overall, South Carolina State University is a very great school. The only things that could be better, would be the officers at the front gates. If they were to have more sports for the guys there it could be better. The young ladies have many more options to be active and it makes the young men on campus feel limited to what they can participate in. The academic curriculum has a lot to offer. I appreciate the student teacher ratio where I can go to my classes and my professors actually know my name. I'm not just a number, I matter.
Since I've been a student at SC State my experience has been great I've met a lot of new people and have made many new friends I'm comfortable in my schools environment, and feel very welcomed. What I would like to see change though is the schools spirit I want it to be more fun like it was the past two years ago.
My overall experience has been good. My only complains are with the administrative offices, lack of security, and the surrounding town is pretty boring.
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I love Sc State University, because of its rich tradition, and history which the university is known for. Today there are nearly 5000 students majoring in a wide range of programs that include agribusiness, accounting, art, English, and drama as well as fashion merchandising, physics, psychology, and political science. As well as the family atmosphere the people at Sc State has to offer, anyone who decide to come here to enrolled in school, or to become an employee here will definitely enjoy nice caring people that is apart of the bulldog family.
South Carolina State University is one of the best HBCU’s to attend! The people are great ! The food is good ! The professors are wonderful , however i would change the security system.
My experience at SCSU is going great so far, classes are excellent. Working hard at this school will definitely pay off . You Get to know people, have fun, and get your work done all at the same time . One thing that I would love to see is a change in food, or to open new dorms /close the old ones and clean!!!!
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