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What I like about South Carolina State University is that it is an HBCU. What I also like about it is that we don’t have very large classes. Having a smaller classroom setting helps many be able to interact more with others and the professors. Some professors work very well with students if help is needed. Something I would like to see change is how certain professors choose to grade their students. For example, this Spanish class I am currently taking. I understand her goal is to try to get us fluent and to be sure that we are actually learning it. I don’t feel as if we should get a question wrong on a test or quiz if it is spelled wrong but close enough to the actual word. I also feel as if they need to improve on their food. However, the main thing I feel they need to work on is the parking situation. There are more student drivers than staff drivers. The staff has more parking than the student drivers making many have to walk a long distance due to limited parking spaces.
At first I really didn’t like this school but I came to love it as I got to know more about the school.
I visited this campus i fell in love with the campus it is very nice and neat the scholars are amazing!
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Well during my first year at South Carolina State University, I liked the atmosphere around campus because everyone, including the Greeks, were friendly. My main problem is the fact that security is pretty much nonexistent there, I heard multiple times about students getting robbed including one incident that happened behind the dorm next to mine. I lived in Mitchell Hall and the incident occurred behind Battiste. I'm more than likely not going back because I personally feel like academically I could get a better education at a school like Claflin, heck I'd feel safer over there because it's a smaller school and it's better for me.
I believe that south Carolina state university has given me a great experience so far. The school has a lot of clubs and organizations going on throughout the year, and always have activities going on. Their dorms are perfect for incoming freshman and they had a lot of people helping out. And being that sc state university is an HBCU they always have programs going on to help students excel and further themselves in their field of study.
The school would be so much better if it was safer and more secure . Like who gets robbed on school campus , that's just crazy that you have to be worried about if you'll be able to make it to class . The food is nice , the dorms are good-looking , not the best looking but they don't look that bad . A lot of the teachers are nice , the janitors and custodians are good people . Like I said , if it was safer than it would be better .
I love the fact that South Carolina State is a HBCU because I’ve always wanted to experience what one was like since college became a option to me. SCSU may not be the most diverse nor most fancy but the vibe is not like no other. This may not be the school I’ll be graduating from but I would not change my decision about starting my journey as a college student. I don’t think there is one thing I would change about the school not even the run down dorms. Everything about my school is authentic and I love my HBCU!
Once I step foot onto South Carolina State University campus, I knew then and there it was the right college for me! The professors take their time out to assist you with any work and student activities are amazing! It is always something going on around campus. You’re never bored, lots of entertainment, new people, and new environment. I love State! It’s an outstanding school and I would love to be an Alumni of this University!
I love attending SC State. The atmosphere is very much like home, but academics and safety are certainly at the forefront of the campuses focus. With the various things to do on campus, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to do off campus. Though that may seem unattractive to some, I think it allows the students to be closer knit with one another and forced us to make connections with people outside of our majors and graduating class. SCSU is the place to be, and with over 30 successfully maintained majors, it can be for anyone that would want to become a Bulldog!
I loved the overall experience of the school, the homey feeling and all. Though there are some negative like how slow and lackadaisical Financial Aid department.
South Carolina State University has a great family environment. I enjoy everything about this school. The only complaint I have is the Gym is not always open to students.
My current experience attending South Carolina State University is a blast. There can be a lot to be change but as long as SCSU is up and standing, I’ll always love my HBCU. GO BULLDOGS!!!
I really did enjoy my first year at this university. The thing is that you have to have a group of friends that will make your time here fun. Yes, Orangeburg doesn't have much to do, but that's where your friends come in at. Y'all can get together and do work and then take a break and have fun. They do focus a lot on your education so, stay focused and don't lose track especially during homecoming. Many people won't tell you, but it is up to you on whether you will get the best or worst college experience. I enjoyed both years here, and my junior year will be nothing short of amazing.
south Carolina state university is a good school, but lacks to show its full potential. surrounded by a few negative things, and out of date buildings and technology. this school lacks diversity, space, and activities to keep the students out of trouble. these things can be changed if the people of the head of the school and the students put their mind to it.
I honestly love my HBCU. The staff there makes you feel like you're a child of their own. The whole school feels like a family away from home and it's such a good feeling for those who get home sick. I promise you will love it and never look back.
My experience at SCSU for my freshman year has been an eye opener. I say that because as HBCU the connection between the students on campus is remarkable. It’s like one big family. We have multiple group chats to make sure each student is not left out and gets to know one another. Here at SCSU we have study groups and yes there are times we take a little break to have a celebration for a certain event on campus. Overall the students love to work together to come up with new ideas. There’s a bonus about this school too, SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AROUND FOR EACH MAJOR . That way each student has no excuse on not being able to apply for something that doesn’t qualify for them. Personally what needs to be changed about South Carolina State is the cafe employees. Certain ones have bad attitudes like they hate their job.
Based on my experiences at SCSU, i feel as if this is a great college and it is very welcoming to freshmen. I feel like they can change the way the space is on campus because it can seem very cluttered at times. Otherwise, it is a very good school and when i go to college i plan on enrolling into the ROTC Program. As i know, the college has one of the best ROTC Programs in SC. Therefore, SCSU is a great college.
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While attending South Carolina State University I have had very little bad experiences. As far as academics, SCSU has proven they have one of the top Criminal Justice Programs. The staff here are always welcoming and willing to help with anything. SC State curriculum requires us to participate in internships (field experience) before graduating that often lead to good careers.
My experience here at South Carolina State so far has been good, classes is good the professors is cool and good helpful teachers. Campus life and school spirit is good and energetic. I’ve met so many people that live in so many different places, I’ve even met people that live in Charleston, SC with me I just didn’t know them till now. I’ve built so many good relationships here. I like the fact that South Carolina State give you a chance to come an education even if you don’t meet some requirements like for example I didn’t have the act score that they asked for, but they saw my GPA and they let me in. They expect everybody for who they are they don’t judge people.
Great school for a small town. This school is a HBCU. I would consider this school as an open campus. What ever major they don't have is available for you to take that their neighboring school Claflin.
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