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SouthArk is a small college and I have had great experiences so far. I am a non-traditional student and have had wonderful, caring professors so far. I continue to have problems with the business office every semester.
I like how everyone is so welcoming there. The professors are extremely nice and understanding. If you don't know where a class is someone will show you exactly how to get there. If your into activities they always have something going on all the time.
SouthArk has the potential to be a great school; every time I have to speak to anyone in the student services office, they do not take time to greet or even help students with any questions we have.
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SouthArk treats every student like family. They work to make your experience at the college the best they can and also try to help you complete every step you need to get through your registration and degree. I would recommend SouthArk to anyone who is looking to start on the path towards a career.
This school is good to start with. I can finish my basics while still bwing able to work and save up money. They're times are flexible. So far I've had a great experience!
My schedule was quite flexible because I took some classes online, and some on campus as well. Concerning my online course, I did at times have technical issues or trouble understanding how a specific program worked - that was frustrating, but not unmanagable. Luckily for me, I was a fresshman straight out of high school so I did not have to worry about transferring credits.
My overall experience at this school has been pleasant because I don't feel like I was overloaded with assignments, the majority of the staff is friendly, and there fun events often held on campus. I would choose to go to this school again because it offers courses that I have not yet completed , but are a requirement for my field of study.
Though I am not too fond of my former professors I was satisfied with the education I recieved, and the variety of courses offered. I only wish that there would be less students per class when on campus because at times I need a lot of one on one instruction.
There are on campus jobs that a student can be paid for, however the pay is minimum wage and a student is only needed for a job for about an hour a day - this does not provide sufficient income. As far as I no, there are no internship opportunities, however there are emails that are sent to students when a job in the area becomes available.
I prefer online classes over on campus classes because my workload is not as heavy. I can wake up at 3:00am if I want to and start a lesson, whereas for on campus classes I have to show up on specific days at specific times each week and stay in the classes for way too long. The only instance in which I prefer on campus classes is when I'm taking a difficult class and need one on one instruction.
I prefer to observe other students, rather than communicate with them. I have noticed that the people at my school tend to not care much about their grades or attendance record, but love socializing with others. I prefer not to get involved in other students personal lives, so I don't ask many questions.
My financial aid did pay for the majority of my college expenses last year, so I was pretty happy with it. What wasn't taken care of by financial aid came out of my Arkansas Challenge scholarship. My only tip for getting financial aid is to make sure you are 100% honest when filling out the FAFSA - they ask those questions for a reason.
To my knowledge, there are no post-grad services at my school, however my school actively keeps an eye out for jobs applicable to students, and emails tstudents when a job becomes available.
Most of my professors are quite rude and sarcastic or way too serious - other than that I liked most of the classes I have taken. My workload usually isn't too much for me too handle. Thanks to my conselor, the registration process was fairly easy. Because of the fact that I took a few online classes instead of on campus, my schedule was more flexible and it was easy for me to get my work done in a timely manner.
In my opinion, South Arkansas Community College is a great school. The classes are relatively interactive and my teachers don't usually overload me with work. There are some fun events that the school sponsers from time to time, however I don't attend them often. SACC does have a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch, as well as a book store that gives me the books I need for my classes - they also sell items such as hoodies, backpacks, & graphing calculators. In addition to the above mentioned amneties, there is an off campus college library that has a helpful staff. My only complaint is that my total costs for one school year is quite expensive compared to other community colleges - regardless, South Arkansas Community Colege is my only option for now due to to prices and distances of other colleges.
There are a variety of tutors available at our school and are very flexible around our class schedules. The proffessors will also do anything they can to help and they will stay after class or show up before class and they are always open to any questions we may have.
The teachers and staff in my major are wonderful. They offer plenty of help to students and they want to see us succeed. Our program consists of everything we need to learn in order to be proficient in the job we are seeking when we get our degree. They do everything they can to help us understand the material and try not to make the workload too heavy at any time. They break things down and actually try to teach us instead of just telling us the information.
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Although I have not graduated yet, I know that the school will do anything they can to assist students in finding a job in their field post-graduation.
The variety of classes available at SouthArk is very convenient. My advisor always helps to make my schedule around my work and home schedule and always works to give me as many online classes possible because I live approximately an hour from school. They are always willing to help and be as flexible as possible.
South Arkansas Community college makes processing and receiving financial aid a very simple task. They always let you know what documents are needed to process the financial aid recieved and they are always on time making it available when you need it. The financial aid office is very friendly and they have many financial aid opportunities available for students and are always willing to assist students in applying for and receiving their financial aid.
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