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So far, Sonoma State has been a good fit for me! To me, College is all about putting yourself out there and getting yourself involved in something to become a part of the whole experience. Every student can get whatever they put into their experience, or more!
I graduated from Sonoma State University several months ago in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies. I absolutely enjoyed everything about my experience at Sonoma State, and I am so thankful that I chose to earn my Bachelor of Arts from that University. I had not been exposed to diversity and culture in my hometown education given that I grew up in a secluded and small town in the middle of nowhere, therefore when I began my educational journey at Sonoma State in 2013, I was in complete culture-shock. Looking back now, I did not know the amount of real-life experience and life skill knowledge that I would learn in my 4 years at Sonoma. My thoughts, beliefs, personality, education, culture, and understanding of social advocacy, evolved throughout my educational experience, and I am so thankful that I was able to grow with the students and faculty at Sonoma.
Amazing! It is so beautiful and refreshing, especially with all the trees. All the professors are so nice. The food is amazing. And the nearby downtown is so cute.
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I am a transfer student to Sonoma State. I am amazed how much effort is put into making freshman and transfer students feel welcome to Sonoma State during the first week of the Semester. The overall vibe of the students is laid back and chill. There isn't a lot of partying going on, but that's what I like about this school. For new students, this is a pretty awesome school to go!
Sonoma State is a great school. Good student to faculty ratio. Great opportunities. Nice campus and dorms. Rohnert Park is a nice area, close to lots of local shopping.
The campus is beautiful and has a very relaxed atmosphere. The housing is outstanding, especially the upperclassmen housing. There is a plethora of ways to get involved on campus and so many greek organizations to choose from if you decide to rush. Unfortunately the advisers are mostly clueless and give out wrong information very often, and if you happen to be trying to get into one of their many impacted majors you will find it extremely difficult to graduate on time. That being said, there is a lot this school can offer but it would be wise to choose somewhere that doesn't have such impacted programs.
As an incoming freshman, I have liked Sonoma State University very much. Overall the student and staff here are very friendly they are all helping you succeed in whatever you are here for. But something I would like to change is the academics here, Sonoma doesn't offer some of their classes that are required by graduate degrees. None the less the campus is amazing as well as tehir room and board.
There are very good facilities, there are both large lecture halls but also small classes. The dorms are all very nice and well maintained, the campus is not small but its not too big that you can't walk to classes with some time to spare.
I went to do a campus tour, and it was very nice. The campus and the students were very friendly and overall the experience made you feel as if you were at home. I would want to go here for college.
This school is in the heart of wine country. The campus itself is not far from major cities like San Francisco as well as more rural places like Guerneville. It is within a 40 minute drive to the coast with numerous scenic hikes tons of state parks nearby. The campus itself is fairly small, the sports are division 2, there are numerous amounts of clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus. Find your niche and get involved to establish the home away from home experience. The school hosts its own events from small movie nights to huge ones with names like Chelsea Handler, Hunter Hayes, and Lindsey Stirling. The quality of education is overall decent. The campus has an abundance of research material. The campus is not as diverse as it could be. The school is aiming for more diversity and exclusivity as the new president Judy Sakaki is doing a great job at working to improve the school in that aspect.
I am currently going into my second year here and it has been absolutely wonderful. I love that I am only an hour away from home. I have made amazing friends here and hope that my years here are as great as the last!
I spent two years at Sonoma State before I decided to transfer, and I'm glad I did. It is not a very academic environment and students generally do not care. There are not high expectations placed on students, causing lots to slip through. Research is not common or emphasized here either. It There is a "bubble" and detachment from the real world. Not a typical college experience. There is not a lot of school spirit. Students seem unhappy and uncaring.
I was really drawn to Sonoma state university because of its music program and the great professors that run the program.
A well close knit university, however the dorms (As nice-looking they may be) are lack luster due to the thin walls allowing loud noises to interrupt sleep. The professors are well liked and have time to go one on one with the students.
Sonoma State is a truly a hidden gem. There's so much one can get involved and take away from this academic institution but you must be willing to work and commit to it. As long as you have the right mindset Sonoma State will do the rest! (Sonoma State offers: CSUIP Abroad, MECHA, McNair Scholars, Seawolf Scholars, EOP, National, Model United Nations, Astronomy Observatory, and much more academically rich experiences).
I am a continuing student at Sonoma State University. This school has a vast selection of majors offered as well as career paths to pursue. In each and everyone of the courses I have taken here, all professors have made themselves clear and available for office hours which is a huge help when not being able to fully grasp a subject. I am very happy with my decision to attend Sonoma State University as well as continuing my education here.
Sonoma is a very underrated school. The dorms are amazing, food in the caf honestly isn't horrible and if you're in Greek life the parties are soooo fun!! I visited Chico a few times and honestly the frat parties at Sonoma are just as fun as the ones in Chico, if not more fun.
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I like multiple things about Sonoma, I loved the fact that it is very outdoors, their academics are great so far all the classes I've taken have impacted me in very aspects. The professors are very helpful they all helped me in very ways. I have became part of Ballet Folklorico which have made me a bigger part of Sonoma because we perform for other schools and we have gone to big showcases, and we perform for other events at our school. Personally, I feel that Sonoma is safe in multiple ways and very helpful.
Sonoma state is a beautiful school. It's perfect school to get away and be a peace. I love how all the dorms are named after wines , I think that's very creative.
What I love the most about this campus is the scenery and the fact that it is a tiny campus. On a sunny and peaceful day often you find students studying outside the lawn with their blankets. In terms of involvement, there is something for everyone if you invest your time in it. I can't emphasize that there truly is diversity, but there are multicultural clubs and organizations that are widely present on campus. Although any student can establish their own club, it's fairly intuitive.
In and out of campus is fairly the same- the awesome view of being surrounded in nature is astounding. There's lots of hiking places and it's not too far from the city!
There are professors who truly care about their students passing, and with such a tiny campus and classes, you can really get to know your professors well.
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