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I've only visited SSU once for a field trip for AVID but I absolutely loved it. Everything was very nice and excellent. From the food to the campus, it was a great visit.
Overall, my time at Sonoma State has made me who I am today which I am thankful for. I was in a sorority on campus and I am a double major going to graduate school and was able to maintain a high enough GPA to do these things. However, I would not say that the school made it easy. Parking on campus is a huge issue that effects everyone and is really something that needs to be worked on. The availability of courses is another issue that could use some serious work. It is not easy for students to graduate in four years, although they will tell you that they offer enough units for a student to graduate in four years. What they do not tell you is that the courses that are offered may not be any that are actually helpful for you to graduate. I was told by a few different staff members that I am not doing college "right". I am happy with how I did college and am excited to go on to graduate school.
The teachers are absolutely fantastic and are available at most times to help with any needs or concerns. The student life and available clubs are very diverse and fun to become involved in, they really enhance the college experience. The biggest problem that I had with Sonoma State was the fact that it was so hard to find classes for my major; they filled up so quickly and it became hard to find enough units to quality for financial aid.
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Sonoma State University, is the place where I want to be. The beautiful nature that surrounds the amazing campus gives Sonoma such a peaceful and beautiful vibe. I chose to attend Sonoma to become closer with my inner self, as nature consumes most of campus. There is not a thing I would want to change from Sonoma, because I have found very amazing friends from different backgrounds and honestly, I could not ask for more. My life is starting to revolve around Sonoma and I am honestly, truly happy here.
A couple of things I enjoy the most about Sonoma State is the scenery that surrounds the campus, the people are also very friendly and smile at you when you're walking to class.
In my opinion, the social life isn't exceptional at Sonoma State but I really enjoy how much there is to do that's outdoors. There are numerous hikes and trails to do along with many malls, etc. The greek life here is amazing as well; everyone is very kind and accepting.
Sonoma State is a very good college. During the time I was there for my AVID Tour Trip, Sonoma made me felt as if I was at home. The diversity of the university was one of the many great things I saw. The staffs and students there guided us well and treated us with care. Everyone seem to get along, and everyone look very happy. I believe Sonoma State is a very comfortable college to attend.
I’m leaving after my freshman year. So boring and housing is set up so you meet no one. It’s also in the middle of no where. Do not recommend. Try harder in high school
Sonoma State University is a good college for you if you like to be in a rural/farm area. Not much to do in Sonoma County but drink wine. Dorm life is good. Student life is boring unless you are in greek life.
Sonoma State is an amazing school. As far as student life it’s not all that great. Education at Sonoma state is really good. Diversity is very limited.
The campus is beautiful and my academic department (Geography, Environment and Planning) is full of well-qualified professors and educators who know what they're doing and are super helpful.
I enjoy that the SSU campus is very beautiful with many plants and a pond which ducks like to swim in. The dorms are spacious and gave me a chance to make friends quickly with my roommates and other students in my community. I think the cafeteria food can be improved since freshman are required to pay for the meal plan. On the bright side the campus does give students who pay for the meal plan seventy dollars free for other restaurants on campus. Personally my academic advisor was not helpful when I was selecting new classes for the semester but my housing advisor, who is a fellow student, helped me work out my scheduling conflicts. Overall Sonoma State University is a friendly community that helps a first generation college student like me overcome educational obstacles.
Sonoma State University offers a lot of great opportunities that I've gotten to take. It's an incredible, diverse campus with lots to do, and lots of amazing students and instructors alike. I've gotten great experiences out of classes and clubs. I would like to see a balanced focus on majors and I would like to be able to have more hands on experience in some areas.
So far my experience has been okay. Definitely wont stay for 4 years. The campus is too small for me and is starting to feel like high school. There is not a lot of student involvement unless you are in a sorority or frat.
Honestly, I made a lot of friends. It's hard to find good people, but when you do find them, at least you can go out and do something. There is literally nothing to do in this town, but if you have friends, you can all just chill. A lot of people out here seem to only be here to be away from their parents so they can party which is really annoying. It is hard to get good professors and also hard to get classes you need because the school is severely limited. Advisors are never available and are not useful at all. Housing is insanely expensive on and off campus which has caused me to possibly need to transfer soon. I will miss my friends, but at least I'll be saving money. For real though, way too expensive for a college of this level. Not terrible, but definitely not great.
I like the vibe of Sonoma State, it is very inclusive and majority of people are nice and willing to make friends. The classes are small which is better if you need more one on one time with a professor.
I was a freshman at Sonoma State University back in 2014, I have to say, the school is extremely welcoming and has a great learning environment. Due to smaller class sizes, professors are able to get to every student who are in need of help. In fact, all my professors have been extremely supportive when students needed them to explain things they didn't understand multiple times. There is a tutoring center for a number of classes (free) and it comes in extremely handy if you need more help outside of the classroom. The tutors are great at explaining concepts you didn't get or even walking you through entire problems.

The campus itself is also great. We have a lake where you can just chill and relax in nature. This really comes in handy if you just want to relax or if you need to relieve some stress. Sonoma State University also has the best dorms across the entire nation.

This school is honestly a hidden gem! Transferring out of it was the worst decision I've made in my life.
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Sonoma State is a very welcoming university no doubt. From the start everyone was really nice, I like how whenever I'm out walking to class or doing something and I pass walk by someone they always give a smile or even say hi, even if they don't know me. During my first couple of weeks here that made it a lot more better because I was scared and nervous about starting college. My professor's have also been very kind and helpful, they are always okay with answering questions or explaining things over again so everyone understands. Even though there is not much diversity how I would like there to be it's still an amazing school. Another thing I enjoy about Sonoma State is that it has a small campus so it's not difficult getting around classes and you don't have to worry much about running late to class because it's too far.Overall I think Sonoma is a great school, every school has its flaws but here it's difficult to see them because of all the other great things in the way.
Sonoma State University is an exciting place to attend school. The campus and city of Rohnert Park is beautiful and I feel safe. The professors are accomodating and go out of their way to help the students. The living experience is wonderful also. I really like the dorms as well as the cafeteria. The food is really good!
So far, Sonoma State has been a good fit for me! To me, College is all about putting yourself out there and getting yourself involved in something to become a part of the whole experience. Every student can get whatever they put into their experience, or more!
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