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I am a continuing student at Sonoma State University. This school has a vast selection of majors offered as well as career paths to pursue. In each and everyone of the courses I have taken here, all professors have made themselves clear and available for office hours which is a huge help when not being able to fully grasp a subject. I am very happy with my decision to attend Sonoma State University as well as continuing my education here.
Sonoma is a very underrated school. The dorms are amazing, food in the caf honestly isn't horrible and if you're in Greek life the parties are soooo fun!! I visited Chico a few times and honestly the frat parties at Sonoma are just as fun as the ones in Chico, if not more fun.
I like multiple things about Sonoma, I loved the fact that it is very outdoors, their academics are great so far all the classes I've taken have impacted me in very aspects. The professors are very helpful they all helped me in very ways. I have became part of Ballet Folklorico which have made me a bigger part of Sonoma because we perform for other schools and we have gone to big showcases, and we perform for other events at our school. Personally, I feel that Sonoma is safe in multiple ways and very helpful.
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Sonoma state is a beautiful school. It's perfect school to get away and be a peace. I love how all the dorms are named after wines , I think that's very creative.
What I love the most about this campus is the scenery and the fact that it is a tiny campus. On a sunny and peaceful day often you find students studying outside the lawn with their blankets. In terms of involvement, there is something for everyone if you invest your time in it. I can't emphasize that there truly is diversity, but there are multicultural clubs and organizations that are widely present on campus. Although any student can establish their own club, it's fairly intuitive.
In and out of campus is fairly the same- the awesome view of being surrounded in nature is astounding. There's lots of hiking places and it's not too far from the city!
There are professors who truly care about their students passing, and with such a tiny campus and classes, you can really get to know your professors well.
Sonoma State is surely an up and coming State University. It is a place where the community is constantly trying to improve and motivate school spirit and student involvement. The culture here, unfortunately, is not one that is academically savvy. This means that it is rare to find students who are academically motivated and successful. This is a place where I can see this University improving.
Sonoma State University is a very quiet college. The students are difficult to engage with in social situations or to get them to come out to school and community events, which I help to put on. In order to get students more involved and to make the campus more lively, I think there needs to be events going on every day all over campus. The student plaza rarely has fun activities or special events going on unless it is rushing season for Greek life and clubs. Although it is quiet, it is quite beautiful. I think that Sonoma State is one of the best campuses to stop and take in the natural beauty in the surrounding area and natural parts of campus.
I love the general atmosphere of the campus at Sonoma State university. My experience with students and staff members are generally positive and focused on the benefit of others. The area of Rohnert Park is quiet and does not offer a lot of activities, but the on-campus events are always well coordinated and enjoyable.
Sonoma State is a beautiful school as far as the aesthetics of the campus, however classes vary in difficulty, some easier to pass then those at the junior college. I feel like a lot of professors give an easy ticket out, which is great to some I suppose, but I like to be challenged. In addition, unless you join a sorority, good luck finding connections on campus. With that being said, Sonoma State does have a very good library for research, a lot of good resources such as computers that are easily accessible, and many of the professors do care about their work and if you're struggling, many will work with you. Finally, it is a very liberal school, and is always open to change and acceptance.
Sonoma State University is tucked away in Rohnert Park, California, just one hour north of San Francisco. Upon first entering the campus, the landscaping, fountains, beautiful dorms and architecture of the campus buildings mesmerize visitors. Despite not placing as an "Ivy League" school, Sonoma offers unique courses and programs, such as the wine business program and craft beer appreciation certificate. Insinuate what you will about the programs and how they relate to the student life and party scene at Sonoma State. Although the library is constantly full, students enjoy weekends in Sonoma County and Napa County wineries, and in Santa Rosa, recently named the microbrew capital of the United States, students enjoy craft beers. As an alum of Sonoma State University, I found it quite easy to land a job. The San Francisco Bay Area is known to be competitive, but employers know and respect Sonoma State University.
Sonoma State is such a beautiful campus. I remember when i first toured the place and it immediately felt like home. Professors here are amazing, minus a few, but every college has that. The dorms are like no other. You don't even feel like your in a dorm but more of a mini apartment. There's plenty of places on campus to eat so you will never get tired of the food. Our safety is pretty top notch with our campus police, and not to many parties unless your in a frat or sorority. There's plenty to do in Rohnert Park as well. Your not to far from the city, or the beach, and you have plenty of hiking trails around school. Overall it depends on how you feel when you walk on campus but it is beautiful and i promise it wont dissapoint
Sonoma State University is by far one of the greatest universities I have attended. Their focus around student life gives students a greater chance at success than most universities and allows students to experience life events at a comfortable pace.
The professors are passionate, campus is beautiful, and a lot of school sponsored events. The people are a little click-y, and the financial aid office is a hassle.
While the school itself is good and all my professors have been helpful and are clearly well-educated, I have a major issue with housing. Not the dorms themselves, those are really impressive and are more like apartments than dorms. I mean I have an issue with the people who run housing and how they run it. By this I mean that I had a roommate who was extremely emotionally unstable to the point of being possibly dangerous and while they moved me out of that dorm quickly, they did nothing about her, even when she put up a sign in her window directly threatening me. All they did was have her take it down. I had to go to the on-campus police for anyone to actually confront her and make it clear to her that she couldn't threaten people and that if she did hurt me she would actually get in trouble. The dorms are very expensive so I expected them to care about the safety of the people living in them but it doesn't seem that they do.
I really enjoyed my professors at Sonoma State. The academics are great. The campus is clean and the staff are very friendly. The campus environment is very safe and there is also a police station on campus as well. However, as for the dorms and cafeteria I would like to see an improvement. As for the town Rohnert Park which is where Sonoma State is located there isn't a whole lot to do around. The "party scene" isn't huge, but there are parties throughout the year.
I am currently a freshman at SSU and I really do love the campus. Some people can be unhappy with the surrounding areas, but you have to find you're niche in people and what you like to do around town. SSU is centrally located between so many great destinations, I do advise students to bring a car onto campus.
I am currently an Undeclared student at Sonoma State, and I have come to realize this is not a place I can flourish. It is near impossible to explore subjects that interest you due to many classes being reserved or filling up at a quick rate. In addition, to the idea of solitude I don't know many of my classmates nor do I socialize with my neighbors, then forcing there to be a lack of sense of community. Sonoma has no diversity, as I walk through the halls I see a Caucasian female every other person. As well, as the idea of lacking school spirit due to poor athletics. In summary, Sonoma State is not the school for me but, it may be for someone desiring to enter the wine business.
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Sonoma is beautiful. A bit boring if you don't make your own fun. Academics are not very rigorous. Housing is so worth anything bad at Sonoma. Also getting a good class schedule is not too hard like bigger universities.
What I like about Sonoma is the environment and how beautiful it is all around. I also like the professors because you are able to see that they are passionate with the ir jobs and they want the student to learn.
I will be going there in the fall of 2017 and I can't wait to go. The students are nice and welcome you. They also want the professors to help you and understand the material.
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