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Sonoma State has great dorms and greek life. A good amount of on-campus eateries witha variety of option. I would like to see a women's resource center of some sort, considering the large majority of female students. I would also like more parking lots, as it is common to spend 20 minutes looking for parking.
Sonoma State University was such a beautiful campus, it has so many things to offer students. They help their students to succeed in their school lives but also for when they get out on their own. The school overall is just amazing.
Sonoma State has been my home for a few months now, and I have already made a life-long friend and met a distant cousin who was only around my part of the family when we were very young. Sonoma has an inclusive environment in many clubs and groups, but not in all. To be honest, some of the student workers around campus could be nicer and less judgmental when one is trying to get help from the college resources.
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My experience at Sonoma State University was very unique. I simply loved Sonoma State; the vibe was undeniably great. The students were extremely polite and helpful, it is without a doubt that the atmosphere at Sonoma motivates the students to persevere academically and with extracurricular activities. Sonoma State is one of a kind.
Sonoma State University has been a wonderful school for students wanting to further their education past high school. With a beautiful campus, and nice faculty, you feel safe and comforted as its your second home.
Wonderful School! In my time spent at Sonoma, I experienced the true values of "community." SSU is a school that dedicates itself to putting their students first. Throughout my time at Sonoma I involved myself with 4-5 clubs, went out often, and was never bored. If you attend SSU, MAKE SURE you join a club and GET INVOLVED. It will make your experience 100 times better. Did I mention how BEAUTIFUL the campus is?? Not to mention the perks of living right next to Napa, Sonoma wines and San Francisco!
Although the area surrounding SSU was small and there wasn't much to do, there was always something going on on campus. The faculty, students, and staff were pretty wonderful. They had one of the best teaching preparation programs I have seen. I loved the small seminars and campus.
I personally love it here. Rohnert Park is a little eh, but you're 20 minutes from Santa Rosa and San Francisco is only an hour away. Campus and dorms are beautiful, had some great professors here thus far
Sonoma State University has a strong employment of professors whos degrees have a vast range. Sonoma State's campus is clean and calm as well as a big hit for students to adventure. The staff at this university engage with their students and are always asking students to visit their office hours for more assistance with the teachings. Sonoma State University is very friendly and acceptant of diversity, whether it be racial, religious, or even the diversity in personalities. Although the education programs at Sonoma State are excellent, I would like to see them reach out to students and encourage them to attend these programs or activities that take place. The school should offer more majors for students for are interested in more than just the ones that are offered.
I transfered to Sonoma State from my local Junior College. It was a great experience being an undergraduate there. My boyfriend played baseball so therefore I was affiliated with the athletic department and their community. The campus is beautiful and I would often take the children I nanny there, to walk around the duck pond. Now, I am currently at Sonoma State for the Multiple Subject Teaching Program! I love it and I am glad I chose to stay local.
Overall, the professors are mediocre (in a sense that the majority seem generally uninterested in what they are teaching), the dorms are amazing, only parties that exist are for frats and sororities, and safety is clearly of minimal concern to the administration as there were security poles, but few of which worked. There is a specific part of campus that is not lit in anyway and has a sign reading that we should avoid between dusk and dawn, so they obviously know it isn't safe. Right across from that section, they recently recovered a body in a shallow grave, justifying the students' complaints about lack of surveillance/security. Long story short, when you don't feel safe, you don't want to be there. When you don't want to be there, you'll never be able to focus and put in 100% because you're worried you'll be the next body in the ground.
I loved the class sizes. I was able to get individual attention from each professor and ask questions when necessary. Professors are willing to help and take extra time and attention for students. Overall, a great school with great departments and faculty.
Came here as a 3rd year transfer from a JC and I absolutely love it!I live on campus and the on campus housing is SO SO nice, I was blown away! I'm not from this part of California so I was nervous it'd be an uncomfortable transition but everything has been so smooth. It was super easy to find a job on campus that works with my school schedule. You definitely have to stay on the ball and keep track of what courses you're gonna need to take because classes and adviser appointments are very competitive . There's plenty of on-campus events and opportunities to get involved . There's tons of clubs and diverse organizations so it's safe to say there is really a place for everyone. No reason why anyone shouldn't feel welcome or at home here. Go seawolves!
Sonoma State University is a wonderful school. If you are looking for an amazing college experience with professors who really are there for you and that you can learn from a lot, I would choose some other school. Communications majors are better suited at larger city schools than a small, liberal college.
Sonoma State University, overall, has been disappointing. The cafeteria has food that tastes fine, but when having to east it everyday my Freshman year, I was sick almost monthly (and I am typically a healthy person). Administration causes more issues than they solve, most professors seem genuinely uninterested in what they are teaching, and the CSAs for on-campus residents are practically useless. On top if it all, the board recently blew THOUSANDS of OUR dollars on a huge electronic billboard that everyone highly dislikes. Aside from the people, parking is terribly inconvenient, but the dorms are absolutely beautiful. Truly the only real plus.
I love Sonoma State! I am involved in Greek Life and I plan on working on campus next year. I feel like everything it so easy to find and I love how I see people I know almost everywhere I go!
From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt at home. Sonoma State has a very welcoming environment and everyone at this school is very nice and supportive of one another. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus from participating in village council to playing sports and joining clubs-there is something for everyone! The campus is absolutely beautiful! It is just the right size and it's easy to find where everything is. Sonoma State is an amazing college and I am so glad I made the decision to come here!
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It is a beautiful school with a lot of growth and potential but the University needs to start thinking more about its studentstill and with its new President I believe that can happen. The Student Government on campus is very active and I love being a part of it. Greek life is a big part of campus but we do not have Greek row. I wish we had a better outlook of graduating in four years instead of 5-6. The professors are great and I have found that they really care about their students and with class sizes normally being around 30-40 and below you get to have meaningful interactions with them so you can build a realationship so you can potentially have a good source for internships and recommendation letters.
Sonoma State provided me with a welcoming feeling, and the ability to roam the campus with a tour guide really began to spark my interest in this college. The campus was clean and was easy to find your way.
The only fun parties there are if anything are the frat parties, which can also be super dangerous plus hard to get into if you aren't in greek life. Other than that, kickbacks occur almost every weekend since there isn't anything else to do at night on the weekends unless you have money and a car. There are a lot of bars, all for ages 21+, other than that, there isn't anything fun to do if you're underage.
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