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Sonoma State is an ideal campus for people who don't really like crowds. It's built in the beautiful wine country and is a very much safe campus compared to bigger universities. The professors here really want you to succeed and pass the classes. There's also many resources here to help you succeed like the devoted writing center, tutoring center and the math lab.
Overall in the Seminar and times I have visited the campus, I feel immersed by the staff and the amount of help they offer when it comes to academics and what can be done to better our future as students attending college!
Sonoma State is a great choice, it is a beautiful campus and the people are very nice. Would recommend 100%.
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I absolutely love Sonoma State University! The faculty are extremely helpful. The school has a lot to offer living on campus and even off campus. The places to eat at are fun, as well as the other activities that you can be involved in the recreation area and the gym. The library is very large and accommodating for all needs whether using the computers, internet usage, or the study rooms for group assignments. The library and the student recreation areas are open until 12am. I am very lucky to be attending such a school that knows what students need to be successful. The career center is another place where students can get help putting together resumes, and getting jobs. It provides a full service help center for new, transfer, or current students. I just can't say enough about them! Love it!
I love it here. The ability to be outdoors whenever I want along with how social it is Freshman year allowed me to make so many friends who are into the same things I am. All I had to do was apply for housing and was placed in a community of people into the same things as me. I also love how the campus is laid out, it just has this welcoming atmosphere.
I loved Sonoma State university because of its closeness and inclusiveness. The class sizes are very small about 25-30 people which makes it easier to have a relationship with your peers and professors which could help your learning greatly. If I had to change one thing about Sonoma it would be the parking areas. They can be very confusing and not accessible at times.
Sonoma State is an exceptional CSU. The people are very friendly and the services provided are extremely beneficial. The only downside is the location. There is not much to do around the school, but it is fairly close to San Francisco.
The school is lacking diversity; however, the campus is beautiful and always full of life. There are a lot of peaceful areas and hints of nature.
The school is absolutely beautiful! All of the teachers I've had have been really passionate and cared a lot about their class. It's a great environment to learn, and not on the expensive side of colleges.
I love the campus and the professors, they are all very understanding and willing to help you no matter what time of night or day. When registering for classes they will help you every step of the way and their office hours are always at great times. The campus is in a great location so leaving to get food or find housing is fairly easy. There is always something interesting going on on campus and they offer fun things for students like free bowling on the first Thursday of every month.
Overall I enjoy being a student living on campus. Nice dorms and good food. Relatively small classrooms allow for more connections with professors. Professors here are very intelligent in their respective area of knowledge though not all are the best at teaching it. Easy place to make friends and lots of volunteer opportunities and clubs to get involved in.
I love Sonoma State. For myself the environment works for me. The student to teacher ratio is great. For the class settings they are small, 20-35 students. The environment is also great. The school also has things that the students can involved in.
Sonoma State establishes a minimalist's standard in the quality of its academics and campuses, and spends too much money on facilities that will be attractive to tourers, but which contribute little to the average student.
Sonoma State is a very quiet university in a very quiet town. This can drive some people insane, but I don't really mind it. Things here can get quite boring, however. The freshmen dorms are sub-par at best, but upperclassmen housing is great. I do not like the cafeteria as I am a vegetarian and they have little options for me.
The campus is nice and there are a few really good professors, but food options are poor and you really have to fight the school bureaucracy to get anything accomplished.
A beautiful campus and caring teachers, but not always challenging academically, and some of the students don't really try to do well in classes and still succeed, which makes those who work hard frustrated.
I personally chose Sonoma State University because me being from the Bay Area, it meant it was close enough from my home yet perfectly far as well. Another factor in me choosing Sonoma State was the amount of financial aid I was given. This school is a small sized one so it is fairly easy to find your way around and it does not overwhelm you when you first arrive. Also, it is fairly easy to get the classes and schedule you want and need each semester without having to stress if you are going to get them or not. The housing is fantastic, all living situations are practically suite style with a bathroom included and some come with kitchens. The only downside of going here would be the location. There is not much to do in the area, especially if you don't have a car because places are not of a walking distance. This is wine country so there are many wineries and not enough interesting places to visit if you are under the age of 21.
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As a transfer student I was very excited to start my actual college experience. I was looking for engaging thought as well as professors that would help inspire me to want to learn. It took me until my senior year to find a new professor that helped me to navigate the system. Most of the rest taught the what was needed and assigned busy work. The school is beautiful and always well kept. 45 minutes to San Fransisco and in the heart of wine country creates a large tourist economy. Overall a beautiful school with a small and sleepy student body.
Sonoma State is an okay school. There is a better diversity than there used to be. I enjoy spending time on campus but it is very hard to get around if you do not have a car.
I have visited the campus numerous times with the campus being very open and inviting. The campus offers a gym and cafeteria for the alumni to use, as well as numerous other locations to purchase food an beverages. The library is very organized, and is an ideal location to study. The classrooms are vast however still allow for an attentive learning experience. the parking however can be difficult during some times during the day.
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