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I love Sonoma State it's such a unique and beautiful campus, the student to teacher ratio is perfect. I am not big on lecture halls or having a bunch of students in the classroom and Sonoma has very limited classes that are structured in that format. I enjoy how I can easily speak to my teacher and make a connection with them and I am comfortable speaker to all my professors.
Sonoma state has a beautiful campus and makes one feel safe. I have visited that school many times in college field trips in elementary school, middle school, and in high school. When I have visited the school I see that there's a fair diversity that shows that the school can bring the students together. The professor show great interest in the subjects that they teach. The students are very nice can and have helped me get to certain parts of the campus. The students are smart hard workers that will have great futures.
To start with the positives: some pleasant areas of campus, the new gym is nice, & the dorms are great - but that's about it. The campus is actually in a boring suburb at least 30 min away from Sonoma. It's structured like an incompetent bureaucracy that's very frustrating to deal with. It's designed so that you can't graduate within four years; classes are impossible to get, counselors are not helpful, & there are a million forms to be signed by 3-4 ppl for unknown reasons. The food options are terrible & nearly everything closes at 3 which sucks if you live on campus & have a meal plan. The academics are subpar & the school allocates all their $$ into ridiculous projects like a new business center they can show off to investors with frivolous decor, meanwhile, one of their main academic buildings is riddled with asbestos. Please spend your money & time elsewhere. You deserve to get a quality education in a timely manner & frankly you won't get that here. I regret my choice so much.
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This is my first semester at SSU and I am loving it. I am transfer student and the programs to help transfer students are so helpful. I never imagined being able to feel settled so quickly. The are so many resources that I've never seen at any college. This school is very up with the times, has a great support system for its students, and has so many fun events. I LOVE SSU.
I'm applying this year, I've only heard good things about the school from a number of friends from how professors are there to help you along the way to how much school spirit there is.
I had a great time at SSU, I was a transfer student and I was able to be involved in clubs and campus activities as if I attended since freshman year.
I love how this CSU has one of the smallest campus in California, which makes me feel at home since I have always grew up in small towns. It is super welcoming and makes me feel like I am involved and I will achieve great things in the future.
The campus is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. Most of the other student are good people in my experience. The college is pretty secluded and it is not the most social of schools.
I love SSU. The campus is beautiful and peaceful. Every professor I have had has cared about the success and well being of their students. The school is small enough to get to know a lot of people and not feel overwhelmed, but big enough so that there is always someone new to meet or something new to discover. There are plenty of ways to get involved and make new friends. The dorms are incredibly nice and big. It definitely has its issues, but overall, I feel at home here.
This university offers a variety of majors and programs that gives students a quality education. A rather small campus, this university is beautiful and allows students to build connections with the professors and other students.
Beautiful and quiet campus. Sometimes campus is a bit too quiet and lonely. The Green Music Center is inspirational and a must visit!
I like this school, easy to commute to, my financial aid was covering it, and the teachers are great!
Beautiful Campus, and a great place to study. Quiet, very friendly, the people on campus want you to succeed, even when the going gets tough they still push you to do better and be better, which I find to be amazing.
Sonoma State has an extremely well diverse population of students which makes going to school here very exciting. Meeting new and different people makes going to school here so fulfilling and welcoming. This institution offers students the opportunity to embrace acceptance of many different backgrounds of people. When it comes to changes, I would like to see Sonoma State made larger for more people to experience the greatness that this school has to offer.
Sonoma State was a great school. However, it is a very small environment and though I thought I would like that, it was not the best experience. You have to be involved in some sort of club on campus in order to feel apart of the school. It is missing the school spirit that I thought a smaller school would have.
College is all about what you put into it. If you put yourself out there and get involved at Sonoma, you will enjoy your time there. I made life long friends and so many memories here. It is a great school for those who are not meant to be at a large campus.
I have had an amazing experience here. The professors really care about their students and want them to succeed. The campus is beautiful and small, making classes easy to locate. If you like a quiet community, then this is the school for you.
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Sonoma State University is a great school for students to get academic attention and classes. The campus life is lacking as there is no athletics or many activities for students to do or be involved in as well.
The community comes together in times of need. There are different clubs and rush life to be apart of. The location is centrally located. It is an hour away from San Francisco, half an hour from the beach, and close to entertainment. The campus is clean and very green.
I honestly love this school. It is the best decision I have ever made. My major is Environmental Studies, so if that is also yours then this is a great place. There are so many different branches and concentration you can choose within this major. There is much more than just my major. A lot of majors at our school are great and have huge explorations opportunities. The only downside of our campus is that it is not super diverse. This school is in a pretty small town but it's a pretty fun party scene. Most professors are great here, but just make sure to utilize
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