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Beautiful Campus, and a great place to study. Quiet, very friendly, the people on campus want you to succeed, even when the going gets tough they still push you to do better and be better, which I find to be amazing.
Sonoma State has an extremely well diverse population of students which makes going to school here very exciting. Meeting new and different people makes going to school here so fulfilling and welcoming. This institution offers students the opportunity to embrace acceptance of many different backgrounds of people. When it comes to changes, I would like to see Sonoma State made larger for more people to experience the greatness that this school has to offer.
Sonoma State was a great school. However, it is a very small environment and though I thought I would like that, it was not the best experience. You have to be involved in some sort of club on campus in order to feel apart of the school. It is missing the school spirit that I thought a smaller school would have.
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College is all about what you put into it. If you put yourself out there and get involved at Sonoma, you will enjoy your time there. I made life long friends and so many memories here. It is a great school for those who are not meant to be at a large campus.
I have had an amazing experience here. The professors really care about their students and want them to succeed. The campus is beautiful and small, making classes easy to locate. If you like a quiet community, then this is the school for you.
Sonoma State University is a great school for students to get academic attention and classes. The campus life is lacking as there is no athletics or many activities for students to do or be involved in as well.
The community comes together in times of need. There are different clubs and rush life to be apart of. The location is centrally located. It is an hour away from San Francisco, half an hour from the beach, and close to entertainment. The campus is clean and very green.
I honestly love this school. It is the best decision I have ever made. My major is Environmental Studies, so if that is also yours then this is a great place. There are so many different branches and concentration you can choose within this major. There is much more than just my major. A lot of majors at our school are great and have huge explorations opportunities. The only downside of our campus is that it is not super diverse. This school is in a pretty small town but it's a pretty fun party scene. Most professors are great here, but just make sure to utilize
Sonoma State excels in housing and student resources. The immediate area, however, has little to offer and without involvement in Greek life, finding a solid social circle can be a challenge.
There is no better location than Sonoma State University. It's close enough to San Francisco to enjoy the benefits of living near a big city, without the problems such as crime or traffic to deal with. Located in the heart of California's Wine Country it has a great climate and is within driving distance of ocean, rivers, wineries, redwoods, water skiing, snow skiing, gambling, San Francisco and much more.
I am very happy with my choice of Sonoma State. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and there's quite a bit of hiking in the surrounding community. If you are looking for a party school this probably isn't for you. There are parties but that isn't the focus at this school.
Interactive community where people from all walks of life thrive together. Beautiful campus. Helpful staff and knowledgeable professors.
Being a student at Sonoma State has been great so far, the school is very diverse and accepting. New ideas and points of view are welcomed as well as all types of students. There is several resources for any troubles you may face including tutoring, health services, computer rentals, and many clubs to join.
Sonoma State is an ideal campus for people who don't really like crowds. It's built in the beautiful wine country and is a very much safe campus compared to bigger universities. The professors here really want you to succeed and pass the classes. There's also many resources here to help you succeed like the devoted writing center, tutoring center and the math lab.
Overall in the Seminar and times I have visited the campus, I feel immersed by the staff and the amount of help they offer when it comes to academics and what can be done to better our future as students attending college!
Sonoma State is a great choice, it is a beautiful campus and the people are very nice. Would recommend 100%.
I absolutely love Sonoma State University! The faculty are extremely helpful. The school has a lot to offer living on campus and even off campus. The places to eat at are fun, as well as the other activities that you can be involved in the recreation area and the gym. The library is very large and accommodating for all needs whether using the computers, internet usage, or the study rooms for group assignments. The library and the student recreation areas are open until 12am. I am very lucky to be attending such a school that knows what students need to be successful. The career center is another place where students can get help putting together resumes, and getting jobs. It provides a full service help center for new, transfer, or current students. I just can't say enough about them! Love it!
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I love it here. The ability to be outdoors whenever I want along with how social it is Freshman year allowed me to make so many friends who are into the same things I am. All I had to do was apply for housing and was placed in a community of people into the same things as me. I also love how the campus is laid out, it just has this welcoming atmosphere.
I loved Sonoma State university because of its closeness and inclusiveness. The class sizes are very small about 25-30 people which makes it easier to have a relationship with your peers and professors which could help your learning greatly. If I had to change one thing about Sonoma it would be the parking areas. They can be very confusing and not accessible at times.
Sonoma State is an exceptional CSU. The people are very friendly and the services provided are extremely beneficial. The only downside is the location. There is not much to do around the school, but it is fairly close to San Francisco.
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