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I took online classes, anytime I had a problem the professors were always very responsive and fixed my issue.
I love this school! I can take most the of classes that I want online, and it is not too expensive. All the professors that I have ever talked to were always super helpful and really cared for their students.
I have always felt as though I belonged at Somerset Community College. The vast majority of the staff is always there to lend a helping hand to the students. I have easily been able to find the resources I required for specific assignments and objectives. Overall, the people would attend and work at the college are friendly and helpful. You can meet a huge variety of people at this great community college.
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I loved the environment at SCC, they have a wonderful set of professors and staff. I had a wonderful experience at this school and found it easy to transition from High school to college at SCC. The staff were friendly and helped me with any questions that I had. The advisors are very helpful and will help all students with scheduling and making sure you have the classes needed to complete your degree. I just completed my last semester at SCC and received my Associate's degree in Arts. I took both online and in person classes and I enjoyed both. Somerset Community College is the perfect school for anyone, throughout my experience there, I met students of all ages. I had peers that were straight out of high school, some who had tried college before and came back to school, others who wanted to further their education and make a career change and more. I encourage anyone who is hesitant about going to college or needs guidance on their journey to attend Somerset Community College.
Somerset Community college has provided me with the opportunity to take classes at my high school that were not offered through my school at affordable prices and has made my over all high school learning experience amazing!
I find the college to be very organized and everyone is very helpful, in trying to provide the best college experience possible. I enjoy going to school here, I am in the Respiratory Therapy Program at the Laurel Campus and the school is always clean and the staff is amazing!
Great college, it is 2 year but you can go into the 4 year program and transfer to a much bigger university after finishing up 2 years here. Fairly cheap and can help you by saving you money, and by getting you an great education. The campus is small but its still an overall good campus.
Overall I like the campus here in Somerset. The teachers are great and tuition is affordable. The only thing I would like to see here at SCC is more programs available.
This college is a great transitional school for people who are planning to transfer to a university. The student to faculty ratio is great for students who desire more one-on-one teaching. The advisers are very helpful and passionate about helping students head in the right direction. There are always people available to assist you, even if you do not know where to start with college in general.
The campus is small enough that you are not overwhelmed. Lots of programs and degree options. There is a wide variety of scheduling options. Lots of tutor help. I feel like this college wants its students to succeed.
Somerset is where I live. I like the campus because it's easy to navigate and not hard to get around, the staff in the office are very helpful especially the financial aid office. My professors are always helpful and knowledeable. The only thing I really don't like about the campus is that in the graphics dept they only offer 8 week courses instead of a full semester. It's hard to learn a program in 8 weeks.
Wonderful College to finish or start your college experience at. Very strongly recommend attending this institution. The faculty and staff are always eager to help and assist in any way possible and make sure you get the most out of your education .
This school was a good school, but they had me taking classes that I did not need. I had more debt by the time I was done, that wasn’t necessary for my degree. The financial department is very difficult to talk to. It takes forever for them to actually give you the answer to your problem or question.
I will finish my degree this year and my experience with Somerset Community College has been great! I was able to take the classes I wanted and in the format I chose. The professors were great to work with and the campus was very accommodating to my needs. The only thing I did not really like was discussing my plans for the future with the advisers. I don't feel they really think about your goals and set you up with the classes you need to achieve those goals. I felt they were more concerned with just getting you into classes that would give you your Associates Degree. Other than that, I really like Somerset Community College.
The affordability of this school is tremendous. The education acquired here is also top-notice. I highly recommend this college.
It is a fairly good school, most of the teachers are good but online classes are terrible don't take online or lab here.
The physical location and website are very easy to navigate. Students and faculty are also incredibly helpful. So far, my online classes have been fun and the professors very accommodating.
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I've taken several classes with SCC, most of them online only. The professors that I did meet with face to face were all very sweet and helpful. You could tell that they care about their students.
I feel like family at SCC. If you need help just ask and someone is eager to help you succeed. I am always excited to return to school. I love my professors and counselors. The campus is always clean and inviting to students and non students. Campus is more like a community than school. I see people walking for exercise on campus its awesome!
I like my teachers and the classwork involved with the Automotive degree. The campus is clean and safe.
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