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Wonderful College to finish or start your college experience at. Very strongly recommend attending this institution. The faculty and staff are always eager to help and assist in any way possible and make sure you get the most out of your education .
This school was a good school, but they had me taking classes that I did not need. I had more debt by the time I was done, that wasn’t necessary for my degree. The financial department is very difficult to talk to. It takes forever for them to actually give you the answer to your problem or question.
I will finish my degree this year and my experience with Somerset Community College has been great! I was able to take the classes I wanted and in the format I chose. The professors were great to work with and the campus was very accommodating to my needs. The only thing I did not really like was discussing my plans for the future with the advisers. I don't feel they really think about your goals and set you up with the classes you need to achieve those goals. I felt they were more concerned with just getting you into classes that would give you your Associates Degree. Other than that, I really like Somerset Community College.
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The affordability of this school is tremendous. The education acquired here is also top-notice. I highly recommend this college.
It is a fairly good school, most of the teachers are good but online classes are terrible don't take online or lab here.
The physical location and website are very easy to navigate. Students and faculty are also incredibly helpful. So far, my online classes have been fun and the professors very accommodating.
I've taken several classes with SCC, most of them online only. The professors that I did meet with face to face were all very sweet and helpful. You could tell that they care about their students.
I feel like family at SCC. If you need help just ask and someone is eager to help you succeed. I am always excited to return to school. I love my professors and counselors. The campus is always clean and inviting to students and non students. Campus is more like a community than school. I see people walking for exercise on campus its awesome!
I like my teachers and the classwork involved with the Automotive degree. The campus is clean and safe.
I wish that Somerset Community College had been open Monday thru Friday, as opposed to only Tuesday's and Thursday's. This because of cutbacks in the budget I am assuming but nonetheless, a fact. One of the biggest issues I had with the Somerset Community College was that they did not compete or participate with other schools when dealing with scholarships. Because of this, I was not eligible. However, I am pleased that I chose a community based college because it was less expensive.
The college was great and online opportunities are highly recommended! I took all of my classes online and enjoyed each of them. They were all very engaging classes and allowed me to learn on-demand. The ability to take classes and make your own schedule is what was most appealing to me. If you're interested in taking classes or returning to school, I could not recommend any other college besides this one for the cost.
After I graduated from high school I felt like I wasn’t ready to go on and be on my own at a four year school. Since the time I started at Somerset Community College, I’ve felt right at home. The faculty and staff are always so friendly and helpful, and you truly get the feeling that they want to see you succeed.
The overall experience was great as far as continuing my education but the organization of the programs are very left to desired due to lack of communication and teachers not taking there jobs serious making you purchase a book for the class when never to even open it this is ridiculous wish that colleges would not focus so much on the money aspect of things but more of well taught students to there careers in life a true meaningful experience this is why I chose the school is for the convince of the overall location and the feedback I received from the pass rate of there students although this is a high percentage the school still lacks lots of organization for younger students I am a well aged student so this does not bother me as much as some of the younger generation.
I go to somerset full time. College classes are avaliable but I struggle communiting. All my classes aren't available in the location nearest me.
somerset community college is an amazing college that I have attended and the teachers are very caring for you and will help you with your school work.
Its a small college with people willing to help get me towards my goal. I am able to talk to someone face to face to fix any problem I have to ahead of my school and to work harder to be someone in my future. I would rather be here than at a big college
Over all it is a good college . Every one tries to do a good job and it is in a good location with surrounding features of resources and educational qualities and values . Sometimes there may be a large amount of traffic but not too bad . The studies are of a great number and up to date with the latest technology . The Culinary Arts has good food in the cafeteria during the day time .
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I really love the small school feeling of this school, it's really nice to not be overwhelmed with so many students in one class! One thing that could improve is communicating, getting more word out about events & clubs to join. Also would be great to have more options for clubs.
I know there are some classes/subjects I would love to take/study, but they don't have them. It is a community college, however, so that's to be expected.
My courses so far have been alright. The professors sometimes assign wacky due dates (Sundays at 5:30AM. Really?), but the classes themselves have been okay.
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