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I know there are some classes/subjects I would love to take/study, but they don't have them. It is a community college, however, so that's to be expected.
My courses so far have been alright. The professors sometimes assign wacky due dates (Sundays at 5:30AM. Really?), but the classes themselves have been okay.
Not much experience here, but from what my advisor told me, it will be relatively easy to transfer my credits to any in-state school.
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I haven't had a really negative interaction with a teacher yet, and the professors of the classes I'm taking on-campus have been great so far.
I've only been attending for a month, so I'm not well-versed on all things KCTCS yet.
this has been a new experience but I believe this is a really great program.
All my classes are online
really don't know this is my first year.
picking a major in computers in a small town where I am from is alright
It was the right choose for me, because it offered online classes which is the best option for me who is a 37 year old mother of 3.
Somerset community college is a small school in a very small town. the class sizes are small and the teacher really seem to care about you and how you are coming along in your classes. the only thing that is bad is the wait time on responses from teachers and the small selection of majors at scc.
It's fine. I'm only in my first semester on campus, and both these classes and the ones I've taken online have been all right.
I utilize online classes only as I work full time job, have a small child, and manage a household. Attended a classroom would be impossible for me.
The availability of online classes is the reason I attend Somerset Community College.
I take online courses and working full time, have a small child, and managing a household the availability of online courses is the best part of Somerset Community College. All but two professors have been helpful
I assume it's okay. I've not utilized the services.
It's okay. I enjoy the classes.
Review Somerset Community College
I have been taking online classes for a couple semesters. Most instructors are helpful as I only had two instructors that weren't very helpful. I work a full time job, have a small child, and manage a household so the availability of online classes is the best part of Somerset Community College.
The classes are all available in person at different times and the instructors understand if you ever have to miss class for work or family related reasons. Also, with so many of the classes being available online there is always a solution to a scheduling problem.
I primarily have taken online courses and the experience has been great. The instructors have the same dedication to there students in there online courses as they would for students taking the classes on sight.
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