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It was an OK experience it was just overwhelming trying to do all my classes online. Majority of my teachers were very helpful during this process.
Overall Solano is an OK college if you’re just going for academics but if you’re going for athletics and sports medicine they suck!!
I loved how the teachers tried their hardest to meet the needs of their students individually. It was a safe school where the environment was always clean, security patrolling the grounds and I felt like I didn’t have to watch my back when I walked to my car at night because there was always police there.
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The best experiences I had as far as attending Solano Community College were attending online courses. Teachers made it exceptionally easy to navigate webpages and always responded to emails in a timely manner.
Because of COVID-19, all of my classes are online. The professors/instructors leverage the internet or online platforms to enhance learning and communication for any class type by allowing students to email, call, or text them at almost any time if there are any questions the student might have. Also, many of my professors have commented about the strict rules Solano Community College has set in place because of COVID-19 that make sure the professors/instructors have accommodations for those who are disabled or need any additional help such as recording Zoom lectures to upload as YouTube videos with captions for those who need to look back on the lecture or have any hearing disabilities.
I like that Solano Community College has so many resources and opportunities to offer their students such as free Transfer Workshops and leadership opportunities such as being elected president. I also like that since Solano Community College is located in one of the most diverse areas in the US, I have been able to learn from each person I have met whether it is about their ethnicity, background, or beliefs. The professors also give students at least one piece of advice whether it is about academics, careers, or life in general. I like that each professor does this because I can also be more knowledgeable about not only what they are teaching, but whatever advice they give.

What I would change about Solano Community College is having more counselors because it takes a while to get an appointment with a counselor since there aren't many.
I have been taking online classes since the transition online. I definitely think that it has been good, however, some teachers can be a pain when it comes to timing regarding tests and deadlines.
I think that this school is a great way to get your education and save up to transfer to a 4-year later on.
I'm starting at Solano this fall, and am super excited!! As for right now the only experience I can give, is that the counselors are both very knowledgeable and easy to get a hold of, but they can also not know what they're talking about. That does no change my views in wanting to further my education with them!
I have yet to start my classes online yet, but when I do it'll be full time.
Excited to see how the professors work around the COVID dilemma.
I was able to take classes online and in class classes. Both were very helpful. In an online class, my professors replied within an hour, or that same day, when I needed to ask questions. My in-class professors, especially my science professors, are really helpful and try their best to answer my questions I have for them.
I Solano community college, I love how the students and teachers are diverse. It is also a peaceful campus and I felt safe walking, even during my late night classes.
This is a fantastic school with great teachers and a good environment. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.
They have great online classes the only issue I have has is with slow internet connections (due to living in the middle of nowhere).
The campus is clean and the students are very friendly. The teachers are more than willing to stay after class and help you with any problems you may have and the cafeteria food is actually edible! The campus isn't too big either and it's easy to find your way around. The security there is also very comforting. They have their own safety app. The only thing I can complain about is the STEM-related clubs they offer. The clubs aren't very organized and they function more like a study hall. Since my major is in the STEM field, I was greatly disappointed by this but nevertheless, the campus is very good in all other aspects.
The teachers there are amazing! They truly try to help you succeed. They're aware that life has its challenges. I'm glad I started there. I've been going for over 3 years as a high school student and I'm pleased to say this was probably the best experience during all of my education years.
Solano Community College is really good for a starter school before transferring to a four year. Most of the teachers are very helpful and good at what they do. However, you have to be careful with the counselors because they don’t always know what they are talking about.
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Solano Community College is a really amazing community college. People are kind and the campus is honestly really nice. There are 3 campuses and the best ones are the main and Vacaville ones. Professors are amazing and helpful too! I'm currently a sophomore here planning on transferring and taking my prerequisites for nursing school. The counselors know what they're talking about are super sweet as well. I transferred to this community college from Contra Costa because of how lonely I felt over there and I truly believe this is the best place where you can start off your education especially for free since I am a student full time and have kept up my GPA.
Having attended private schools for the majority of my life, I assumed that most students weren’t focused and that the schools themselves were worn down. My hopes for Solano were high but my expectations were low, but when I attended, I fell in love. The community is caring and most members really do want to see students succeed here. They want students to be involved in the community, to transfer with pride, and to actively be politically engaged. I found instructors that although they wanted students to transfer within 2 years, they were also the people who understood how hard it was for students to really get their feet on the ground. They guided, and provided the necessary resources and advice for any student of any background. The resources are there, and instructors and the school board are actively trying to reach out to students. Going to Solano Community College has been the greatest choice I’ve ever made, and will forever be a backbone for my future success.
It is a fast growing campus, meaning the management is making a lot of changes be it new building or the equipment for labs and other things that are needed for students to succeed in their field of interest. Majority of the professors are really friendly and helpful when it comes to academics.
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