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Everyone is so polite and very positive
If you are a new student please see a financial aid counselor
It took a while to actually get set up with my class schedule.
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Security is a major factor in everyone's learning experience.
It doesn't matter where your from, but it matters where your going.
They expect excellence in all you do!
The health and safety is fine, the personal safety is great there is always security all the time
the facility is not fart from the city, not a walking distance but really close
I'm not in campus, but I have the opportunities to use the athletic centers and really nice.
guys and girls in my school get alone good, like a little family.
I came tell, I don't live in campus, but my friend had she says, the activities are very limited
Too expensive, but if you walk a few miles you came get fast food restaurant.
My school only have under graduate and training career
Nursing, it is my major of interest, I still in process to getting into nursing program
not a lot student participate in sports.
it wasn't the great or bad, some department help more than other.
financial aid have a variable tips to help the student. but listing different website to apply.
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It is fine, the housing does not cost a lot of money
Rate is average, but school prefer white rate versus Hispanic and black
No drinking, no smoking, no visiting, no running. no low musics
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