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At first , the Sofia University Rectorate is wonderful and gives you this academic spirit plus it's focused in the city , second , the metrostation is located next to the rectorate , so you can be there in 10-15 minutes from every corner of the city. The stuff is pretty cool , the library has a large set of titles and the courses are pretty easy to be combined . It's a good place !
Sofia University provides a unique education. Class sizes are often small, providing more direct interaction with faculty.
I don't utilize it much since I'm low residency, but Sofia has a built in Dojo since the founder of the school was really big on Aikido. They teach classes there a few nights a week, which is pretty cool.
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You better have a car. There's no public transportation and the only way to get there is to drive or ride your bike if you live close enough.
So far, being in the low residency program for counseling psychology has been a crazy experience. If I had to rate it on the program alone with the teachers and classes, I would give it an A+. Taking into account the administration and all the bizarre changes and tuition hikes that are dropped on us last minute from the sky above, I would give it an F. So, I'm settling for a C.
The parking is great, even during the intensives when all the low residency students come to campus as well.
The focus is on transpersonal psychology at the Masters and Doctoral levels. The university plans to expand offering undergraduate education as well.
Much of the work is on-line but when we do arrive for the seminar the weather has been very good.
It's relatively easy to find parking now that the university has expanded into the building next door to the original building.
The school has two buildings but there is no studio for creative expression classes. The buildings are difficult to navigate and it's too easy to become lost in the maze of offices, small classrooms, and conference rooms.
The Institute of Traspersonal is a very diverse population. We have a variety of international students on campus and also a part of our global program. All backgrounds are welcomes here.
I Love This School – This school will allow you to explore almost any area of research. The faculty and staff genuinely care about the students. I feel grateful to be a part of a community of people that provide support and guidance in the areas needed to succeed as a graduate student. I would encourage anyone that is considering this school to apply.
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