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Nice people at the front desks, and really easy access to all the building because of the small campus. Low costs for tuition which made it really easy for me to get an education.
It's a nice small town school that makes you feel very welcomed and wanted. The teachers are very good and are always willing to help us as students. I am excited to be going back to Snow College.
I love snow college. It's a wonderful education at a great price. You have small class room sizes and one on one attention from teachers. Snow really pushed me to be better and made me feel wanted not just another number.
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I actually really enjoy going to Snow! It’s a smaller community, so you get to be familiar with a lot more people. All the professors I’ve had so far have been amazing and sincere, and they have a lot of interesting classes. Overall, I really love it here!
My first semester was really good. I had no idea what I was getting into and what to do. But everyone was so nice and helped me out.
The worst part about Snow College is the fact that there is a lack of four year programs. Other than that students get an atmosphere that will make them want to stay in the small town of Ephraim forever.
It had small class size, easy to learn and get to know your teachers. I wish I would have lived on campus and not off. Felt like i missed out on more off campus.
I am at the Richfield Campus and my experience there is great! Although I do wish they offered more courses of different types.
Overall, Snow College is a great two-year school. The majority of the professors are good, a good portion of them are great, and only a few of them are duds. The campus is safe and friendly; its small size allows a lot of familiarity with peers and professors alike. Professors are usually able and happy to give students one-on-one attention. In terms of music, art, and clubs, Snow provides plenty of engaging student life. A great school for anyone looking to make the transition from high school to college a smooth one.
I absolutely loved Snow College. I honestly think that there is not a better place to start your college education. The professors are very personal with their students and generally usually care for them and want them to succeed. The student life is also great. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I love Snow College! The professors, staff and coaches are excellent and the small class sizes allow you to receive one-on-one help, you feel their desire to help you succeed and you are given many different resources to help you succeed as well. The living conditions are excellent and the student activities give you great opportunities to experience college life while gaining a great education. I would recommend it to anyone.
The teachers know you by name and work with you all the time. I have had professors stay with me until I understood the curriculum. I have had many professors help me and fellow students on projects until the wee hours of the morning. They care, understand, and are respectful to students. I had extreme social anxiety when I started my degree and now I am a social butterfly and a student leader on campus.
Snow College is very personal. The professors are extremely awesome and work very well with the students to help them get the experience and grade that they want. Because of the small town, you get to know lots of people and can recognize people all across campus. I absolutely love Snow College and would tell anyone to go here! (Plus it's affordable!)
Small classes and teachers that know and care about you.
If you have any issues there are enough resources to help you resolve them.
It is set close to mtn. and makes it a great place to relax when you need to step away from the stress of studying.
I’m going to snow college for reasons is close from home I still affordable and it sticks to my schedule is a excellent way to start off your career counselors help you a lot of making your decisions and providing resources to success.
I've enjoyed my 2 semesters at Snow College. I enjoy the small town feel, the small class sizes and personalized instruction. The environment is great for young, single students looking for an affordable way to complete their generals.
secretly has world class academics and professors. small class means one on one time with amazing professors. have never grown so much. wonderful school with faculty that really cares.
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Snow College itself is a great school, they strive to keep students involved and provide many resources for students to receive help in classes. All of the professors that I have had have been very understanding a know your names, which is very nice and makes everyone feel included. There's never been a professor I felt I couldn't talk to because they are all very friendly and just hope for you to succeed. There are some things that are make living here not as great, in my 2 semesters here I've found that I really enjoy the school and all my classes, but a social life doesn't really exist. Ephraim is a small town and there aren't a lot of things to do around the town, it's a lot of game and movie nights, which get boring pretty quick. Overall, the college institution itself here is very well run with lots of student input, I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes here. Professors and staff are very focused on success for students and it makes all the difference.
Snow College is a great place to start if you aren't really sure what you want to do. It's affordable, friendly, and very student-oriented. It's in a small town which can be a drag sometimes, but is a close to many camping, shotgun shooting, and hiking trails.
I had a lot of fun learning at this college. The class sizes were just perfect. This school is perfect for someone who is used to the small town atmosphere. This college is also perfect for people who are nervous about going to college for the first time. This campus is a campus devoted to study and learning there is never a lack in oportunities.
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