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there very interactive and willing to help. I appreciate how much they are willing to be involved with their students.
I went to snow for a year and loved every second I was there. I studied music and theatre production.
I had a wonderful experience! Quality education provided here. Great place to start your college education.
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I liked the small class environment, it helped me get the attention and help I need from my. professors.
I also really appreciate how easily credits transfer from Snow College
I love Snow College! It has such a welcome atmosphere, and the students are so friendly. The professors are very helpful and are willing to help their students in any way.
I absolutely recommend Snow College. It is a great school with professors who actually care about your success. The class sizes are kept small and all my professors were more than willing to help me out and answer any questions I had throughout the semester.
As a freshman coming into snow college I did not know what this experience would be like. As I have attended this school I can say it has exceeded my expectations. Here at Snow College you can find a friend anywhere you go! I have learned many valuable things since attending here, most which will help me in the future. I have learned how to be an effective student, a friends to anyone, and I've learned how to solve problems effectively. Snow College is the place to be!
Snow College is unique because of the institution's diligent effort to make the college environment safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Established in the small town of Ephraim, Utah, the "small town" feel adds to the small class sizes, the one-on-one opportunities to learn from professors and instructors, and keeps students from becoming overwhelmed. The college offers many programs and a variety of extra-curricular activities. With an excellent music program, as well as new and upcoming bachelor's degrees, Snow is a wonderful place to begin your studies and get a quality, personal education.
Snow College has a great campus, classes, and proffessors. The campus is small and easily laid out. Most on and off housing is within five minutes of walking. The classes have many opportunities into protential career choices. Whether your looking for fun classes or classes for your major Snow College has it all. The class sizes are small, which gives a better one on one with the proffessors. Snow College has so far been amazing.
Snow College is a small school with a big heart. The teachers care about you and work with you, the students love the activities and are so nice and friendly, and the classes are fulfilling. All in all, it's the perfect college if you need to get away for a bit, and the perfect college you want to learn long lasting skills.
I feel like the student life and the campus involvement was great. Academically I found the math department to be heavily lacking, in the professors I had and the math lab and tutors. But I also had some fantastic professors, especially Jeff Wallace! I took as many classes from him as possible because not only was he an excellent teacher, he as taught the course material as well as a whole lot of good stuff for life and personal success.
Snow College has a warm friendly environment. Most of the professors were wonderful to work with. Small class sizes.
Great College whiling to work with you and the class sizes are small! Teachers are very helpful and know the names of their students.
This school has given me a wonderful experience! It is an excellent transition school from high school. Great to complete ones generals. One thing I would like to change is better communication between the school and it's students.
I loved snow college! All of the professors and staff are really nice and really helpful! It is a really nice friendly atmosphere and it is really easy to make friends. There are tons of on campus activities so you can meet people!
I recently went up to Snow College for one of their popular Snow Blasts and i must say that i loved it their. I have never met a group of ambassadors who were honest, and didn't try to recruit me for their benefit. All of my questions were answered. I would definitely come here.
Many extended members of my family have attended this small, unique school known as Snow College. I decided that I would take a few classes from this school as well, since I had heard so much about it! Applying to this college is blissfully simple! The ladies working in the school offices are very friendly and ready to help you whenever you need it. After I signed up, I took a few generals courses this past fall semester, and seemed to do well. The teachers were involved with caring to their many students needs! What a great school, I highly recommend attending Snow College.
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Snow is a small school in a small town allowing the students to get involved with the community and make friends! The class sizes are also small allowing the professors to get one-on-one with their students. The only thing I would want to see happen that is different, is maybe more formal dances and more safety all around. We only have one officer on duty at a time and I think we should have more...
I really enjoyed the actual school, Snow college is great! The teacher are all very personable and willing to help, the campus is easy to find your way around. Snow is small, which is a very good way to excel in classes because the teaches actually have time to talk and help you out. The only part that I really disliked is the actual town of Ephraim. It is small, very small. There is nothing to do and there is nowhere to work. Living here is quite hard especially if you need a job in college or like to go out and do things. But, overall I would recommend Snow College to anyone who is looking to have a great college experience without the ginormous college campus.
The best thing about snow college is the small campus. You can walk everywhere and its pointless to drive. The class sizes are smaller than when I went to high school so it allows professors to be more engaged with their students and offer more help than a normal college/university. Most the teachers seem to genuinely care about their students.
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