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I love Snow College! It is such a great college especially if you are majoring in performance. The professors and staff here are the nicest and helpful people that want nothing more but for you to succeed. I can't find one thing I would change here!
Snow is a great place to start your first year of college, because its not too overwhelming for being your first time starting out. Its a sweet small town filled with genuine, caring people. The campus is beautiful, and an overall safe, happy environment to live in.
The teachers are nice and are always willing to work with you. The campus is perfect size and they always have fun activities going on.
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I have had a great experience here at Snow, the community is friendly and small. The Campus itself is compact enough that I don’t need a car, which I really like. Each of my professors know me by name and are willing to take time to help me outside of class to help me. There are lots of clubs and events offered here so that helps me stay busy.
I love how small the classes are so you get more interaction and help from the teachers. I have one teacher that memorized our names for the first day of school.
I love Snow College. It is in a cute little town that is full of student life. Everybody is friendly and is willing to help new students and residents move in. The tuition is very affordable as well as the housing on and off campus. Programs are great and the professors are willing to help you and will fit you into their schedules anytime.
This college is wonderful in the fact that it is not only affordable but it is very professional yet friendly! Small class sizes allow for connection with all of your professors who are not interested in teaching just material but in actually helping you. The small town of Ephraim is as safe as can be and very quiet. There is always something to do either on campus or out in the country side. This is defiantly a treasure among colleges.
I love Snow College. I love my fun professors. I love the talented athletic teams. I love seeing hundreds of sheep on the streets in the middle of the day. I love the two small movie theaters in town. I love the lively school spirit. I love the other hard-working faculty members. I love the single stoplight on main street. I love my small classes. I love the small town of Ephraim. I love Snow College!
I really had a fantastic time! Small class sizes, you really get to know your professors IF you want to, its easy to make friends in classes and therefore have study buddies, and GREAT advisement staff! Snow College was far better than I anticipated and would recommend it to anyone!
Snow College is beautiful! The teachers are super helpful and they care a lot about the students individually. There is always something to do on campus and everyone is very accepting.
I don't go to Snow College yet, but I have an Orchestra class there because my high school does not have an orchestra class. The students there are delightful and kind. The teachers are willing to work with you individually.
I really like my apartment. I live at Park Place and it is awesome! Most of the classes are a good amount of a challenge, but not impossible and too stressful. The town is very small and not very many food places. Im not a big fan of the small town but if you like that, you would love Ephraim.
Snow college is a great school. The professors are very knowledgable and come from diverse backgrounds. The small class sizes promote more one on one learning. I always felt comfortable talking to my teachers and didnt feel like just a number. You really get the sense that educational success is valued and encouraged here. It is a small, mormon town so not much nightlife but great if you want to focus on study.
Snow college is a growing school. It may not be the most diverse, but it's a great school that helps you transition from high school. The professors and the staff are amazing.
Snow College is a top rate institution with amazing teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The campus is beautiful, and kept well maintained. The only thing that that prevents me from giving it the full 5 stars, is that Ephraim is a very small town and there isn't always a ton to do on the weekends. However if you're willing to be a bit creative it's still a fun place to live and get a quality education for a really nice price.
I love the feel of the school. It is small, but very high quality, with a faculty that is strict. This strict faculty is dedicated to helping you learn though, not just jump through hoops for grades. I have loved my experience there so far.
Small campus feel, small class size, caring teachers, one-on-one help, free essay help services, great activities, tons of hikes.
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Snow was such an awesome time! The Professors are amazing and you really get to build a strong relationship with them. Snow is small enough that you get to know so many students and gain a lot of new friends! Snow gives you a good education while providing a safe and comfortable environment. It really is the best Junior college to attend. Plus its super affordable!
The faculty and programs were absolutely amazing! The staff are there for you, no matter the situation or day. They're kind, courteous, and treat you like equals. If you have any questions, the offices will guide you to the answer and make you feel good in the process.

There was this wonderful feeling of acceptance throughout the campus. I felt safe no matter where I was at. When I had housing issues, they worked with me to find a new room that met my needs.

The college is located in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but I loved it. It helped me focus on myself and my education, not on the local attractions or events that I wasn't interested in.

I never got involved in the part scene, unless you counted free pizza from a school event.
Great small town college with special attention to each individual students by the faculty and staff!
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