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I love attending Snow College, everyone is so nice and makes you feel welcomed. The office people are always there to help and love the teachers. Such a great school to attend and also like it's close to home.
while attending snow college i had a good time. coming from a small town this jr college was perfect for my first year of college. i didnt likd the campus too much and would like to see it become a little more nice
I have liked the classes and their involvement of getting me outside my comfort zone. It has a great atmosphere and there are very many helpful staff members willing to help me out and other students in many ways. They actually want though to learn the material not just go through it. I would like to see some better advertising for study help.
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I feel like my department truly cared about me. I am a theatre major and all my professors know me by name and everything I can and can't do and how to push me. My only complaint about the school is that the don't treat theatre as well as they do the other department. But I love it here and all the friends I have made. I have learned so much. Because this is a smaller school there are so many more opportunities especially for the majors. You can walk everywhere and save a lot of money on gas which is amazing because of how freaking expensive gas is. If anyone is looking into colleges I implore you to check out snow.
I love the experience here at Snow College. It is a smaller campus which makes the classes easier to get to. The people are very friendly, the view of the mountains is amazing, and the classes are challenging at yet easy at the same time. Since the professors here have less students, they care more about the students, and you get a much more personalized touch when it comes to your education.
I really like how small the classes are and how easy it is to communicate with my professors. What would help Snow be better is for more job opportunities.
Professors are willing to spend time helping the students. The overall atmosphere is very welcoming and positive.
Snow College is in a small town in Ephraim, Utah, where it has only one traffic light. My first week of school, a herd of sheep walked down the street past campus-it was hilarious. I spoke to and met with the president of Snow College, and asked him why students from Snow College after graduating went into BYU and other prestigious universities, to become very successful people in their careers. He said it was because of the teachers. "We have an amazing faculty and fantastic professors." He also said the small class sizes(ranging from 20-36 students) also allowed students to get one-on-one help from the professor, which is rare in any other college. Students and teachers at Snow College work hard, learn well, and go on into their dream careers 70% of the time.
Snow College is a great way to start off your college career as it is a smaller, two year college. The class sizes are just like in high school, about 20 to 30 students per class. This school has amazing faculty who are willing to help you work towards your goal. From professors who make themselves readily available to the recourse centers across campus, getting the grades you want is achievable! The clubs are super diverse, and there is plenty to do on campus!
I love Snow College! It is such a great college especially if you are majoring in performance. The professors and staff here are the nicest and helpful people that want nothing more but for you to succeed. I can't find one thing I would change here!
Snow is a great place to start your first year of college, because its not too overwhelming for being your first time starting out. Its a sweet small town filled with genuine, caring people. The campus is beautiful, and an overall safe, happy environment to live in.
The teachers are nice and are always willing to work with you. The campus is perfect size and they always have fun activities going on.
I have had a great experience here at Snow, the community is friendly and small. The Campus itself is compact enough that I don’t need a car, which I really like. Each of my professors know me by name and are willing to take time to help me outside of class to help me. There are lots of clubs and events offered here so that helps me stay busy.
I love how small the classes are so you get more interaction and help from the teachers. I have one teacher that memorized our names for the first day of school.
I love Snow College. It is in a cute little town that is full of student life. Everybody is friendly and is willing to help new students and residents move in. The tuition is very affordable as well as the housing on and off campus. Programs are great and the professors are willing to help you and will fit you into their schedules anytime.
This college is wonderful in the fact that it is not only affordable but it is very professional yet friendly! Small class sizes allow for connection with all of your professors who are not interested in teaching just material but in actually helping you. The small town of Ephraim is as safe as can be and very quiet. There is always something to do either on campus or out in the country side. This is defiantly a treasure among colleges.
I love Snow College. I love my fun professors. I love the talented athletic teams. I love seeing hundreds of sheep on the streets in the middle of the day. I love the two small movie theaters in town. I love the lively school spirit. I love the other hard-working faculty members. I love the single stoplight on main street. I love my small classes. I love the small town of Ephraim. I love Snow College!
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I really had a fantastic time! Small class sizes, you really get to know your professors IF you want to, its easy to make friends in classes and therefore have study buddies, and GREAT advisement staff! Snow College was far better than I anticipated and would recommend it to anyone!
Snow College is beautiful! The teachers are super helpful and they care a lot about the students individually. There is always something to do on campus and everyone is very accepting.
I don't go to Snow College yet, but I have an Orchestra class there because my high school does not have an orchestra class. The students there are delightful and kind. The teachers are willing to work with you individually.
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