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Snead State Community College Reviews

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Snead State is a wonderful college. The teachers are very helpful and take time out of their day to help you with anything you need. Making friends is very easy and the classes are enjoyable. I enjoyed my two years here and would recommend it to anyone looking to attend a community college.
I took classes online so can not give a full review of the school. However, I know the area well. As far as online classes go, it is a very independent system, as most online classes are. However, reaching out to professors is an email away, and although it will take a while to get back to you, they are normally quite helpful. It is a decent starter community college on a budget.
I really enjoyed going to Snead State Community College. Although there are some things I would definitely change. I can't imagine myself going to any other community college. I made new friends and got to keep in touch with my graduated high school class. The teachers are willing to work with you and although there may be one or two that are really tough it does prepare you for a harsher reality.
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The one-on-one with instructors/professors has been very good. However, more and more of the coursework is converting to on-line learning. Now that's great if the individual needs that kind of flexibility for work and family, but getting familiar with real college life such as a 4-year university, it isn't very realistic. Also, the small size of Snead does not lend itself very much student life living, activities or organizations and parties. However, it can be a good start for foundation classes to transfer to a 4-year school.
Even though the campus is located in a small town they use that to an advantage. The staff and students are all very helpful and help each other out anytime possible. It is such a friendly environment and everyone is extremely caring.
I have had a great experience with all the classes and teachers at Snead State. My advisors were very helpful and kept me on track to graduate.
Some of the adjunct professors are a little late in verifying attendance for financial aid. If they'd work on that, I'd give the extra star.
Great small community college to start off your college life. There are a decent amount of courses to choose from and the professors are all great and very helpful and understanding. Highly reccommended.
I like that everyone is helpful around the campus and all the teachers are willing to help you and also show you how to fix things you did wrong. If i has to change one thing about Snead State it would probably be the parking spots because there are just not enough in some of the areas that require more. Everything else at Snead State has helord me become a better leader and student due to the fact that everyone on campus is wanting to see you succeed in your life and your career plans in the future. Snead State is a wonderful school to attend and set your foundation for college and get you basic classes done.
The convenience of being close to home, to complete the basics. I enjoy the down to earth, and friendly people. I prefer to complete all the course work possible in my chosen field here at Snead while still living at home then transfer to complete my Criminal Justice degree.
The teachers and advisers truly want you to succeed. They are constantly sending out job opportunities and are always open to talk to you about career paths. The only negative thing I have to say is the sense of disconnection when taking online classes. The professors don't seem to care when it is an online course.
I am a current student at Snead. All of the staff and faculty have been a tremendous help with my educational goals. Any time I have questions or concerns, they have eased all my fears and answered all of my questions. I recommend Snead to anyone wanting to pursue their educational goals and dreams.
Took online classes. They communicated very well on everything needed from me. The black board was easy to get to what you needed on.
Snead State is a college that easily feels like home. The administration and professors go out of their way to help you in any way they can. The campus is close together and everything is within walking distance. There are numerous athletic teams and students organizations for individuals to get involved in. Since the school has an enrollment of about 2,300, the classes are smaller which enable you to have more one on one time with a teacher.
The teachers and other students at Snead are the best around and have deffinatly made collage an amazing expericance for me!
I've meet all the staff and they were helpful . I couldn't be more happy. The teachers and staff go far out there way to get you the assistance and information you need. But after talking to my teachers about my situation, I'm feeling very confident and my grades would reflect. I'm looking forward to my journey ahead and to higher my education.
Honestly saves so much money in the long run going here instead of a four year. Great education, and the teachers really care about the students.
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I attended Snead State for a small amount of time and will be returning in the spring. The campus is beautiful and very easy to navigate. The teachers and staff are very helpful and always there when students need them. There are many clubs and activities for the students to keep them engaged and i believe that this is very important. These are the reasons i love SSCC.
Great experience with great instructors! Snead State community College a great place to learn & gain experience.
The atmosphere of the school was very comfortable. All the teachers were personable and helpful. Overall a great two year college to get started on the road to a bachelor's degree or above.
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