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Good academics but still a predominantly white institution. Still hasn't divested. Wait list to receive counseling services is a month long. Food could be better. Campus is gorgeous though and Smith gives you a lot of opportunities.
When I visited Smith I fell in love. Not only with the atmosphere but also with the people. Smith is lacking in diversity but they are making every effort to try to make sure every student feels represented on campus. When I got of the bus I saw several dorms which were hanging BLM banners and LGBTQ flags. I loved smith and I hope I get to attend in the fall.
I am a sophomore transfer student at Smith and I have loved my experience so far. The classes are wonderful and the professors are always helpful and caring. I feel challenged but not completely overwhelmed, even while competing as a student-athlete. The food here is good enough for dorm food. As long as you don't expect gourmet meals, you should be fine. Smith tries very hard to cater to vegan/vegetarians/allergies, but they could do more, especially for gluten allergies. Because I am so busy, I am not much of a partier, so it's a positive for me that Smith is not a party school. From what I have heard, the parties are very tame here, which is not for everyone!
Northampton is a cute little town that has just enough to keep me from being bored. The only downside is that the stores and restaurants are all quite expensive.
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I am a first-year at Smith, and also an international student. And so far, I have loved the experience of living in such a safe space for everyone. I haven't had a single bad class, the professors are really engaged with your education (and, wow! they really do care about you). Diversity can always get better, but you can see that Smith is putting effort into making every voice be heard. The campus is beautiful, and there are a lot of spaces to study comfortably (even though the main library is under construction).
The party scene is lacking, but the academics and the professors are excellent. I have built great peer and professor relationships throughout my four years and they are all committed to helping you succeed.
The theatre department is tiny and inadequate. Theatre history in one form or fashion is essentially the only option. There are some wonderful professors (Len, Kiki G), but the students are unsavory. Not to mention that the talent level of theatre students is verrrrrrrry minimal, and a certain clique of girls run the department. Everything is student directed. They don't do musicals. I feel artistically dead. The students in general are extremely mega super liberal. I have run into some who are exactly the negative stereotype that conservatives love to boast. People here are overwhelmingly unfriendly, ugly, and mannerless. Gayness, along with racial oppression (if you do not openly support Black Lives Matter, you will be shunned. There are huge banners on every house) are the only things discussed amongst the student body. If you are a gay, mega-liberal, social outcast, non-white STEM major, I imagine you’d be very happy here.
I interviewed with Smith the summer before my senior year on campus and I immediately felt welcomed. I, like many, was initially apprehensive of the idea of going to an all women's college. However, once i got there, I hardly noticed the lack of males (though there still were some around). Once I left campus, I got a personal e-postcard from my interviewer thanking me for coming. Skip ahead to after I got accepted. Smith was unique from the other colleges I got into. For one, I got a handwritten postcard from a Smithie as well as emails from another Smithie, the Smith Orchestra Director, and the head of the local Smith alumni chapter. Furthermore, I was invited to fly to Massachusetts, free of charge, to go to their Open Weekend, in which I got to explore the campus, sit in on some classes, talk with professors personally, and actually live in the dorms with a host Smithie. It was then that I realized that I wanted to go to Smith and I feel glad of my decision.
Best thing I ever did was going to Smith . The network associated with the school has connected me for post grad work , fellowships, and ultimately Ivy League grad school .

The teachers blow your minds. The students teach you just as much as the teachers. The facilities are great. The class opportunities are phenomenal. Go to this school. You will not regret it.
I love the community here at Smith. Students are inviting, caring, and interesting. In addition to that, the courses offer intellectual stimulation and I love professors. Unfortunately, Smith is not good with financial aid. I am considering transferring because I cannot afford this semester as of right now.
Lots of individualized attention, beautiful campus. I've had some awesome professors here. We live in houses, not dorms, which in most houses creates a feeling of community and family. Most students here are intelligent, passionate about a variety of fields, kind, and empathetic. The open curriculum is awesome because you can pretty much take whatever you want as long as you do one writing class your first year and complete at least one major.
Like any school, Smith is not right for everyone, but it is perfect for so many women who come here. Smith's small size allows for people to run into their friends throughout the day, and for people to make connections across friend groups. The campus is beautiful, even in the freezing cold dead of winter, and the tropics room in the Botanic Gardens is always there if you need to take a quick vacation from classes. The professors are responsive and genuinely care about their students as people, as well as helping them succeed. The food is almost entirely locally-sourced and served by dining staff who make an effort to learn the students' names. Additionally, the self-governing house system ensures that students create families away from home. Rooms have character and history, and they are mostly singles, perfect for studying if none of the four libraries work for you. All in all, Smith is a truly wonderful place to spend four years.
Smith College is an academically intensive environment. The campus is beautiful, most professors are more than willing to help you, and there is a place for everyone.
Smith is a great school, exactly what I was looking for in a college. A lot of people here are kind of intense (take that as you will), but it's incredibly easy to find your kind of group, there's all different types of people here.
Smith is fantastic. The teachers are experts, and you can learn a lot from them, though some can be a bit more difficult to understand than others. There are so many fun traditions like Friday Tea and Mountain Day that make the experience so much better! The students here tend to be very dedicated to school and driven to succeed.
The housing system here is very unique to Smith. You may love it or hate it. The social community, room styles and sizes, and amenities are different from house to house. So depending on where you live, your experience with these things can vary drastically. Some students will have singles their very first year, while others may have to wait until they are juniors or seniors before they can get one. Some houses have dining halls, others do not. Some houses have 100 or more students, others have fewer than 40. At the end of each year, you can choose to switch houses or stay in your current house.
Smith's beautiful campus is the perfect backdrop to a rigorous education for inquisitive minds. I think the one thing that all Smithies take away from college is the ability to think critically, which, in my opinion, is an incredibly valuable skill. Negatives include: stingy when it comes to student life (i.e. reducing chaplains, upkeep of some of the houses, declining food quality) and an ongoing struggle to support students who aren't cis, hetero, white, middle class and able-bodied.
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i haven't used career services, alumni network is tight-knit and helpful, internship prospects are solid i think
I like most professors, I'm interested in their courses, they teach well
I haven't had to engage with it luckily so I guess it's pretty safe
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