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There are great things about Smith, like certain academic departments, but some others are still very new and underresourced.
My two years at Smith were not good. I was so excited to attend Smith and be in an environment with students who were impassioned to learn and also had an accepting view of all. This is not the case. Smith has an anonymous online confessional that is a source of bullying and hatred. People are targeted for EVERYTHING. I have never met such hateful, rude, judgemental people in my life. Professors are hit or miss. Some are great and some are just downright miserable and seem to hate their job and their students. The administration is clueless and doesn't seem to care about what students need and ask for. Houses are rundown with peeling wallpaper and no air conditioning. I ended up transferring out and it was the best choice I've ever made.
Smith is small, but the college is incredibly supportive. The house systems help create a sense of community outside of class which can be very helpful in the first few months. Academics can vary, but professors and resources are all very approachable and accessible.
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I will be attending Smith College in the fall and am very excited! I did an official visit this fall and loved my experience.
I've only been here one semester so far (I'm a transfer junior), but I really do love it! There are a few things I would like to change, for instance I would love to see a greater amount of POC students, however it seems like in general people are happy here. My favorite thing about Smith are the traditions like Convocation, weekly tea, and Mountain Day. Also the campus museum is lovely!
Smith is a great college and like any college, it has its problems. Classes can get difficult but by talking to professors, you can get help and fix your issues. Food is alright. Party scene is... okay. I think the best thing about Smith is the alumnae connections and opportunities to study abroad or in a new place.
This school has a lot to work to do, but overall I’m very happy to be here. The campus is beautiful and has all the resources you need, the people here are accepting and friendly. It’s always very busy and academia is very stressful, but it’s worth it. You get your money’s worth here.
I'm a woman of color who attended Smith on grant money because my parents were poor. The faculty is excellent. Smith provides a lot of financial aid. The campus is beautiful. The thing that I hated the most about Smith were the students. For some strange reason, most were militant, angry, and extremely opposed to any ideas outside the progressive umbrella. I'm a moderate Democrat, and I thought that most women at Smith had zero original thought, they mostly parroted others. Conservatives: keep your mouth shut, because if you dare to express your opinions, you will be shouted down. When not talking politics, these women only talked about themselves. My classmates were self-centered, entitled, and extremely close-minded.
I really appreciate the Smith community. I feel able to strike up a conversation with anyone, whether I know them or not. The campus is gorgeous, and there’s lots to do in the area. I’ve had professors that range from pretty good to amazing. As for an area of improvement, health services and counseling is severely understaffed, which is quite frustrating.
Smith College is an academically challenging yet supportive environment. I had really interesting classes right from the beginning, and I've found that there are few classes I will be taking simply to fulfill a requirement.
I loved my time at Smith! The academics were engaging, the community was active, and the campus was beautiful. I will miss my Smithies.
By the end of sophomore year I knew I had to transfer out or go on a junior year abroad program and get off campus for a year. I could not see myself staying in the "female bubble" a third year in a row; I needed exposure to more global and realistic life experiences. The emphasis on women's rights was just too much - living that 24/7 soured the college experience. After graduation I found there really was a stigma attached to Smith College regarding its position on gays. In some social situations it was almost uncomfortable telling people I went to Smith. Now that I have a few years to look back on this, I definitely would have selected a different school. There are many colleges that offer strong academics and a more balanced life experience. I am also tired of the manipulation to donate and then donate more when my feelings about Smith are neutral at best.
I've enjoyed my experience at Smith College so far! I've been able to make some great friends and the academics are rigorous, yet rewarding.
Overall very good. Great professors, facilities and students. Also enjoyed activities and traditions of the school.
Good academics, bad party scene. People are pretty intense about studying. The dorms are nice, but the food could be better.
Smith College was my launching pad into the world. Smith College gave me an education that expanded beyond the world of academia. My professors and peers educated me on the sociology of culture, business, and migration. I learned the French language and history through literature, the news, and practice as well as a year long exchange program in Paris, France. I engaged in international relations by means of endless readings, case studies, and mock policy memos. However, it was not until I experienced these disciplines by studying and working in France and Morocco that the concepts, which the pages of books previously held for me, became tangible. I developed a taste for multicultural environments and opportunities for problem solving through collaboration all due to my Smith College education.
Great professors who are willing to take the extra step to help you succeed. Lots of paid opportunities to study abroad. The Praxis Fellowship helps all students get internships over the summer.
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Smith has wonderful academics. I especially appreciate the dedicated professors, small classes, and open curriculum, which let you tailor your education to your needs and interests. The many student organizations and the housing system create a great sense of community among students.
Smith College has great academics, a strong sense of community, and a beautiful campus. It's a wonderful place to complete an undergraduate education.
So far, I love Smith! The academics are definitely the best part of the college experience here. The classes are really in-depth and unique. All of my professors thus far have been absolute experts in their fields, and it shows. It's thrilling to be able to work with the foremost thinkers in these subjects. I'm excited for all of my classes this semester. There are also a vast number of different clubs to join; there's something for everyone. It's a wonderful place.
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