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All of the professors work very hard to make sure you succeed in classes. They are always available to help you during their office hours if you are struggling. The campus is always pretty clean and looks nice. They are constantly changing the flowers and others things around campus. The food is above average and has options for everyone. The different dining options are constantly changing based on student feedback so there is always something new to try. There are so many clubs and organizations to join based on your interests.
SRU is home. The professors have been nothing but helpful, the experiences have been life-changing, and the memories will last a lifetime. The campus is beautiful, as well, with its many buildings, art pieces and well-taken-care-of landscaping.
Great professors and online classes available. They make it very easy to learn at a distance by staying in touch by email and making office hours available for video chatting to answer questions.
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Campus is small and classes as well. Have better chance of developing a relationship with staff and professors. Students from all over attend, very diverse community. Short drive to Pittsburgh makes it convenient.
I like the environment and the campus set up. I like that they provide free transportation through the Happy Bus. I would like to see more affordable off campus housing.
Everyone is nice at the University. My safety feels like it is met. I wish the campus food was alittle bit more healthy though. I wish the gym was bigger and had more individual study rooms.
Slippery Rock University offers plenty of things to do outside of classes and has an abundance of resources to help students. The Career Education Office benefits students immensely as students receive help finding career paths. The Aebersold Recreation Center is super popular since it offers a plethora of exercise equipment and space for students to reach their exercise goals. SRU offers a ton of clubs and organizations too.
Everybody is super friendly, the campus is beautiful, and I always feel welcome. I would highly recommend this college to family & friends!
While I have only attended Slippery Rock for one semester, I am having a fantastic experience! I never want to come home for breaks because I have so much fun! The food was one of my main concerns before choosing a college, but Slippery Rock has a variety of choices and each food place has healthy options which I really like. The dorms are placed evenly all around campus so classes are close to everyone. They also are always so clean and the CA’s always inform you about campus events which are so fun! Slippery Rock has so many events and things for students to do. The academics are a main part of your choose and this school has teachers who dedicate their time to making sure you know what you are doing. The office hours are so beneficial and there is a lot of tutoring offered. You will never fall behind in work at Slippery Rock! It is not about partying but as one last note, there are parties and they are very fun.
Super nice college. It is a very quaint college, and it is quiet and relaxing. It is like a little getaway or vacation. All of the teachers and students seem super nice and friendly. So far, I am transferring in the Spring, but when I visited there a couple times to walk around and see the campus, then another time for an open house/ tour, everything was great. The place is beautiful and kind of in "no man's land" and all you really hear is the wind blowing or the students or animals. I have no complaints about the place, and I am excited to go there in the Spring.
I am an alumni of Slippery Rock University. I attended for 3 years after. I was a transfer student. As i transfer student i was so nervous to being a new school. However, my transition was super welcoming. My experience there was so great! The campus life was lively, there were many club/greek life opportunities, and the dorms are so nice. It was like home. It is also on the cheaper side for getting a degree. The financial aid office was a huge help to me. If you attend Slippery Rock, you will make some god memories, gain an education, and miss the school in later years. Good luck!
Slippery Rock University is a small town college. The thing I like most about it, is that it is very close to home! The scheduling and available classes are also very helpful because I still work a full time job while being a full time student!
My experience here at slippery rock has gone through different phases upon my rucurring departures. I am working to pay for school myself to provide for my family and possible child on the way. They claim it’s a diverse university but in actuality, it favors the majority tremendously.
I love how it’s a very homey campus where you get to know so many other students and where professors care about you and take the time to get to know you.
The campus was absolutely beautiful and the overall student environment is amazing. The sports teams are all very supportive of one another.
Slippery Rock University is located in northern rural Pennsylvania. The Town of Slippery Rock lays in the middle of Pittsburgh going south, and Erie going north all connected by Route I-79. Know for it’s unique name, Slippery Rock has maintained the status of a top notch school in the Pennsylvania state school system and has seen a rapid growth of enrollment in the past years. Slippery Rock has given me the oppourtunity to find myself and let me grown from a young boy into a fine young man.
My brother goes to Slippery rock and he loves it. I visit Slippery rock all the time and it’s my number 1 choice of colleges. The professors are nice, the students are great, the activities are amazing, the foods good although expensive, the dorms are amazing and my favorite thing of all is how safe i feel when I go there. Its just like home!!
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Great gym, work-out facilities, and dorms. Food selection is great and we even have a Quaker Steak and Lube on campus.
My experience has been just okay so far. The town of Slippery Rock is small and there's not too much to do there. The campus is nice not too big. The dorms are nice at least the suites are nice. The gym there is pretty sweet. Its big and has a lot of good equipment to use. The cafeteria food is not too good and my mom says all colleges take advantage of the kids going there by charging them way too much for everything. One really bad experience I had was with my Physics teacher. He was foreign and hard to understand. Sixty kids out of the 100 in class dropped it and had to take it again because they couldn't understand him. The rest of us stayed and tried to make it work and most of us got D's so I ended up retaking it too. The university said we got "caught" in an unfortunate situation. But they sure didn't help us out or correct the "unfortunate situation." They just took more of our money when we all had to take the class again and hope for a professor we could understand.
I love slippery rock university. I'm in the exercise science program, the hardest/best major in the school and although it requires a lot of work, I am so happy I chose to attend this school. The academics are great thanks to passionate professors, who take time to know and help the students. The school is a medium size with smaller classrooms, I love that. The campus is very new, clean and organized. Safety on and off campus is great and the students are overall very friendly and helpful as you walk through campus. The only thing the school lacks is a good transportation system for students who don't have a vehicle, and may need to get around the town, or reach the nearest big city of Pittsburgh.
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