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1,282 reviews
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The faculty is drawn to student success and the teaching is effective. However, the amount of credits needed to graduate are a bit higher than expected. More hands on learning and field based teaching should be applied.
Great environment with amazing people. Food is great and dorms are even better. The academic programs are nationally ranked and the teachers actually want to put in their time and effort to help their students.
Slippery Rock University is a fantastic, community based university. The campus is large but not overwhelming and has so much to offer to its students. The school is very involved in the community and vice versa. The town is small but everyone is very nice and it is a very safe and walk-able area. I really enjoy how health conscious the school is too. The recreation center is open to the community and the Equestrian center has programs for children with disabilities. I learn something new here every week about how much the school, faculty, and staff care about their students.
I really enjoy being at Slippery Rock University. The atmosphere is phenomenal, and although the campus is small, it has a lot of great people. The classes are engaging, the people are fun and interesting, and I love being here. Slippery Rock has an amazing education program and that's what I am there for, so I'm extremely excited to continue my education there.
The school is fantastic. Love the academics, the professors are great, the atmosphere is very close knit college.....love this school
Slippery Rock University is a wonderful school if you can handle the long distances from the dorms to classes. The campus is beautiful with trees and different types of flowers and the buildings are kept up very well. Having Starbucks on campus is a real treat and is a necessity during finals week. The campus is located in the small town of slippery rock pa. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because the surrounding area is beautiful and filled with family farms and scenic spaces. Not so good because that means places to shop are few and far between.
Slippery Rock University is a smaller school in Pennsylvania, that has a beautiful campus and teachers that are easy to talk to when problems arise. My experience as an Information Systems major at this school has been great due to cooperative professors who really want you to succeed. In addition to great professors, the dining on campus consists of the dining hall, Boozel, Quaker Steak and Lube, Starbucks, Rocky's, and Weisenfluh. All of the food places on campus can be accessed by students through the meal plans on campus, so anyone that goes here can get a good education while eating well at the same time.
I love the professors. Slippery Rock really knows how to make you feel at home. The campus is kept magnificently clean year round. Emails keep you as a student up to date on any/everything that goes on, on and off campus. The overall friendliness vibe the entire campus gives off makes it very easy to become more comfortable throughout campus. I feel safe walking around campus after hours.
The school has a wide variety of majors to choose from that you may not see at other schools. They do a great job of connecting students with companies after school so you can pursue a career that you desire. That campus is a good size but not too big so don't feel lost. The food selection could expand but is tolerable. The dorms/housing are very nice and give you a wide selection to choose from.
To be honest Slippery Rock is such a great school. The environment is friendly and the campus is safe. I feel more at home while I'm at school than I do when I'm in my actual home in Philadelphia.
I like how small my classes are so teachers can actually get to know everyone or know at least everyone's name. Most of my professors are great and interesting but a couple that weren't so great. There is a good variety and some teachers do things differently so it's nice when some classes are taught differently
They have the emergency buttons all around campus
I have a good time and it's a great place to learn
For the most part, I loved all of my professors. There were a few courses that I wish I could have avoided, but I enjoyed most of my courses and the professors that came with them. All of my professors were very helpful when I went to see them on a topic I was confused on. They really care about how well you do and some make an effort to be your friend as well as a teacher.
Overall, the safety and security on campus is okay. Often times on weekend nights, walking with friends, we don't always feel very safe. There really aren't many security guards around/ roaming the campus. I've heard about quite a few sexual assault attacks which makes anyone feel unsafe, but it's like that at every college. Another reason why safety is questionable for me, is due to the shooting that occurred at one of the off campus apartment complexes this past year. That's enough to scare anyone.
I liked living in the dorms so much my freshman year, that I have decided to stay in the dorms again my sophomore year. Everyone on my floor (for the most part) was so friendly. Some of my best friends were on my floor. SRU has on open door policy, meaning that they prefer for you to keep your door propped open when you are home so everyone can say "hey" when they walk by. Also, each building/floor holds fun socials that are great for meeting new people.
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Greek life is a great way to make new friends and meet new people. This coming year I have decided to rush and I am very excited about it! Many of my friends joined a sorority and love it. From the the themed parties to the sisterhood, greek life will be a great addition to my college experience. In addition, you make so many connections through greek life and it will look great on a resume. SRU's greek life isn't huge, so it isn't a big deal if you are in them, or aren't. Overall, greek life is great at SRU.
I'm so eager and excited to go back to school this coming semester. College for me has been one of the best learning experience I have ever had. The things I have learned and the memories and friends I have made will follow me everywhere I go. Slippery Rock has so many clubs, organizations, and activities to pick from. I'm never bored! I would absolutely pick my school again if I could do it all over.
It's almost always under control and has a fun and positive impact.
It's really a great and fun time....usually pretty safe!
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