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Awesome university! The class sizes are not too big and the professors really care about you. The housing and food is also very good. The internet could be a little better.
I love going to SRU, SRU is smaller than some schools, but it makes it cheaper, an I get to know my professors and they get to know me. It is big enough howler where I am still constantly meeting new people every semester, and there is a vast majority of clubs and organizations to join.
First of all, SRU is in the middle of nowhere. Coming from a place where everything is right next to me, I can't stand a 20/30 minute drive for pretty much everything. I also live in Building F, which is much further away from all the other buildings and classes. On the bright side, the dorms are huge and pretty clean, I've never seen a college dorm like these ones. I'm also an education major, and my classes are ridiculously easy and rarely do I have homework. Overall I love the academics and dorms, but other than that I hate it there. I don't like the atmosphere and the people here are not very friendly, everyone gives off a weird vibe. The parties are fun and you can mostly get into anywhere without knowing anyone.
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I love slip. Most professors really want you to succeed. The exercise science program really is top notch. The food is good especially Rockys and Weisenfluh. Everyone here is really nice and friendly! Beautiful campus
I love everything about the student Life here, you could never be bored.

One thing left to be desired is more improvements in the food category.
SRU generally has good rankings, and has many great programs. This school is not accommodating for the performing arts, particular theatre. If you are having any personal issues it is incredibly difficult to get any kind of real help.
I really enjoy the professors, classes offered, and the overall community at Slippery Rock University. If I could change one thing, it would be to have more parking spaces!
Its a small community that allows for students to create great connections with other students, faculty and staff, and the town.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. The environment on the campus is so friendly, and the atmosphere is so pleasant. It's a crazy, fun place to be. In a small town not too crowded, but not too rural either.
My first year experience at Slippery Rock was very good. I loved it, and cant wait to continue my education there. Everyone was very helpful from students, professors, and advisors. I would suggest that school to all high school seniors.
So far I love the people and the amount of hands on activities provided all throughout campus. I also love the events scheduled around the campus wide testing to help with the stress of academics. I would like to see a change in some of the Professors, I have come across one who was very oblivious to her racists comments and another who had never taught a course that she was teaching to students currently. I would also like to see a change in the food options. The food that isn't the most popular is worth meal swipes while the food people would rather eat more often is the cost of flex dollars. Not that many are provided and they are intended to last the entire semester. Most students eat 3 times a day, sometimes more. Better options should be provided for reasonable pricing
Slippery Rock University is a wonderful campus. It is safe for students while also providing entertainment and fun. Students will receive a great education from this university.
Slippery Rock is a beautiful campus in a wonderful small college town, only downer is there is virtually nothing to do in the town, you have to go north or south to a bigger town to do anything. The college is also extremely liberal, and the advisers have almost no idea what they are doing (at least mine doesn't) so you are to fend for yourself, which isn't a bad thing you learn how to cut through all of the bs. Overall I don't think it is any different than any other college of the same stature, therefore with the given credentials I believe the college is a good one and would recommend anyone who can fend for themselves and are self motivators to come here.
As an Ed major I was thrilled by the reputation Slippery Rock has as a great teacher's college, however I think one of biggest complaints is the education building itself, McKay is gross!
Slippery Rock University will always have a special place in my heart. There were so many memories and friendships that have lasted through thick and thin. It is where I learned so much about myself and how to push myself. I also learned that I wasn't just a number, but I mattered. A professor not in my major or minor, but instead my Intro to Dance professor who recently passed away this year showed me what it was like to be appreciated. He started every class by making us repeated after him, "WOW! Today is a great day to be alive." He had a way to get his point across, but also knew how to talk to us as adults and let us know he cared. One of the most touching things he ever said to me, was on the day of my graduation. He saw me, mind you I only had him for one class my freshman year and it was an auditorium size class, and he came over to give me a congratulatory hug and looked me in the eye said, "I am proud of you." That was all he needed to say to bring tears to my eyes.
I made the best decision to come here. They have so many ways to help you grow academically, and SGA sponsors a lot of events on campus to help you de-stress. My professors are amazing, the food is above average for campus food, and the dorms are wonderful!
Great university. Very diverse and accommodating. Professors are professional and helpful as well as the rest of the faculty.
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Slippery rock university is a great place to be. Everyone is very helpful and always ask anything you like.
It's cheap for a reason. The professors work with what they have but they don't go above and beyond for their students. The campus has nowhere to study past midnight (except your own place). This school is not about academics first. They care more about their appearance.
Slippery Rock is a wonderful university with amazing opportunities. Every staff I came in contact with truly cared about their students and worked hard to help them succeed. The campus is beautiful and ever-improving.
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