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I have been at Slippery Rock for one year. I have had wonderful experiences at Slippery Rock. The marching pride was my first experience with Slippery Rock and it was wonderful. Once classes started I learned that my major just was not for me so the staff of Slippery Rock was very helpful and having the major that fit me best and something I would enjoy. I have liked my professors but sometimes it is hard to understand them sometimes. The campus is a very beautiful place. The campus is very diverse and everyone feels welcome. The food on campus is a large variety and you can find something for everyone. The housing is really nice, the only problem I had with my dorm was my roommate but that is not Slippery Rock's fault. I believe that the campus is a very safe place to be anytime of day.
Slippery Rock University, where the sun is always shining, is a great institution. Although it is not the more inclusive university it is very diverse. My experience at the University has been great thus far. The faculty, staff, and student body are very kind; i did not experience any discriminatory actions, especially being one of the few African-American Biology Majors. The food options at slippery rock are not the greatest, but have been improving throughout my years of schooling. There are various options for housing on and off campus in Slippery Rock giving students the opportunity to have a choice in their housing.
The best feature about this college is the people. Great professors, great staff, great friends to be made. The campus is also beautiful and very comfy. Best state school in PA!
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What I like about Slippery Rock University was their friendliness and general willingness to assist in any way possible. How it could improve would be to add a little bit more networking options.
I have had a great experience going back to school as a non-traditional student. I find the costs of higher-ed to be higher than they should be but SRU is affordable compared to most.
The people at this school are amazing. The professors definitely know the subjects they teach and are very willing to help students.
it okay here at slippery rock but things are harder and more confusing than community college. community college is alot smaller and you can find and figure things out more quickly and easily than here. also you are around people constantly at community college that i was going to because it was in one building here at slippery rock everything is scattered and you dont see the same people every day
I love the college town feel of this university. The people here are very friendly and there is a strong sense of community in and around campus.
There are so many social and academic opportunities to take part in. So far, all of the professors I have had have been eager to help students learn. The campus itself if beautiful (especially the library, which has recently had renovations done).
Slippery Rock University is very good at engaging with there students and making sure everything is going correctly. They are very understanding and able to work with you if you are just getting started and aren't sure what you aren't supposed to do before starting there.
It is a great choice for a college. If you are looking for a college with small class sizes, then Slippery Rock is a good choice. The professors work with students one on one. Also, the student life there is friendly and welcoming and the campus is beautiful.
Nice community. Wish there were more places to eat on campus but the food we have is still good. Cool little stores and places to explore all around town. It is also 2ish hours away from 3 different ski resorts.
Slippery Rock University is home. We are one big family. Whether it's saying hello to others as we pass by or even wearing green on Fridays, SRU is home because home is where the heart is.
Slippery Rock is an amazing school and has a lot to do, with plenty of clubs to join. The classes vary from large (100+ students) to small (less than 20). The campus is beautiful. The food is alright, and it doesn't offer a whole lot for vegetarians or vegans. The campus is extremely safe, and the parties are pretty crazy.
SRU provided me with experiences and opportunities I would not have been able to experience elsewhere. I've connected with alumni who have opened doors for me, and I've made lifelong personal and professional friends. The academic advising was poor, I was lucky enough to have mentors to help me with scheduling. I would not be going to Gradute School if it wasn't for my experiences at SRU.
I am a first year student & I absolutely adore this school. I have lived on campus for my first year & I am very pleased with my residence hall & dining facilities. The student body isn't large but it is diverse. I am not a party girl but this school would definitely fit one's needs. There are many things to do on & off campus to maintain a comfortable campus life. Most importantly, the professors are outstanding! This school will adequately prepare me for my future pharmacy studies at Duquesne.
What I like about Slippery Rock is that there's always much to do on campus, and everyone is friendly so it feels like family. Campus makes you feel right at home you don't even feel homesick.
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So far it has been okay. There are a lot of friendly people, but the faculty is not very good at all. They are very lazy and do not care about the students. The professors care more about their research. Overall, it is a good school but some of the professors need to change how they teach.
Sru is my second home. If small-town charm is something you enjoy., You'll love it there. Sru has endless opportunities for students in every major. Campus life includes various clubs and organizations to fit every students needs and interests. The town itself is small, has a few places to eat and one townie bar, but Sru students still make the best of it. Sru is a safe campus and town.
SRU has amazing food and dining options. Variety of dorms that allows the student to choose what fits them best. Very friendly environment.
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