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Slippery Rock University is located in northern rural Pennsylvania. The Town of Slippery Rock lays in the middle of Pittsburgh going south, and Erie going north all connected by Route I-79. Know for it’s unique name, Slippery Rock has maintained the status of a top notch school in the Pennsylvania state school system and has seen a rapid growth of enrollment in the past years. Slippery Rock has given me the oppourtunity to find myself and let me grown from a young boy into a fine young man.
My brother goes to Slippery rock and he loves it. I visit Slippery rock all the time and it’s my number 1 choice of colleges. The professors are nice, the students are great, the activities are amazing, the foods good although expensive, the dorms are amazing and my favorite thing of all is how safe i feel when I go there. Its just like home!!
Great gym, work-out facilities, and dorms. Food selection is great and we even have a Quaker Steak and Lube on campus.
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My experience has been just okay so far. The town of Slippery Rock is small and there's not too much to do there. The campus is nice not too big. The dorms are nice at least the suites are nice. The gym there is pretty sweet. Its big and has a lot of good equipment to use. The cafeteria food is not too good and my mom says all colleges take advantage of the kids going there by charging them way too much for everything. One really bad experience I had was with my Physics teacher. He was foreign and hard to understand. Sixty kids out of the 100 in class dropped it and had to take it again because they couldn't understand him. The rest of us stayed and tried to make it work and most of us got D's so I ended up retaking it too. The university said we got "caught" in an unfortunate situation. But they sure didn't help us out or correct the "unfortunate situation." They just took more of our money when we all had to take the class again and hope for a professor we could understand.
I love slippery rock university. I'm in the exercise science program, the hardest/best major in the school and although it requires a lot of work, I am so happy I chose to attend this school. The academics are great thanks to passionate professors, who take time to know and help the students. The school is a medium size with smaller classrooms, I love that. The campus is very new, clean and organized. Safety on and off campus is great and the students are overall very friendly and helpful as you walk through campus. The only thing the school lacks is a good transportation system for students who don't have a vehicle, and may need to get around the town, or reach the nearest big city of Pittsburgh.
I like the close knit community. Everything is connected and it is not too big. You will always see familiar faces around campus. One thing I would change about Slippery Rock though is the parking.
Slippery Rock University offers great programs, especially in Exercise Science and Education. I am in the Education department and I have no complaints about the staff or the quality of my education. I live in the apartments off campus and although they are expensive, they are beautiful and kept up to date - worth your money! I am very blessed to have received the opportunity to be at this university. We need more diversity so I encourage students from all over the world to apply. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the campus and the community.
SRU is the best! I've had such a phenomenal experience here. Lots of opportunities for exploration and growth in different disciplines, plenty of activities on and off campus, fantastic professors, and warm and welcoming environment. I've cherished my time at the Rock!
Slippery Rock university is an amazing campus was beautiful grounds. My overall experience has been very close to perfect. I enjoy my classes and professors. The profs in your major care about you and your education for the most part. The only thing that is very frustrating is when you are told to buy the $300 book for the class or you won't pass and you end up not even opening it. I guess that's every college though...
I feel like the some of the professors there are incredible teachers and I have learned a lot from them. For me the problem has come across for affording it. I am on my last semester and I lost all of my financial aid and only received $1,754.00 so I cannot afford my very last semester. This is devastating to me because I am paying for college on my own without any help from anyone.
Slippery Rock University is a very beautiful and welcoming University. They accommodate to every students needs to the best of their ability and offer a bunch of resource options. The community is amazing and you will always come in and leave with a smile on your face.
Since the school is not very large, you really have a good opportunity to get to know all of your professors if you want to! All class sizes are around 30 people once you get to your major classes and that makes it easy to create really good friend / study groups as well as have a personal connection with your professor.
I'll be a junior this upcoming semester. I've enjoyed my time at SRU so far. There seems to be no problems with me attending this university. I've increased my socialization and my overall independence as a person. I plan on finishing my last 2 years of college on a high note.
The professors are very good - you learn a lot. The facilities are good too - they have like 4 or more Mac labs on campus and decent camera equipment for Digital Media majors. It’s a good value for the tuition price. A con is that the campus isn’t anything special. Just some classroom buildings but not much culture or history- they’re pretty plain-looking. They could use more places to eat that accepts meal swipes as well.
After my first year at the rock i can happily say it was time not wasted. Slip in my opinion is a very beautiful campus that supplies students not only the keys to succeed , but also gives them gateways to have fun and thrive in what is know as the golden years of our lives. The whole campus is amazing and i love being there.
Poor academic advisors! Could not get into the classes that I needed or wanted. No parking! There is not enough parking for students that drive to school. Nothing to do on campus, could not get into the classes I needed/wanted
I liked the fact that slippery rock is very close to where I live, so I had the option to either commute or live on campus. Another great thing due to it being close was that many people I knew from high school go there. So I decided to live on campus. Also, since the school isn't too big, nothing is overwhelming. It's not a difficult transition by any means.
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I have been at Slippery Rock for one year. I have had wonderful experiences at Slippery Rock. The marching pride was my first experience with Slippery Rock and it was wonderful. Once classes started I learned that my major just was not for me so the staff of Slippery Rock was very helpful and having the major that fit me best and something I would enjoy. I have liked my professors but sometimes it is hard to understand them sometimes. The campus is a very beautiful place. The campus is very diverse and everyone feels welcome. The food on campus is a large variety and you can find something for everyone. The housing is really nice, the only problem I had with my dorm was my roommate but that is not Slippery Rock's fault. I believe that the campus is a very safe place to be anytime of day.
Slippery Rock University, where the sun is always shining, is a great institution. Although it is not the more inclusive university it is very diverse. My experience at the University has been great thus far. The faculty, staff, and student body are very kind; i did not experience any discriminatory actions, especially being one of the few African-American Biology Majors. The food options at slippery rock are not the greatest, but have been improving throughout my years of schooling. There are various options for housing on and off campus in Slippery Rock giving students the opportunity to have a choice in their housing.
The best feature about this college is the people. Great professors, great staff, great friends to be made. The campus is also beautiful and very comfy. Best state school in PA!
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