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So far it has been okay. There are a lot of friendly people, but the faculty is not very good at all. They are very lazy and do not care about the students. The professors care more about their research. Overall, it is a good school but some of the professors need to change how they teach.
Sru is my second home. If small-town charm is something you enjoy., You'll love it there. Sru has endless opportunities for students in every major. Campus life includes various clubs and organizations to fit every students needs and interests. The town itself is small, has a few places to eat and one townie bar, but Sru students still make the best of it. Sru is a safe campus and town.
SRU has amazing food and dining options. Variety of dorms that allows the student to choose what fits them best. Very friendly environment.
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Slippery Rock University had several good things about it, however there were quite a few bad. For one thing, being in the middle of no where, everybody either went home on the weekend or went out to party. There was never anything to do except for those two things. The programs are run very well, however some programs, such as safety management, have been growing greatly in numbers, but the school will not hire new professors. This causes current staff to be overwhelmed and indirectly and even sometimes directly affecting the quality of education that we receive.
I like being offered the opportunity to expand my horizons at Slippery Rock University. I have learned so much since leaving High School. I even shocked my mom by balancing her checkbook, something I learned in my Business class.
My Professors are very helpful and always willing to help.
I have made many life-long friends. By living off-campus, I have learned to be responsible for bills, grocery shopping and cleaning my apartment. These are simple things that will help me later in life.
Some classes have been a struggle, but I made time for studies and I been on the Dean’s List several times. I’m glad I chose Slippery Rock University. It has made a great difference in my life!
I currently work on U-Tube showing people how to draw. This new adventure will work well with my Marketing major.
I would never have attempted this without the encouragement of my college friends.
Joshua Gunn
Slippery Rock University is an awesome university. The campus is beautiful especially during the spring/summer. There is currently a lot of remodeling going on and the results so far have been amazing. The campus life is great as well. There are always campus events going on that allows you to get involved with the campus and community. There are plenty of activities to meet others and make new friends. Housing around campus is affordable for any price range that you may have. The degrees offered are very diverse. The student body at SRU is rather diverse as well, there is still room for improvement however. I know at some universities you do not see where your student fees go but at SRU you definitely do. I would recommend this school to anyone!
I absolutely loved the dorms that they have there. They seem very high end and very nice. The student life is amazing with a ton of clubs and organizations that are open for anybody to join.
The campus was beautiful, and the classrooms were very modern. I was impressed by how spacious the suites were!
In my one semester I've spent at Slippery Rock, I can honestly say that my experience there has overall been quite good. The dorms there are nicer than most colleges' and the campus is a nice size and very pretty to just take a walk around and look at sometimes. The classes there are good and interesting, and it is clear that the majority of the professors are very concerned with broadening their students' span of knowledge and helping them succeed. As for the party scene, there's always a party happening on the weekends and most Thursdays, too, but not very many are in walking distance.
Slippery Rock University is such a welcoming campus which helps students to feel more at home. The only thing that I would change about the campus would be to add more parking, and have printers available in every building.
Slippery Rock University has some of the best and most helpful professors I have ever met as this is my second time around going to college. With the lowest tuition rates in the state and the value you get from learning from the current professors (if a student takes advantage of what they can learn) is unmatched anywhere else. While Slippery Rock is not the biggest town, it is only about an hour from Pittsburgh and 1/2 an hour from Butler where more shopping, restaurants, and fun exist. Slippery Rock University is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and success in life!
I like the campus and the majors offered. Would like to see the food change. Dorms are nice and the recreation center is great. There is a lot to do.
Slippery Rock University is an amazing University. They go above and beyond to meet the needs and wants of the students. They really care about everyone and have an amazing attitude. I am very glad I chose this University.
Coming to Slippery Rock, I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. It being a small school, I get a lot of individualized attention from my professors. Also, I get to see a handful of familiar faces everyday along with new ones, so it's a good mix.
This school is a gem! Its located in beautiful Slippery Rock! Many courses are offered in multiple areas that are guaranteed to meet and/or exceed your expectations! Enrollment is easy. The staff are unbelievably helpful and really nice!
What I like about SRU is that they are consistently making efforts to improve and change. Though there are some downfalls of this university, a strong redeeming quality is that they are making efforts to improve in weak areas. One example of a new service put in place for students are Success Mentors(I've met with one) who help guide students in a variety of ways tailored to the student. These Success Mentors are professionals hired by the university, rather than a fellow student, "study buddy", or a "Big". One challenge about going to SRU is that it is in a rural area, and lacks the conveniences of an urban area. There are also not very many amenities on campus. Most universities have a large auditorium for large events, touring artist performance, and ceremonies, but SRU does not due to delays(over 5 years) in renovations. Every school has pros and cons, and all things considered, your decision to come to SRU should be primarily based on your chosen program of study.
The staff and students greet you will a smile and makes you feel welcomed to the Rock. It has a beautiful campus with it's old and new buildings.
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Everyone there is very nice and happy. They take the time to make you feel comfortable and at home. The adults there are always there for you when you need it. The school has many different programs and many options. You have the ability to make your life what you want there. You make lifelong friends and have incredible experiences.
There’s a Starbucks on campus and the views are great! Great student to professor ratio. Which means professors are more willing to help an individual succeed.
Awesome university! The class sizes are not too big and the professors really care about you. The housing and food is also very good. The internet could be a little better.
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