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With the emerging programs this year, I really can't complain. I've been farther ahead of my education than I expected. It's really great what they have here. I'm glad they finally have a relevant Engineering program designed to help you transfer to higher education, especially for misrepresented minorities. Anyway, I've really enjoyed my time at Skyline College.
The professors I had were great both at teaching in their personality. The campus is nice and clean. The food is decent. The layout of the campus isn't too long of a distance between buildings. Staff is friendly. I wish they offered more classes in web design but overall thr selection is good.
Skyline Community College, or any community college really, is a good for those who doesn't want to spend to much to get the geds done first. It's also good for this who don't know what they want to major in yet. Skyline College, in particular, has that kind of weather where its mostly cold, but the good kind. Its great for those who favor the cold more than hot.
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Skyline was an amazing place. The staff and counselors were so helpful and I couldn't have asked for better. It was a great place to start my college career and build a foundation for my future.
Skyline College is a great place for those to earn credit in a very relaxed and accepting environment. The stress-free vibes of the school really promote a comfortable learning space for people to express their beliefs and opinions without fear of judgement. With views overlooking the ocean that are hard to beat, Skyline also has multiple little hiking/walking trails for when you need a break from the college scene. It's also fun to take your dog up there as well! The professors at Skyline really care about the well-being of the students and aim to grow them both academically and emotionally. The food at the SkyCafe is well-above most cafeteria food and the employees are really sweet.
Loved It! Get involved with the school and take advantage of the opportunities they offer, such as the learning center, EOPS/TRIO, learning workshops and even financial aid workshops. Talk to your professors, take advantage of the office hour.
Great! They have a food pantry program if you need assistance in that area and so far I have had great luck with the teachers. I just didn't like some of the teachers in the athletics department. It's a community college so there's not much for parties, housing, etc.
Very friendly and helpful environment. All the professors taught us the important information about the subject and made sure everyone understands. There is nothing I would change about Skyline College
Skyline College, San Mateo College,and Cañada College are great schools to go to. With the fact that it is a college district if your class is not available at one school it could be at another . The teachers here are always willing to help you understand what you are learning and there are multiple opportunities for you as a student here to get the help you need if it’s with fasfa, school supplies, food bank, tutoring, disability resource center, and even a veteran resource center for myself and fellow veterans to hangout in when needing to study or wait for the next class.
I'm going on my fourth year here at Skyline College. I was going through some family problems right out of high school and so I wasn't que how to 'college'. However, Skyline has many helpful resources and many great people willing to help out, even if you're too afraid to ask for it. There are many generic courses to help you discover and explore your career interests whilst also providing much more challenging courses for those who know exactly what they wish to get into. I just wish there were more leisure activities
Overall, the school is a good school. Good teachers are a hit or miss, and so are the counselors. One counselor will tell you one thing while another counselor tells you something different, or they won't tell you at all. Some teachers won't respond to emails, even teachers for online classes that you have no other way of communicating with. If you want a return on a class, you do not get it automatically, you have to go to admissions and ask for it back.
I love Skyline college because it is a local school. It takes me about 15 minutes to get there. Although, parking is terrible, the school is also under construction so I can tell that a lot of improvements are on the way. This school has great teachers. I haven’t encountered a bad one yet. The people are really friendly and there are lots of groups you can join. All tutors are free and take the time to help each individual out. I played basketball for Skyline as a freshman and met many friends through that. The athletics organization is very good and everyone enjoys it.
Not enough options for some classes. Money is spent on TV's for menus in the cafeteria rather than other things the school needs.
It was a great fun visiting this college. The college is spacious and has an aesthetic ambiance that allows students to study well and peacefully.
Skyline College is a wonderful place. If you use the staff and resources that are provided to your advantage you will greatly succeed. Many of the teachers at the college are phenomenal and want to push you forward. The only reason I’m not giving it five stars is because the music and theater programs are near non existent but what they do have is great. Also the buildings are very outdated especially the PH building.
What I like about Skyline College is the support they provide to their students and the amount of programs they offer. One thing I’d like them to improve is the amount of sports this college provides
Skyline college is a very good community college to go too.The college is nice and clean, the students there are all friendly and and easy to get along with.The teachers are amazing they really care about their students and take the time to really make sure you they understand and pass their classes successfully. i would recommend this college to everyone its safe and friendly
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STEM facilities are getting better. They have a fabrication lab filled with 3D printers and other cutting-edge machines. They also provide a free year for first-year students but, incoming freshmen would need to apply (really easy to apply). School is diverse for sure because it's a Bay Area CC. Not a city college.
I go here as a part of a middle college program, and it seems like a nice environment, but the food is so expensive, like come on, $6 for an egg, a toast and bacon? Come on, this is a community college.
The teachers and counselors are so helpful! They want to help you pass and give you every opportunity to do so.
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