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Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare Reviews

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My time at Skinworks started out just find I was looking forward to becoming a licensed Esthetician and my time through the basics program passed with relative ease. It wasn't until I began my master program that things turned for the worse. My most immediate concern began with safety in the 10 months I was there at least 4 cars were broken into with one being completely stolen. The school did little to nothing to remedy this. I was accepted into the schools laser program and was disappointed when it turned out to be nothing like what I was told to expect. I wasn't able to work on fellow students without them paying and treatments are to expensive for them to casually do it. Overall I was very disappointed in the program. The owner and administrators do not behave in a professional manner. The only reason I stuck it out is that it would have cost more to go to another school and I had decent teachers. Overall I wouldn't do it again if I had the chance.
Upon graduation you are given a paper to fill out saying I have found a job and this is all the info on it. They ocasionally post open positions in the school, but that doesn't help if you aren't graduated and licensed before the posting closes.
I loved the students that I have gone to school with. It's a small school and I have made a ton of good friends that I look forward to working in the field with.
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Career Opprotunities – My school offers a variety of post-grad opprotunities. A master Esthetician has the ability to travel anywhere given the demographics and need for skin care specialist. Utah is a tourist state leaving ample job opprotunities. Skin works is a great resource for various job opprotunities post grad. I really feel like they personalize your experience.
The financial aid office at Skin Works has been very diligent with assisting me and my FAFSA application. However, being a white, single, hardworking citizen without kids, makes it very difficult to receieve financial aid assistence in our country. Im enrolled full time, and working part time, struggling to stay afloat, receiving no help from family or friends. I am trying to better myself and my career, looking forward to my future, but struggling while in school. I will, however, prevail and graduate with a Master Esthetics licence and get a job right out of school.
Letter in the Mail – All I recieved after graduation was a survey on job placement.
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