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My experience here was 100% positive. Skidmore set me up for a successful life and career after college. Going there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
Beautiful campus but I'm not sure how Skidmore has an A in diversity when it is in fact 80% white. There are other schools like Manhattanville, and Albright that are small private liberal arts schools and are far more diverse than what I saw at Skidmore.
Great diversity for a small liberal arts college. Strong bussiness and arts programs, great campus and town.
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The school lets in a bunch of jocks to play sports who are also super dumb -- it's weird. The comedy scene is really bad.
Skidmore has been one of the best decisions I've made in my young adult life. I've had access to a plethora of opportunities, be it a grant to present research at the American Psychology Society's annual convention, or the opportunity to study music composition under a successful opera composer. Professors and classes are engaging, and while there is a lot of material it has never been difficult to manage. If you truly enjoy learning and want an environment that stimulates your intellect, Skidmore is the place for you.
Skidmore College has very strong Art Department. Most of the professors are very supportive. The Business Department is also very competitive. MB107 is a well known course challenges new Business students to work in groups and learn real life skills. Besides, the school offers generous financial aid packages for many students.
Skidmore's academic scene is very strong. All of the professors I have had are invested in the subjects they teach, and always make themselves available outside of class to meet with students. There are many interesting people and club activities on campus, and while there are definitely cliques, most people are friendly and spend time in multiple social groups. Food and housing choices are fairly limited for freshmen and some sophomores, but the options available are fairly good.
I really like it here at Skidmore. The environment is very welcoming and there are a number of academic opportunities. It's great!
A beautiful school with truly a place for everyone. About to finish my third year, I can say with certainty that my parents' money is paying off. I have taken at least three courses that have permanently shaped the way I view the world and continue to influence me every single day. Professors are incredible and very easy to access outside of class. There are also so many extracurricular activities to participate in, and if something you want is not there, it is very easy to start your own club! The campus dining services are incredible. Dhall is life and I would be so lost without Spa and Burgess. Dorms and on-campus apartments are spacious and have everything you could possibly need! I definitely made the right choice coming here. There is no Greek life, which is awesome in my opinion. Also, Saratoga Springs is quite possibly the most beautiful little city I have ever seen.
My time at Skidmore thus far has been invaluable. The College provides students to continuing pursuing their interests, no matter how different they are; in fact, they encourage it.
Skidmore College is a small liberal arts institution in upstate New York. My experience thus far in my collegiate career has been optimistic and promising. The professors I have had so far have been a few of the best I have ever had the opportunity to engage in conversation with. All in different subject matters and all with different teaching approaches, each of these professors have had a mind that goes beyond the typical academic teacher. They inspired me to challenge myself beyond what I thought was capable and they are a large part of why my experience at Skidmore College has been positive. The friends I have made here have easily become some of the most interesting, kind and genuine people I have had the opportunity to meet. The social life at Skidmore is by no means equivalent to a large university, but it is very much so alive and exciting. I have loved my experience at Skidmore College.
Very positive experience so far as a first year student at skidmore. Students are super nice no matter what they do/whether they are upperclassmen or not. Campus food is definitely a PLUS. Dorms are nice if you live in certain buildings(north quad and wiecking). professors are the BEST!
I am currently a senior in high school who was given the opportunity to do a pre-college program at Skidmore over the summer. I absolutely loved it because the professors are amazing and truly know how to connect with their students at ease. I took a writing and sociology course in which I did hands on observations with my professors outside of the college for my classes. The academics are astonishing; the liberal arts setting lets you choose majors and minors to your liking. The college tries to also diversify the food served such as dishes from India or Peru. They appreciate culture. The student's are very active in their community when it comes to putting on shows and showing school spirit. I had recently gotten accepted to Skidmore, and I am joyful for the acceptance to its community.
The student body is very friendly; however, the dorms are terrible (spec. South Quad), and there are only two types of people: the artsy, VERY quirky type, and the arrogant jocks who clearly think they're above everyone else. The professors I've had have been great, but many students are not engaged and don't care to participate, which has been really disappointing. If you want night life and are under 21, you NEED a fake. Otherwise, when everyone goes "downtown" to the clubs you're heading back to Spa or your room. The Student Government is impossible to work with if you want to start a new club, and it is nearly impossible if you want to obtain a room change if you're having roommate issues. I can see how Skidmore could work for other kids looking for a less-selective, less-demanding liberal arts school, but I've just found it to be a suffocatingly small school in the middle of nowhere, inhabited by potheads and jocks who think they're the gods of campus.
Though the academia at Skidmore is wonderful, the college is almost unbearable for POC, women and other minorities. When visiting the school I found many of the students (particularly the men) overly entitled. "there are 2 types of men on campus" a Skidmore female student told me. "Nerds and jocks". I could see this clearly, for the groups of male students were very segregated from each other. The female student also said that "the blue side of the cafeteria is where all the jocks sit. We don't like to go over there". During my entire visit I felt as though I was being transported back to my high school, where there are many cliques and the athletic boys assert dominance over all other students. It was confusing to me that most skidmore students are very liberal because it was one of the most privileged and sheltered schools I have ever seen.
Everyone is really relaxed and nice. Professors are always available and there are plenty of academic resources. Food wise there are a lot of options if you don't like what's being served that day. There are a lot of parties off campus or in the apartments you can usually just ask around and you'll find one.
People drink. People do drugs (mostly pot). It happens, pretty much exclusively on the weekends, and it's not a big deal. It's not super noticeable, especially if you're not looking for it.

It's a campus full of 18-22 year olds - debauchery occurs but it is pretty much never out of hand and the party scene is mostly low key, especially compared to larger schools.Campus safety is much more concerned with safety than busting people.
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Campus housing is definitely above average though it depends on your year. Freshman/Sophomore years students are typically housed in the dorms which vary pretty wildly in quality. South quad dorms (McClellan, Wilmarth, Penfield, Kimball) are not great (though they did fix them up a little bit a year or two ago). North quad dorms, especially Howe-Rounds and Wait, are nicer.

The on-campus apartments, mostly inhabited by Juniors and Seniors, are a massive step above the dorms. Their only downside is the cost which is borderline unacceptable considering the relatively low cost of renting property off-campus (Saratoga is a summer town so renting during the school year can prove a budget-friendly choice).
Skidmore is an excellent school that provides an excellent education. Professors are incredibly accessible and the vast majority genuinely care about cultivating interest in their subject. Classes tend to be on the smaller side with a more participatory atmosphere. Some departments are stronger than others and the administration is sometimes slightly resistant to addressing the needs of certain departments, especially those that are growing in popularity.

Lots of good people who all really care about the school and other students. The campus is lovely, facilities are great, and Saratoga Springs is a great college town.
Skidmore is a good school with a lot of bad bureaucracy and a weird environment. I would describe the student body as apathetic and cliquey. There is so much racial segregation it almost feels like the 50's and I think the school really needs to deal with that. Great, great art facilities and a lot of fun stuff going on, but not the right school for me.