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all the professors are amazing and genuinely care about their course and students. party life is atrocious. if you're not on a sports team you never go to parties and when you do they're kinda lame and not a lot of people go.
Save your money and go somewhere else. I'm going into my senior year and I can honestly say this school has irreversibly damaged my mental health & destroyed my passion for my major (art). Students are cruel, cliquey, and immature- so you need to have an "in" if you want to be a part of the community at all and not end up socially isolated for 4 years like me. Party scene is non-existent because all people want to do is sit around in their room and get f'd up on hard drugs. Professors treat you like you're in middle school because the small class size lets them monitor you CONSTANTLY, and they take full advantage of it to feed some gross power fetish. I'm a hard worker but my grades have suffered because there aren't enough hours in the day to finish even the standard 4 class per semester workload. I stuck around thinking things would get better but they didn't and now I'm haunted by the fact that I didn't transfer before it was too late.
I graduated in May 2017 and I can say with confidence that Skidmore set me up for a successful life and a career after college. The class sizes were intimate and the professors were challenging, but incredibly supportive. The campus is beautiful and the overall atmosphere is welcoming.
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Skidmore is a creative and welcoming place that helps you to figure out both who you are and what you want to do.
When I visited, I found the experience very different than most colleges. The atmosphere was very welcoming. As a small school, I felt at home as soon as I got accepted.
So far so good, I'm now in second semester of the first year and I still am liking it, so I must be doing something right.
I don't want to write to trash on Skidmore because I think it is a good college for people who know what they're getting into. I'm a current freshmen at Skidmore, and have done fine friends and academically (3.6). What I want to stay about Skidmore is there is little room to be who you want to be. In high school, I was an athletic kid and had a lot of buddies on the team, but also had kids who weren't sporty. Skidmore draws an ultimatum and forces you to pick which group you want to hang out with for the remainder of your time here. The student body even recognized this with having segregated red and blue sides in the dining hall.. All the parties are pretty small, and only a few times do the sports houses get to 50-100 people. They're chill parties which can be good, but Im not a huge fan of. Really, to sum up what I'm saying-- don't come here if you don't like weed, if you aren't exclusively sports or artist kid, and if you want a large diverse community (everyone is white 78%)
I'm a current student and so far I love it. If your an incoming freshman, expect to be put in a forced triple. The forced triples are pretty cramped but doable. The food alone is worth coming here for. Home cooked meals will always be better, but as college food goes this place has got the best with wide ranges to choose from and plenty of healthy and diet-friendly choices available. The academics are amazing and all the professors are very approachable and knowledgeable. If you're not a party person you really have to stretch yourself to find things to do, as most weekends are party heavy. They're easy to avoid if it's not your scene but definitely not over the top. Overall an amazing school and an excellent choice.
Beautiful campus and beautiful places in nature and i loved the environment and vibe that skidmore gave off to its students
When I was looking at colleges, I wanted to go to a school with a strong dance program, but also a strong academic program. Skidmore is exactly that--no matter what form of art you want to pursue/continue. A lot of the faculty is very friendly and supportive, and it is very easy to create a strong bond with your teachers. Since most class sizes are small with an average about 15 or so students, asking questions, participating in discussions, and making friends in class is not intimidating.
Good, intimate classes. The teachers are experienced and are, in most cases, quite good. Beautiful campus. The dorms are surprisingly nice. It is a fairly expensive school, and as a side effect of that, there is very little racial or class diversity. It is a college where people have the option to bring their horses to school with them. Very waspy.
I am currently a sophomore at Skidmore, and I couldn't be happier. The academics are rigorous and interesting, and the professors are more often than not heavily involved with their students and helping them towards success. The student life on campus is always interesting, there is never a dull moment. Events on campus are always happening, from student acapella groups to academic speakers. The party scene is definitely there for those who are interested, but people who don't drink or party aren't left in the dust. The dorms are fairly old and poorly lit, but can be cozy and welcoming once settled into. All in all, I adore Skidmore, and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
Skidmore has the ability to make you feel very comfortable. The campus is beautiful. However, their concept of diversity is all wrong. The idea of being all inclusive is not shown when it comes to certain groups on campus. I can say that students voice the changes that need to be made. Furthermore, Its the campuses job to listen.
A wonderful place to grow, learn and succeed. Small class sizes and excellent dining hall. Many students double major. Saratoga can't be beat! Awesome town.
The students are very judgmental. Did not feel very welcomed. The dynamic between athletes and non-athletes is very rigid. Both groups are very stuck-up and condescending. Dorms are in poor condition. Best asset is the library.
Skidmore College was an incredible place to get an education. Great and tough classes but social scene and extracurriculars were solid. On campus housing is amazing and dining hall is better than a lot of restaurants in Saratoga Springs. Set me up perfectly for medical school and I’m so grateful I went to Skidmore.
My experience here was 100% positive. Skidmore set me up for a successful life and career after college. Going there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
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Beautiful campus but I'm not sure how Skidmore has an A in diversity when it is in fact 80% white. There are other schools like Manhattanville, and Albright that are small private liberal arts schools and are far more diverse than what I saw at Skidmore.
Great diversity for a small liberal arts college. Strong bussiness and arts programs, great campus and town.
The school lets in a bunch of jocks to play sports who are also super dumb -- it's weird. The comedy scene is really bad.