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Sitting Bull College is an excellent choice for first time students, returning students and anyone interested in going back to school. The environment at Sitting Bull College is very friendly, supportive and intelligent!
This is a tribal college that welcomes all students and makes them part of the community. Sitting Bull College is located in North Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation having two satellite campuses located across the state line in South Dakota.
I love sitting bull college. It's great. The learning experience been great. The instructors and students are respectful to one another. Everyone helps each other. It's just a great place to get an education.
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So far college has been great for me here at SBC. A lot of hands on help and resources here on campus. I'm also living on campus and the housing is very clean and safe. There are many clubs and tutoring available here also. Only thing I think it could improve on or add to campus is after class activities for students with children here on campus. There is a small fitness or exercise room but not a whole lot to work with in there. Maybe more weights and some type of gym would be great. A outdoor basketball court would be nice. All in all though I am happy and intent here at SBC.
Sitting bull college is a great institution. The staff and faculty are some of the best you can find anywhere. They are there for you, giving their all to see you succeed. If you want a great education from an accredited university i would recommend checking out SBC
Sitting bull college is great. The teachers are all wonderful and very helpful in your studies. They all go above and beyond to help you pass your classes. If I had to do it all over again I would choose Sitting Bull college. The only thing I do not like is the drive to Fort Yates every day, alot of money for gas.
I have all the classes needed to complete my degree at this school.
This school is very understanding and accepting. It is also one of the most affordable colleges in the country. Don't let that fool you, though. The education offered is valuable.
So far this school is really laid back and chill. I haven't chosen a major yet, so doing my General Studies here is giving me some relaxed time to decide. What makes my school unique is that they incorporate Native American values into course agendas. Nonetheless I probably wouldn't choose this school again. I think I would only choose it again as a last resort.
I have enjoyed this school so far. very convenient location and friendly students and teachers. The teachers are there to help you in any way to succeed
I think online classes can really help people in small areas achieve their dreams!
The tuition is very reasonable and with scholarships and grants you even get paid to go to school.
It's a small college with only a few students so they are not able to offer as many classes!
I think they could expand and offer a lot more career opportunities!
There is a nice, cozy student lounge in the school that is perfect for lunch or studying. The library is also a good place to study, equipped with computers and a printer. Lastly the academic center at our school has a small exercise facility that I often utilize.
Havent tried to transfer just yet so i have had no problems with this situation.
I enjoyed my online classes!
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There are many different ways that the school helps you find work. While you're in college, they have a lot of job postings up usually through work study, but also to become a peer tutor. Most of the programs here require you to complete an internship, which helps you out in the long run.
The students here are typically really nice to each other. It's been fun getting to know people here and some of my best friendships were formed here.
The workload isn't too much. I can get help from my classmates and my teachers if I need to. For my degree plan, it's required to have an internship before I graduate, which will make finding a job in the future easy.
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