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SIT Graduate Institute Reviews

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international students from highly divergent cultures
private rooms for everyone...homey environments
just enough...low key and creative
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just enough...creative and full of fun
just enough for diversion and refreshment
everything is experiential and top drawer
lots of proactivity...lots of info...facilities on campus and close by
lots of job search training and pertinent info given in a timely manner
My impression from being a guest participant in real classes, along with intensive interviews of faculty and staff. The school's international and highly accomplished alumni speak for it best.
135 students - 20 countries - 28 languages and 90% if not everyone has been abroad.
Everyone on campus loves their job and everyone is nice.
We dont have Greek life or fraternities.
Not tons to do, pretty pricey.
We have the chipmunks which is our soccer team. Some people are into other sports but this school is really for learning.
Tons of great places to eat, a bit pricey but I guess that's how it is here. There are no student discounts.
Lots of housing comes with furniture which is helpful when you move from across the country and only for 1 year at school. The price isnt the best but its worth it. Parking will be a bit challenging in the winter but I dont have a car.
This is a very strange topic to have to write about. Everyone is wonderful, special and beautiful in their own ways. The ratio is 3 women to 1 man but its still great.
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There are many places to choose from, and you can find any different kind of food that you would wish for. Ethnic cuisine in Evansville is very prevalent, and for the portions you get, the cost is decent. Of course you can find fancy, expensive restaurants if that is what you are looking for, but most of the options are very affordable. There are certain places that offer student discounts, and it tends to be the places where students are seen most often.
The people in Evansville are very friendly, and they are fairly open to diversity for being a small city. There isn't much in the way of clubs or a party scene, but there are plenty of restaurants and enough bars if you can find your way around the city. It is hard to go places without a vehicle or a friend who has one. There is one decent mall in the city, which is the place most people go to shop. The safety is for the most part great, and I feel completely safe walking to nearby places. Students are very welcome throughout the city in general.
I never really enjoyed the athletic scene. Fan support is usually great, especially if the game is against a rival team. School spirit is prevalent, but it isn't the largest part of campus. The athletic facilities are great, which sometimes overshadows some of the other things that need renovated or updated on campus.
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