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Simmons students were rated the 3rd least happy in the U.S. The academics are rigorous which is amazing but you'll also want to pull your hair out and cry. The administrative side of things is awful. You might be wondering why you would care. Let me give a few examples: Have a question about financials? Good luck! Financial services gives you 2 advisors who either pass you back and forth between each other or quit and pass you off to some random person in the office who will also not work there in a few months. Or lets say you moved off campus but want to be a resident again. The Reslife office will make a last minute change to the application process and ask you to apply without being able to tell you anything about how or even if you'll be eligible for housing. Overall, its a lot of money to pay to be constantly screwed over by an administration that doesn't ask for or listen to student or faculty input.
They do have many activities in the college but it is really not enough but the professors are really good and are happy to help.
I love being a part of a women centered college! Simmons is a wonderful place for people who want small classes with lots of participation. The service learning projects give you the chance to do things in the Boston community that can be applied to future jobs and give you wonderful experiences. It is a small school so that limits some of what is available but the Colleges of the Fenway partnership of the colleges in the area gives students plenty of classes and activities to do right around the corner. You also can not beat the location, right in the heart of Fenway you have a wonderful area surrounding the school. As well as the T to get you any where else you might want to go.
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I had some struggles with some areas of this school. I have significant amount of trouble with the office of disabilities, which one would think should be better. They where not helpful at all when I had mobility issues and where very rude and not understanding about a severe anxiety issue. Other than that, I love the school spirit and campus activities office.
The OSLA office at Simmons does a good job of working with their budget to provide students with activities and treats at the beginning and end of the semester. They also plan events to try and get their students involved. However, one thing that was very disappointing was how they made it sound like there were tons of clubs, but I came to realize that the majority were for LGBTQ, POC, and religious people. While I support these and think its great especially because there isn't a large POC population at simmons, there aren't a ton of options for me. In addition, the staff is very unaccommodating, has been known to not give help for students with disabilities, and advisors are just teachers that have no experience with advising and do not care to help, often not responding to your emails or concerns.
It's not as bad as people think, but it definitely seems to be quite unique when compared to the college experiences of my friends from home. Being a women-centered college in the middle of a major city is pretty cool, because the academic environment is completely unique but I have the opportunity to meet people from all the other near by colleges.
Simmons is a great school academically. There is a lack of diversity however in the community, but there is a strong sense of kinship between people of color on campus. The food is ok and the dining system is in the middle of changes, making it harder for some to eat on the academic campus. The resident campus looks very nice, however the dorm rooms are very small. The staff on the resident dining hall is fantastic.
I would like to see better exam prep for my course of study, but I like the way our online program is set up. Student support is the best thing about the online program
Simmons is a great school if you want to devote all of your time to academics. There is essentially no social scene so you have to have friends at other colleges.
Simmons is NOT a great school I repeat NOT a great school. Unless you want to do nursing do not come here. Their physics department consists of only two professors and I did not get anything out of their physics 1 and 2 class. The classes were not calculus base and did not prepare me for anything for higher up classes when I transferred. All the chemistry, biology, math, and physics classes level of hardness were well below other schools. You will be behind others when you graduate, especially if you plan to go to graduate school. They're not wealthy enough to hire full-time professor so you get adjuncts who can't teach at all. Simmons College is basically a fraud who takes your money and give it to the nursing or PT department. This school is honestly a scam to be honest. They're accepting more and more students every year because they know a lot of their students will transfer out after a semester or two.
The class sizes are not massive so students have an opportunity to get to know their professors. The campus is small but has plenty of room for you spread out.
Professors are good, especially nursing program. Resident life, counseling services and staff in general are no help. Social life is weird and cliquey - either preppy girls or super introverts. No party scene whatsoever. Amazing location but nowhere to go if under 21. Parking is extremely inconvenient. Dorms are subpar and over crowded. Strict rules on drinking and smoke free campus.
The staff are really hit or miss. Bartol staff is great but reslife is horrible. I would strongly advise against applying/attending.
The school is really small which means you get to know a lot of other students that attend as well as the professors that teach there. Often times you have the same professor more than once which really sets you up to know the expectations of the professor and therefore perform better in that class. The alums at Simmons are also incredible resources to all students that attend. All different majors have networking dinners each year where they bring in alums because the alums are notorious for helping current students get jobs and internships. Simmons has also created great relationships with many different businesses around Boston such as Brown Brothers Harriman that make a Simmons student more likely to get jobs there upon graduation. Overall, Simmons helps you obtain many incredible opportunities for internships and jobs.
There is only one multicultural room. I declared Computer Science I was disappointed at the lack of sections offered for my cs classes and the mostly male faculty for the computer science department. Sometimes they don't offer certain languages for a certain academic year so you either have to cross register at Wentworth or take community college classes in the Summer.
The college is very hierarchical, disconnected in regards to forms and policies feels like I'm at a huge university. The required curriculum PLAN with KCAs is a joke and eats up a 1/4 of our schedule every semester instead of taking relevant courses to your major or actually getting transferable credits. My advisory mislead me saying that my first year Boston Course would count as literature but when I transferred it counted for nothing!!
My PLAN courses did not transfer to my other institution and this is the case with many other people who transfer.
Simmons is a good school for any health-related field. not very diverse (60% are girls from Maine going to their parents' on the weekend). Not a party school. The area is nice though, so if you are looking to get experience at the hospitals/research centers, it might be a good choice. Food sucks, but you will get used to it.
Simmons is my dream school. Dedicated professors content with their jobs, a comfortable living situation, a beautiful campus, variety in curriculum and a strong program in my major. I couldn't be happier with this school, save for the high cost of tuition.
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If you had asked me if I saw myself at a women's college a year ago I would have never said yes. Today I feel so comfortable at Simmons, and can honestly not imagine being in an environment that is not women's centered. While the comfort of the students is definitley one of Simmons' strengths, it is also a big weakness. I associate guys primarily with social circumstances, and feel as though if I were to be put in a work place at the moment, It would hold me back and change the way I work.
I find that there is a lot of tension between different groups within the college. There are definitley not cliques, but you can see a divide between demographics. I would never consider myself misogynist but Without the presence of the male gender many people judge us from other schools. It's definitley a different experience than one of a co-ed school.
There are lots of strengths and weaknesses of going to a women's college, I feel as though the weaknesses outweigh the strengths.
Simmons is located in the Fenway area of Boston. It has top notch professors who are always there to help. There are lots of athletic teams to get involved with. Alumni is very involved with networking for jobs and internships. The campus is beautiful. The dorms are basic and food isn't the greatest but the location, academics and athletics make up for it.
Simmons is an women's center college located in Boston! The community in Simmons is different compared to a co-ed higher learning institution! PLAN is alright, I thought the Simmons Explore part of PLAN was a waste of time, but the Boston Course is amazing. However some might have different views on the Boston Course. I really like the Boston Course because the class easily introduce me to the city with the few field trips we have. Which was very helpful for me, not being from Massachusetts.
There is a lot to do and participate in and the classes are not that overwhelming.
The students are very accepting for the most part! Republicans are a minority though so be watch out!
Not much of a party scene within the campus, but you can attend parties at other colleges if you know the right people. We also have Machine nearby with +18 nights on Fridays.
However, I feel that Simmons needs room for improvement which is why I give 4 stars.
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