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Simmons College changed my life and provided me opportunities that might be harder to find at other schools. Each class I took throughout the various departments challenged me and re-wired my way of thinking in the world. The Department of Public Health, which I belonged to, provided me many opportunities to do my own research and also helped me land my job once I graduated. I made life-long friends and life-long professors and Simmons was the best place for me.
I enjoyed visiting and I really wanna spend my college life here! Everyone is so nice and welcoming there and I felt at home!
I'm in Simmons online Social Work program, and I love it. The professors I've had have all been very knowledgable about the course material and excited to present it to class. I've had fabulous classmates who are just as interested in learning as I am. Class sizes are small, so people don't get overlooked and professors are able to help out individual students. Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone who has the resources to participate in it.
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I love Simmons, it honestly feels more like home than my actual home. Simmons is perfect for anyone that wants a small school but still wants to explore the city and live in beautiful Boston. I am honestly disappointed with all the other students that rated Simmons anything less than 4 stars. Some things with Simmons are a little below average, but it's also a VERY small school. Considering how small Simmons, it is AMAZING. Simmons isn't a party school because it's a prestigious and well-endowed school that can't have their students getting in trouble. BUT that doesn't mean you can't have a little get together in your dorm and drink, as long as you don't go screaming around campus. Also, you're in the middle of Boston, it is super easy to find fun people. Also, all of Simmons faculty give 110% when it comes to student. Even when we had that shooting scare, a cafe worker ran OUTSIDE to call students into the building and keep them safe. Simmons is amazing and definitely worth it.
i love the community so much. everyone is so supportive. financial aid office sucks tho tbh and they
This college is not for students of color, students with disabilities, or the LGBTQIA community. Our college priorities appearances over student support and our public safety office is not equipped to handle any kind of emergency as demonstrated last Thursday.
I loved the academics. What needs to improve is the atmosphere at Simmons College. It is not very diverse.
There are pros and cons to this school. Most of the professors are very helpful and want their students to succeed. There are ample opportunities for research and internships within the area. The food and housing at this university are sub-par. Not only are there a lack of options, but the meals are not very accommodating to students with allergies and dietary restrictions.
They give you a lot of resources a big school can not offer. The location is amazing and allows you to have a quiet night in your dorm or go out to the bars or other schools and party all night. The academics are interesting, challenge me, and allow me to succeed in them. Admissions is nice with scholarship money. I have found my home here.
I am currently in the MSW online program. It is going okay so far. Its very independent so you have to keep up with the work. One online class session a week to review the work you had to complete. It is okay. Just make sure you are keeping up because you could easily fall off track and it could be difficult to catch up.
I loved this college. This college trulls sets their students up for success. The classes were easily accessible and the material was beneficial in completing a degree in social work. The professors were also always available and really cared about their students.
I love my time at Simmons. I had met some great alumni and students. Due to its small tight-knit community connecting with alumni is enjoyable and easy.
Great and fun school. One of the top 10 women's colleges in the United States. Enjoyed my time at Simmons. A unique college experience compared to the traditional co-ed one
Simmons has been going through a lot of changes recently and it is an exciting things. All of these changes makes it feel that my investment in education is worth it :)
My time at Simmons has been a great one so far. The school has a nice relaxing atmosphere plus its in Boston so it is easy to go around places. Students can take classes in the Colleges of the Fenway (you will be missed Wheelock). Could do some more work on diversity.
Small class size really allow you to interact with your professor and have a larger understanding of your major. Lots of opportunities in Boston for internships. A great school for a well-rounded education for the arts & sciences as well as professional programs.
A cool little school, with cool professors, in a cool city.
I love Simmons and its community.
The food needs some work though
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Simmons is challenging but worth it. Full of students who want to succeed and are passionate. Boston is a great location as well.
I love all of my professors in Simmons. The location in Boston is also great and I love the Simmons community
Overall very good. Great professors, students, and staff. Great community.
Love the city of Boston and its location as well. Target, Star Market, etc... Everything is accessible around the campus.
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