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ons College of Kentucky is a HBCU of higher learning. It has a variety students who comes from different background. Simmons College prepares students to become agent of change and productive citizens. The Professors and staff very friendly and helpful. They will go out their way to make sure the students succeed in their studies. All of my instructors I have had really cared and made sure I had the necessary tools, books, and lectures so I can succeed. TT
Overall, Simmons is a pretty inclusive college. What I would like to see improve is more organization in different departments of the college.
I'm currently a student enrolled in Simmons and I am enjoying my time here. Very professional professors , who cares for all there student. We also just received new technology so we are also more modern. Coming soon we also have a fraternity chapter being started. In conclusion I am grateful to be at Simmons U.
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This college has been a tremendous blessing to my life I love it and wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Simmons is the 107th HBCU and is the most recent one. I am a Music Major and in the marching band and we are on the rise thanks to our President Kevin Cosby and generous donors in the community wanting to see this small school that used to be shut down, disguised as being helped but being robbed by U of L in the late 1900s we were one the first college for colored people created by colored people because of the racism and segregation not to educate our race my school is full of history and it’s honestly the best.
Simmons college is a fraud and dishonors the memory of the the original Simmons college.

St. Stephens Church purchased the property of the long shuttered Simmons College. Eventually they started a new college using the Simmons name.

The University of Louisville discretely loaned Simmons significant administrative and logistical assistance to permit Simmons to obtain accreditation that they were unqualified.

The quality of the education is remedial at best. Many Simmons graduates remain functionally illiterate.

The liberals who provided the financial and technical assistance to build this diploma mill pat themselves on the back but they have done Simmons students and taxpayers a grave disservice.

Simmons should return to its original mission or be shuttered.
This is a HBCU. It's the Only One in Louisville. It was first a bible college and now it has other degree curriculum available. Sociology, Music, Business abd and many more.
I believe it is a great school, I love the atmosphere of the school and how it is continuing. to grow
Wonderful way to earn an education and serve as associate minster, pastor, Sunday School teacher other areas of church work and community work.
What i love about Simmons is there kind and.careing staff that make you feel like.
You are famliy and they are really concern about your need the professor there are awesome my major religious studies and each one of my professor make you feel like you are back in the beginning where it all begain or make you feel like you descended up into heaven i hate to leave school feel so great to be around such great Scholars then i have to.leave school and come back to hell the real world. The only thing i would change about Simmons would be that i wish they had more find natural resources in the forms of scholarships or grants that you didn't have to pay back or you didn't have to compete for.I love my school thank God for this bless opportunity.
I really enjoyed my experience at Simmons College of Kentucky. The classes where small so I was able to get that one on one attention from my teachers and ask them for help whenever I needed it. I would recommend Simmons to people who are interested in going to a small institution.
The Public transportation runs pretty smoothly around Simmons Bible College
It is alright, you have to walk a distance to get to the campus. At night its not good unless you are with someone or someone is walking to the bus stop with you.
Parking is fine, not only do you have a parking lot you can also park on the street. In order to get a good spot on the parking lot, you must get there about 15 to 20 minutes before class
The campus is great, and the professors are amazing. they are available to the students to anwer questions and assist you with whatever you need or don't understand. I love the class discussions, they are woth going to
I suggest that one need to stay in contact with the financial office in order to find out about the scholarships. They need to see who is really qualified instead of just giving out scholarships to their church members and friends. I did not received a good amount from their scholarship, why? I was on the deans list and a good GPA- 3.25 and only got a $91.00 scholarship. They need to re- think on who gets scholarships and the qualifications.
There is no lnight life; unless you are taking evening classes, each individual have their own transportation or they car pool.
At times its hard to say about the weather. We don't know which way God is going to take it. But overall, in the time of bad weather, Simmons have their standards in contactig the students and the staff on bad weather. Students love to hang outside when the weather is nice.
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Simmons College of Kentucky is very unique; the programs for religious studies and for any minister or pastors are great. They try to work with you especially if they see that there is a financial need. I love how they work with the youth to try to keep them in school. At times there are hands on learning with their spiritual understanding of the needs of the students.
The student life at Simmons is wonderful, friendly and concern staff. the library is beautiful. Simmons College of Kentucky is just like all other colleges. They have done a lot of remodling since they re-opened. You can catch the bus to school with no problem, there are various of fast food resturant; place to study and close to the downtown Louisville.
The girsl(young ladies) and guys (young men) are very nice neat, outgoing people. They show so much interest in their studies and believe in helping each other out, like tutoring when and as needed. Dress is everyday dressing regular dressing, business dressing, normal. Some of the students work and at times have to where work clothes providing its decent and in order.
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