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The school got rid of the people that cared about the students and helped them do the things they need to do.
I haven't visited the school yet but from what I have heard from other people, it is a good school to attend.
My experience at Silver Lake College has been a good one so far, I've been here since my freshman year so I'm used to everything that goes on around me. The Staff and teachers are very welcoming, since this campus is very small you get the chance to connect more closely with your professors when in need. I think that having this gave me more energy and set me up for better greatness in the future.
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Silver Lake is a great college. Since it's small, all your professors know you by name. Everyone here is so helpful.
I am thrilled with my experience at Silver Lake College. The quality education and individualized learning opportunities prepared me well for admission into some of the top law schools in the country.
Yes silver lake college is small and everyone knows each other but college is supposed be built off growth which is not a constant thing here many professors didn't want to renew their contract students are learning but yet so far behind like someone like myself so Professors and staff are racist as hell the school needs a lot to work on didn't want to be bashful but this school is not somewhere you want to send your children the food is HORRIBLE and SCARY the financial aid is a complete rip off the school finds any and every way to make money or take from students they accept almost anybody they lied about some activites that they say was there NOT !!!!! This school receives an overall D+ because it has potential but no one wants to do anything oh yea and there's no gym but a music building 😂😂😂🤘🏾
I generally had a great experience with the university. Unfortunately, an experience I had while student teaching really tainted my view of them as I really felt like administrators did not listen to me during this time. Otherwise, my professors were great and very knowledgeable. Overall I enjoyed the experience.
Overall, good place. Campus is very small and everyone knows everyone. You will most likely see a lot of the same people in your classes, even if they don't share your major. Professors are very nice and willing to work students. Not much of a party scene but I am not interested in that.
Silver Lake College is a very close college where you can be close with people you don't know about. They have very great opportunities which can help you a lot during college.
Being the first one in the family has been a very challenging situation for me. However, dedication and passion about getting and receiving a good education is what motivates me the most. My experience with meeting other people has been also wonderful. As time passed we had become not just friends but more like a family. In campus there are also activities going on almost everyday which its always something good. Teachers organize movie nights, talent shows, bowling, and much more. Silver Lake College is a small campus, it was what I was looking for. I was looking for a small college because professors sit with you one on one and there are more opportunities for them to help you and that's what Silver Lake professors do. Within the college there are also sports and other school activities. I have recently joined the cheer team and I really enjoy participating. So Far Silver Lake College has been a great experience for me.
Different departments vary wildly-- if you want to study nursing, music, theology, or education, this is a good place to be. Art, maybe not.
The other students are messy, and are making constant noise well into the night. There's something of a culture clash between the people who live around here and the people who come from inner city Milwaukee and Chicago.
Silver Lake has the resources to learn if you're willing to put in the effort to use them. The grading curve tends to be steep, which is offset by the low standards for what kind of work can get you an "A" in some classes-- it's more important to do something than it is to create something of high quality. The culture here seems to value positivity more than the ability to constructively criticize peers, which I think is highly detrimental to the learning process.

The library is excellent-- if they don't have something, they can typically find it for you through an inter-library loan. They were able to find an extremely rare and obscure piece of literature for me that I had given up looking for elsewhere, and have an extensive selection of periodicals.

Very small class sizes in many cases, to the point that a class may cease to be offered because too few people signed up for it.
I mean they have one security guard and everyone trust each other.
The professors are great at making sure you work is done and keeping track of you attendance. The course are okay they could expand more with better classes.
I really don't know. This school lose me at times.
Living on campus is very depressing, its depressing because there is (literally) nothing to do. You have a little people to talk to, the dorms are really small, no social activities going on, they charge you to do everything when it cost 9,000 just to live here.
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We don't have anything like that one are campus.
I really don't get involved in sports and so I don't have much to say.
My overall all experience at Sliver Lake College haven't been the worst or the best. I could say( as a person) I have grown a lot. I made mistakes that I will not make anymore, such as: waking up late for class, not studying, and not taking school serious.I don't have a favorite experience but I did get to go zip lining. What makes my school unique (in a way) is that they care about me being successful after I get my Bachelors. My professors also take extra steps that they don't have to take. For an example, they stay passed there office hours to help me with work or even other professors work. They also make sure I stay on task and on the mission to success, which I like. Even though, my professors are good at what they do, I will not choose Silver Lake College again as my college. Just because I want more out of college then just an education. I want an experience of a life time or something close to it and SLC can't offer that to me.
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