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Beautiful place to study at. The teachers are passionate about what they do and strive to introduce a new way of learning.
Sierra Nevada College has been amazing with all of my questions and enrollment process. I always look forward to hearing from my instructors or counselors because they’re always positive and ready to help.
The professors form relationships with their students. Most teachers are available for help whenever it is needed and help each student thrive. SNC provides a unique experience with its small class sizes and close-knit feel. The sports teams are all like family. I have met some of my best friends here while growing into the person I am today. Sierra Nevada College provides a great education where multiple connections can be made to provide amazing opportunities during and after attending SNC. Budget cuts have hurt different programs and taken away from what it provided in the past.
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SNC has a wonderful location and lovely staff and faculty. They are becoming very business-focused, but the English and other Humanities departments still stand strong.
The Area around SNC is something you won't find anywhere else. With a ridiculous amount of world class ski resorts right next door and a plethora of hiking, and other mountain related activities, you really have the might of the mountains at your fingertips. Unfortunately the college itself falls quite short. The Academics are weak, I played computer games during every class and i got a 3.6 with less homework than i had senior year of high school. The Dorms are great, every room has a private bathroom, but i hope you like the smell of marijuana. Social life is minimal as within two weeks you will already know everyone who goes to SNC due to how small it is. Make the grocery store Raley's your home as the Cafeteria food will most likely leave you being unable to contain your farts for a week. All the drawbacks of a small college with none of the benefits, and a big 0l' $48,000 price.
I love the the school is so small and personal. Everyone knows each other, and they are so caring and do their jobs so amazingly. I love the atmosphere and the way the whole campus is set up.
The location could not get any better. Campus is less than a mile from the beautiful lake shore where the views are always breathtaking. SNC is a small school which is really nice when it comes to creating a personal relationship with your professors, allowing you the maximum help. Although I really enjoy the smallness of the school I would have liked to see more classes offered. The school has a lot of expanding to do with their academics but overall is an excellent place to attend.
My review for SNC is ONLY for the Interdisciplinary Program. I also got a business degree but was extremely disappointed with the teachers and classes in that program. The business program is easy and doesn't require a lot of work/effort; this is why it is the most 'sought out for' degree by SNC students. However, I will always speak highly of the Interdisciplinary program. The teachers are incredible and are there for you on an educational and mental level. You are required to do an internship, community-based project, research project, fundraising event, and numerous research papers to graduate from that program. To most of the SNC population that is a turn-off because it is a lot of work. However, for me, I graduated with a well-seasoned resume and had real-world experience that helped me land jobs even while I was in school and gave me enough confidence to start my own company. I HIGHLY suggest going into the interdisciplinary program.
Transferring to Sierra Nevada College was the best decision I've ever made. The location is one-of-a kind and the education is top-notch. SNC professors are brilliant and all have professional experience in their field of choice. Getting internships and job opportunities is extremely easy, especially by networking through the connections the school already has. Scholarships make this school very affordable. I cannot recommend Sierra Nevada College enough!
The class sizes are great. I'm a transfer and at my previous school I felt like I wasn't viewed as anything more than my ID number. At SNC the great outdoors is at your fingertips and Tahoe has such a great community with friendly people.
Great school that is actually IN the mountains. The closest ski resort is two minuets away and the spectacular lake is only a five minute walk! If your looking to go to college, but don't want to give up your outdoor lifestyle, come to SNC. The college is action sport oriented and has a great freestyle and alpine ski team! The professors are hands on and very accredited. The only criticism I have is that the dorm food could be substantially better. Overall, this school is a hidden gem. Would highly recommend.
Right in the mountains, less than a 2 minute drive from the nearest ski resort and over 6 resorts less than an hour away! Professors have loads of real world experience so my education feels very applicable to a future career. Small classes (10-20 students) make it easy to connect with professors to get the most out of course material. Plus, Lake Tahoe is less than a 5 minute walk can't really beat that!
Sierra Nevada College completely changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to ski as well as double major within business. I never thought I'd be able to live in a place like this and do what I love the most!
SNC is extremely small and everyone knows everyone. Academics are hit or miss. I have taken classes here where the professors don't seem to know the material themselves and I've taken great classes here with professors who have legitimate real world experience. Location is great, social life is extremely lackluster. Most kids seem very unmotivated/don't care about their education. If all you really want to do is ski 100+ days a year this school is for you.
Amazing school for skiers/snowboarders. The campus is small but offers one on one education with your professors. The only downside is the high cost and the school's food.
the campus is beautiful and well-kept. Dorm life is good, their are a multitude of events for students to take part in. The cafeteria is the only part of SNC that is a real issue and causing more stress for students because when the food is so unappealing and monotone that they can't eat it the students must go shopping and spend money on an already tight budget, even though cafeteria food has already been charged to our student account and paid for by the beginning of the semester.
Safety is great, no reason to feel afraid or unsafe. The health is good too, maintenance cleans everyday the common area(s) and classrooms. the health in the cafeteria isn't the best, just speaking on food quality.
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Housing isn't too spacious if in a double. Even though I am in a double, all triple furniture is still in my room. The school refuses to remove it. Also no mini fridges or microwaves are available anymore for rent in the semester so they leave the students left to another expensive cost.
I love the athletics department in the sense that they advertise well for games/ meets. Also joining a team is easy because sign ups are all over the place.
SNC has one expensive meal plan, for horrible food. The dorms are expensive for the quality. But the classes have been great and most of my professors are passionate and want to help the students do their best. if the cafeteria would completely change the menu and make healthy, hearty and a variety of meals SNC would be so much better.