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Sierra College is listed as Northern California's highest ranked community college for many reasons. Personally, I think the quality of the professors is the most important. They create UC level classes and ensure you get top notch education. Additionally, they all are available to help you succeed and want to help in any way they can. Another important reason Sierra College will rock your socks is the plethora of opportunities offered. From internships, high paying job connections, clubs, services, and other extracurricular activities Sierra College will help you grow in many aspects and ensures there is a place for everyone. The quality education available at Sierra College and the many opportunities are what enabled my acceptance to now transfer to Cal Berkeley. I highly recommend this school to anybody and everybody!
This is a great college. I really like the campus. I have been here for a few years and the classes all have gone smooth. The classes are structured well.
Sierra College is a great campus to get a start on your education. The campus is beautiful with a rich history of graduates with diverse backgrounds and learning experiences. I'm so glad I have an opportunity to learn here.
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Though I attend the Nevada County Sierra College Campus and it is much smaller than the main campus, it's such a charming little place. By being engaged on campus I've met so many people and had so many wonderful opportunities presented to me.
It is a great school with friendly staff and you should always go to to check out good your professors are too
Very much a commuter school, you could go your whole semester without talking to anyone. The people I have gotten to know however are all very friendly. The professors are alright.. you have to look at ratemyprofessor . com before choosing otherwise you’ll probably get stuck with an awful prof. I don’t recommend listening to the counselors they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time, it’s best to figure out your pathway by going on the catalog online and seeing what classes are required for your major and for the CSUs or UCs (if you plan on transferring). Almost everyone here is transferring to sac state. The campus itself is very beautiful and well kept but parking is awful. For any class at 11am-3pm it is VERY hard to find parking. I recommend taking morning classes or getting there 1-2 hours early and studying in your car. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here but it is definitely not the “college experience” due to it being very much a commuter school.
Amazing school with amazing professors. Love the environment and the teaching method is outstanding.
It has a very nice atmosphere. Most of the students are young but everyone seems friendly. School events such as club day are great for walking around, meeting people and finding new intrests.
I really enjoy the campus and the atmosphere on campus. At this school there are plenty of opportunities for the interests of the students here. The professors are great. Most of the professors I have had, I have loved and each class here has inspired more interest as well of knowledge in the subject area for that class.
The school is very active in making college as easy as a process for students. Plenty of things to do and in a very good are.
I started attending Sierra College the fall after my high school graduation, and had major doubts about it since it was a community college. But to my surprise, my first semester was actually pretty great! I got a bunch of great teachers who seemed very passionate and interested in the course they were teaching. The campus is a decent size, not small and yet not crazy huge, so it's relatively easy getting to classes on time. The grounds are well kept too! During my first semester I would often sit on the grass under a tree working on assignments or eating my lunch. I never really felt uncomfortable either, everyone is either minding their own business or many are looking to make friends. The library is my favorite place on campus. Sierra college in Rocklin would be my number one recommendation to students who are unsure of where to start, or if they are in a situation of money insecurity. It's a great place to figure out your future!
I had to move after my first semester at Sierra and I preferred the 1 hour and 30 minute drive because that’s how much I enjoyed this school. I love that they offer on campus housing even if they’re a community college, unfortunately I wasn’t able to pay for it, since they are overpriced. The professors were helpful, my counselor from TRiO helped me out so much with exploring universities and careers, and making sure I was taking all the right classes to transfer as soon as possible. The students are really friendly and it’s easy to form study groups. The cafeteria had a wide variety of delicious food. There is also a nature trail behind the school which is convenient when you need to distract your mind or even go on a jog. The parking passes were affordable and there are parking lots all around the school. I really wish this was a university because I would’ve loved to finish my undergraduate and graduate studies here.
I really enjoy Sierra College! All the staff is very helpful in making sure you succeed and are able to reach your goals! The smaller classes allow the student to get more one on one help with the professor. A lot of opportunity comes from Sierra College.
So far I have been enjoying my first collleg experience at Sierra College! For me it has been a perfect place to start out, and get a start of the college experience without being to overwhelmed from it.
Sierra College is a great school for people who just graduated high school, those who took a couple years off and are now returning to school, or those who are looking for a career change or are wishing to enrich their education later on in life. There is a great mix of ages and cultures. There is a vast amount of parking, although parking passes are a little expensive. Teachers are great, and care about students and are willing to give their time to students who wish to improve their learning and grades.
I didn’t grow up around this area so moving here was such a fun experience. I’m so happy that I can now call this area home. The college has a beautiful campus in a very convenient location. It is right off the freeway for quick access to surrounding communities and local stores.
Great community college with great resources. The classes are interesting and help you prepare for a career. There is a lot available for you to get multiple AA degrees. The financial aid support is phenomenal. The resources for students go above and beyond, from food to hungry students, to career and transfer connections, all these things help me feel really supported by my school.
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As soon as I stepped on campus at Sierra College on my first day, I knew I had made the right decision. As a student with a disability all of my professors have been more than accomodating and extremely helpful. The academics and the learning environment is another one of my favorite parts. Both staff and students alike come everyday excited to learn!
this college has really helped me out with my education. the professors are amazing and very helpful. love this school!
I felt some of the faculty were not as interested in the well being of a student and their goals, at least in my experience. The overall tools and academic choices given were adequate enough though.
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