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Sierra is a great place to get your foot in the door to an education. They are incredibly helpful to transfer students. I am an adult returning to school and found the experience helpful and fairly easy. I took classes at my own rate and qualified for financial aid which greatly helped me succeed and focus on my studies. I always did my research on professors so I was pretty lucky with the ones I had. I suggest this college to all of my local friends as a place to just get started and figure out what they want to do with their careers.
After attending Sierra College for little over a year, I have concluded that it is a community that truly wants you to succeed in your education. Proving students with every form of assistance from personal counseling to academic plans and countless online courses, a 4.0 GPA has never been so achievable. A beautiful campus equipped with dorms, cafeteria, library, health center, and friendly professors make this community college a wonderful place to learn.
It’s very good institution, I really like the professors and classes. But I would like to make it easier to enroll into some classes. Mostly in the physics departament where normally there is big waitlists.
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I was here through Ghidotti Early College High School on the Nevada County Campus. Most of the professors I had at NCC were dedicated to their jobs and students and wanted us to succeed and challenged us academically, but there were the occasional few that were easy and didn't really care too much. All the professors and students were nice, campus food is good but expensive, and there are a few clubs you can join. Overall, I had a very good experience.
Sierra college is an affordable community college that offers a variety of classes in almost everything you would need. The students are friendly, the faculty is great and it is an all around good school. Though, not everything you may need is offered here but, it is close enough to other colleges that you will be able to take whatever course you need.
I thought the campus was nice and open, but I would like to see more interactions with the students. I feel like no one wants to get to know each other.
Sierra College has been the best decision I’ve made involving my future. It isn’t very expensive and the teachers are wonderful, making my experience choosing a major simple and relatively stress free. I use RateMyProfessor and have had some of the best professors I probably ever will. Sierra offers lots of clubs as well, and has a decent sports program. I’ve never been into the party scene so I couldn’t be of any help in that arena. The surrounding area, Rocklin, has lots of great places to eat and shop.
It's a very nice, well kept college. I would like to see more activities on campus though that get the students more involved with each other.
Great school with great teachers. I went there and received my AS and loved it. I recommend attending here and then transferring to a 4 year.
I attended Sierra College for 5 Years and had an amazing growing experience. Being a first generation student, I started off not knowing what to do. With the help of my Counselor Dr. Ortega he guided me into the right direction and now I am starting Nursing School in the Fall. Sierra College has several clubs of different interests and Ethnic backgrounds. They also have programs to help students out financially, mentally and physically throughout your College experience. I never felts lost or misguided at Sierra College and I recommend this school to everyone!
Sierra college is a wonderful campus to be on. Everyone from staff to your fellow peers. Sierra college provides all the tools you need in order to succeed from things like tutoring and like said before friendly staff that want to see you grow as a student.
Sierra College is listed as Northern California's highest ranked community college for many reasons. Personally, I think the quality of the professors is the most important. They create UC level classes and ensure you get top notch education. Additionally, they all are available to help you succeed and want to help in any way they can. Another important reason Sierra College will rock your socks is the plethora of opportunities offered. From internships, high paying job connections, clubs, services, and other extracurricular activities Sierra College will help you grow in many aspects and ensures there is a place for everyone. The quality education available at Sierra College and the many opportunities are what enabled my acceptance to now transfer to Cal Berkeley. I highly recommend this school to anybody and everybody!
This is a great college. I really like the campus. I have been here for a few years and the classes all have gone smooth. The classes are structured well.
Sierra College is a great campus to get a start on your education. The campus is beautiful with a rich history of graduates with diverse backgrounds and learning experiences. I'm so glad I have an opportunity to learn here.
Though I attend the Nevada County Sierra College Campus and it is much smaller than the main campus, it's such a charming little place. By being engaged on campus I've met so many people and had so many wonderful opportunities presented to me.
It is a great school with friendly staff and you should always go to to check out good your professors are too
Very much a commuter school, you could go your whole semester without talking to anyone. The people I have gotten to know however are all very friendly. The professors are alright.. you have to look at ratemyprofessor . com before choosing otherwise you’ll probably get stuck with an awful prof. I don’t recommend listening to the counselors they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time, it’s best to figure out your pathway by going on the catalog online and seeing what classes are required for your major and for the CSUs or UCs (if you plan on transferring). Almost everyone here is transferring to sac state. The campus itself is very beautiful and well kept but parking is awful. For any class at 11am-3pm it is VERY hard to find parking. I recommend taking morning classes or getting there 1-2 hours early and studying in your car. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here but it is definitely not the “college experience” due to it being very much a commuter school.
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Amazing school with amazing professors. Love the environment and the teaching method is outstanding.
It has a very nice atmosphere. Most of the students are young but everyone seems friendly. School events such as club day are great for walking around, meeting people and finding new intrests.
I really enjoy the campus and the atmosphere on campus. At this school there are plenty of opportunities for the interests of the students here. The professors are great. Most of the professors I have had, I have loved and each class here has inspired more interest as well of knowledge in the subject area for that class.
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