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this college has really helped me out with my education. the professors are amazing and very helpful. love this school!
I felt some of the faculty were not as interested in the well being of a student and their goals, at least in my experience. The overall tools and academic choices given were adequate enough though.
Teachers all have been in the workforce and are very experienced. The campus is clean and easy to navigate with maps and signs. Bathrooms are abundant and drinking fountains. The library and natural history museum are the best for community colleges in California. The professors are knowledgeable easy to contact and straightforward with office hours.
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Sierra College may not be an acclaimed four year institution but with the right amount of hard work, determination and patience the staff at this college gets you there just fine.
Sierra College is a great institution with many programs to choose from. The professors at Sierra College are great and are always very helpful and engaging. The counseling department are very helpful in helping you choose what classes/path you should take for your major. Overall, Sierra College is a great school with a great environment.
The campus is very nice and the people are nicer. It is always fun driving down to campus and seeing new friendly people when I walk to class.
I go to Sierra College in Nevada City it's small and beautiful. I like all my teachers so far, their nice and go out of their way to help the class understand what needs to be learned. There are a limit of classes due to the area, most of the teachers comes from Sacramento to teach certain classes.
Sierra College is a great school. The staff and professors are really professional and approachable. The classes run well too. There are many different degrees to get at Sierra. Many different kinds of classes to take to get the degree the student wants to get. There is lots of information that can be found for events and other things in the school. Lots of events go around at the school. All the time new things were happening in the school. There are always places to go if you need help in something like setting up meetings with a counselor to help pick classes. Overall it is a great school.
Sierra College is a friendly and accessible community college, a great environment for learning and highly supportive of career advancement.
I have so far enjoyed my time as Sierra college. It is a great school, that offers students great opportunities. Your campus involvement has much to do with how much effort you are willing to put in. If you want 0 involvement there is no push but if you are looking to take part in campus activities, they are more than available.
Sierra College is great, it has multiple locations for convenience and offers a wide array of courses. Faculty is helpful and professors understand the demands of a student who studies, works and has a life.
Sierra College is a pretty campus with some outstanding teachers. There is no social life, however, and it is difficult to make friends. The food is pretty good, and occasionally there will be an event on campus with food and music. Some teachers are pretty awful, but if you check ratemyprofessor it is easy to find the good teachers. It is very, very difficult to find parking, and getting the classes you want is also hard if you do not have priority. Overall it is a good community college and is a clean campus.
What I liked about Sierra is the convenient location and that it prepared me for transfer to a university. However I did not appreciate the professors preaching their political opinions instead of teaching the curriculum.
Sierra College's mission statement is all about promoting life-long learning to everyone, and providing quality education. They DEFINITELY live up to this standard in my opinion.
I really love sierra college. It was such an excellent school to start back up in, after many years of being out of the college experience. I came back with kids so I ran a tight ship when it came to my free time. My teachers were always so accommodating and gave me lots of notice before assignments were due. I had very detailed teachers who cared about each of us getting the most out of our educational experience.
I love the faculty there. So many resources to help you if you need it. The campus is very well kept up and pretty. Quiet school and not a large campus.
The campus here at Sierra College is beautiful and full of trees. It's a peaceful place, great for studying. The campus food is mediocre and slightly overpriced. And the area itself is rather spread out, getting around without a car is a hassle.
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I like that it offers a wide variety of classes that anyone can take, however, that kind of makes it feel like a Community "Center" instead of "College" which is not the best for me personally, though I understand that is sort of the purpose of this school. It is also amazingly cheap and one can easily complete their General Ed and AA in two years as a full-time student. Some classes have lower expectations of students, yet I have learned a lot in most of them. All of the professors that I have had so far know what they are doing as most have actually worked in the field. Also, there are quite a few good services for the students like the Student Engagement Centers that allow for a "home away from home" to populations that have been discriminated in the past. Finally, the food options are starting to get better, as they are trying to provide healthier alternatives.
Although Sierra College was not my plan for college, it has been quite a pleasant experience. For the most part the counselors are very knowledgeable, helpful and readily available. There is a wide variety of courses, times available and teachers when it comes to choosing classes. Over all, my experience at Sierra has been mostly positive.
Sierra College has great resources and decent teachers. Many of the teachers are excellent in their jobs, but some of them are unorganized, giving the school an unofficial feel to it.
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