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Siena Heights University was the college that i chose to further my education. I do not regret it, nor have i ever even thought about going somewhere else, i absolutely love it there. It is a small, private, catholic college that is located in a smaller type of town with a low socioeconomic income level. We as students at Siena do many things to interact with the community to make it a better place. The athletics here are amazing!
I first visited Siena Heights University when they invited me to their campus because I play football and they showed me interest in my skill set. It all sparked when I got there, the campus was beautiful and very new and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE on the campus whether student or faculty was nice as can be. I couldn’t believe it, it was everything I wanted in a college and more!
The online program so far is fantastic! The curriculum is spot on, and the professors are personable and willing to help. I truly feel like I am learning, and improving my intelligence. As a matter of fact, anyone I have ever spoken with from the University is extremely nice. I am very impressed with the online program which has win awards for excellence!
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Overall I have had an easy transition. It's been over 10 years since I have attending some kind of college or medical program. I see the reviews people are leaving are mostly from freshmen about sororities and food around campus. I think leaving crappy reviews about fraternities and sororities is not even relevant to the education. I'm under 30 years of age and know what my priorities are. The school has helped me with getting the right path for my medical BA degree and the classes are fast so I will be done in a little over a year. I'm not complaining about financial aid as I don't even qualify for it and have been paying cash as I go. Leaving me debt free once I am done. Being part of the online program I think its easy to adapt and makes it convenient for me to jungle a full-time medical job and a part time teaching job.
I love the close knit environment Siena provides as well as the one-on-one interaction with professors. The administration creates an atmosphere that encourages students to succeed and enjoy their college experience.
The staff and faculty here are very nice and helpful. If you ask for something they will try their hardest to get it done. The school is expensive and the dorms are ok. The only problem is that you will struggle a little bit, in the beginning, trying to figure out the school itself.
The advisors are wonderful here at Siena Heights University. They have helped me when I had issues with classes or had questions about my career interests. They also helped me register for classes and get my degree!
I graduated 32 years ago. We had phenomenal professors, really outstanding people of integrity who cared about the students, and made sure that they had an understanding of life and their career field.. It was easy to take courses outside of my field, so with extra business classes, I have been able to run my counseling business on my own. There's no way to put a price on that, but I know it's saved me many thousands of dollars. I also was able to take courses in art, nutrition, and music to really round out my character. Although the professors have moved on, they left a legacy that I'm sure students currently are still enjoying. Yes, it's a small school in a small town, but it's a great place to get a big start in life.
Completing my four-year degree with Siena Heights University has opened doors that were not previously there. Up until three years ago, only those with nursing backgrounds were given opportunities to climb the career ladder within surgical services. Myself and fellow peers have been given the opportunity to change the narrative that a nurse is not always the answer for management needs within the realm of healthcare. My hope is to continue where I left off with a bachelor’s degree from a proven institution and take the necessary steps to achieving a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from a university that has brought me great success. I have nothing but gratitude for the professors, staff and institution which have helped me advance in my career.
Siena Heights University is a great college is love my professors they really help if you are struggling. There is a diverse group of students that go there and chances of you seeing someone you know while walking around campus are pretty good.
As a Freshman (Sophmore as of Fall 2018) I commute from my house. While i dont live on campus, there are many activities and events that you can attend, as well as organizations. I love Siena, as i am double majoring in Early Education and Child Development. As a double major, communicating with the teachers and advisors is a key part to it. Overall, I feel that Siena is the best choice for me, and have had great experiences with all teachers. While on campus, many of the staff members will get to know you by name, not as a number. To me, it is really important to recognize students and call them by name, as it makes you feel important. There is always a Campus Safety Guard around for emergencies, and they are very quick responders. The campus is well diverse, but all students are welcoming and accepting of each other.
Great professors, small class sizes, inspiring programs. I was happy to have spent my time here and finish my degree strong through a school that was reputable, professional, understanding, flexible, and ready to help see each student succeed in a career path specific to them. It has been a great experience thus far.
Siena Heights University has many professors in which are all there for the personal benefit of your education. Being a small school you are given the one on one time and most class sizes are not over 20 people in each class. As an education major the professors are there to get you out into the classrooms right away so that you know if teaching and being with specific ages are right for you.
I love the teachers and hands on experience. They are willing to help and know what they are talking about.
I like the small community and the sport involvement here. I don’t really like the limited access of things to do around here and how much the cost is
I like Siena Heights University because it is a school where you are able to get to know your professors on a one on one basis. I feel like my professors and adviser are truly there to help me get the best education that I can get.
I do think that the food in the dorms needed be improved and well as the dorms themselves. Many times my heat has not worked and has not been fixed for days.
I decided on Siena Heights University because there is a satellite campus at Jackson College in Jackson, Michigan. This is extremely convenient for me. The main location is only 40 minutes away and easily commutable. I like that the college offers 15 week classes along with 8 week classes. I am able to come in on the 2nd part of winter semester 2018. They offer accelerated programs and alot of online classes that can work for anyone. The staff is extremely helpful and caring. The college has so many options for anyone attending college.
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I like that Siena is in it's on little town and it's quite because I can focus more on my homework and working.
I will be attending Siena Heights University in the Fall of 2018. I have visited there twice. It is a beautiful campus. The admission counselors are very informative.
Being a first year student here at Siena Heights University I haven't been able to gain a full experience. However, so far since being at this school I have felt nothing but genuine concern from my professors with how I do, which makes you as a student want to be there and better yourself. You can definitely tell that they want to see you achieve great things and learn to your best ability. The atmosphere is always positive and everyone seems to share an uplifting attitude. My experience so far has been nothing but great, not just in the classroom but through athletics as well. The coaches want to see you succeed and push you to be your best but also show extreme concern with how you excel in the classroom, before they become concerned with how you excel in your sport. I would recommend Siena Heights to any and every high school student because I have never experienced a college campus as good as this one.
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